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Word of Stephanie McMahon's kidnapping of Amy Dumas spread throughout the WWF roster like wildfire, despite the McMahons' attempts to keep everything quiet. Chris Irvine was affected the most by the news. He was heartbroken upon hearing the news, as he had lost his girlfriend.

Mr. McMahon had Stephanie put in a facilty where she could get the help she needed. He had been either in complete denial or shock upon hearing the vicious acts his little girl had committed. In his mind, Stephanie couldn't possibly be capable of such things.

Immediately after the incident, Amy had gone to another doctor to get checked out. She knew instinctively that everything was all right and still normal, but she wanted to make absolutely sure. To Adam's and her relief, everything was fine. Life was quickly going back to normal for all those involved and not involved in the nightmarish incident.


The following week, Phoenix, Arizona, RAW is War

Adam was nervous but excited at the same time as he sat in the locker room waiting for his time to appear. He periodically checked his watch, as he was wearing his street clothes tonight. He didn't have a match scheduled until tomorrow's SmackDown taping.

"Hey, calm down, man," Jay said as he slapped a friendly hand against Adam's shoulder. "Everything'll be fine."

"I know," he replied. "I'm just anxious, that's all."

Jay chuckled. "Well, that's only natural."

Adam glanced at his watch for what he thought had to be the hundredth time in the past half-hour. "It's almost time," he said. "I'd better go meet Amy now."

"Okay," Jay said. "Trish and I will be watching back here, rooting you on...good luck, Adam." He smiled and gave him a thumbs-up sign.

"Thanks," Adam said, exhaling a deep breath. He went out to the hallway, nearly colliding into Amy, who had just approached the door. Her arm was raised, fist poised to knock.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed, laughing. "Ready, babe? We're almost on."

"Yup, I'm ready."

They had about five minutes to spare. They walked together to the curtain by the ramp to wait.

Amy gazed up at Adam lovingly and grasped his hand. She noticed that he looked pretty nervous. Well, it isn't every day you challenge the WWF champion to a title shot, she thought.

Adam ran his free hand through his silky golden locks. I'm not going to choke up out there, he promised himself as he gazed fondly at Amy.

Before he knew it, a stage hand came and directed them to go out to the arena. As Adam heard the opening line of his theme song blaring - "You think you know me..." - he pushed his way through the curtain, Amy at his side.

Lilian Garcia's voice rang loud and clear. "From Toronto, Canada, making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Lita - Edge!"

As they got closer to the ring, Adam stepped in front of Amy so that he was on the apron first. He put out his hand for her, and she took it, and he held the ropes open for her so she could enter first.

Adam glanced over at Lilian and reached out to take the microphone from her. She handed it to him, and he waited patiently until his music stopped playing. Amy stood nearby and watched him as he surveyed the crowd and then turned to face her. He gave her a warm, loving smile before lifting the mic up to his lips.

"You know something? I'm at a point in my life where I want to take chances...I'm a very lucky man." He surveyed the crowd, then turned to gaze intensely at Amy. He pushed his dark sunglasses up over his eyes and he stared at her. She gazed back at him curiously.

Adam continued, glancing out at the audience. "I came out here tonight claiming that I was going to issue a challenge to Triple H to face him for a title shot, but that's not the case." He focused his gaze back on Amy. "But in reality, I came out here to ask you something..."

Amy's eyes widened slightly as she gazed at Adam quizzically. She had no idea what he was talking about.

Taking hold of Amy's left hand, Adam lowered himself to one knee in the center of the ring. As Amy realized what he was about to do, she gasped softly in surprise and clapped her free hand against her mouth. She mouthed, "Oh, my God" as she felt her eyes beginning to well up with tears. The fans began to respond to Adam's gesture as well with shouts and screams and applause.

"Amy," Adam said, getting out of character, as he was about to do the most important thing of his life, "I have never loved anyone as much as I love you...You have made me the happiest man alive, but you can make me even happier..."

Amy wept silently as she gazed down at him. She couldn't believe this, had never expected it. She felt that she had never loved this man more than she did at that very moment.

Adam reached into one of his pants pockets and pulled out a diamond ring. "...Amy, will you marry me?"

"Oh, my God," she exclaimed softly, the tears running freely down her cheeks. She was practically speechless and had never felt so surprised as she was at that moment. "Yes, of course I'll marry you, Adam," she cried.

Adam slipped the diamond onto her finger and stood up to hug her as his face broke out into a broad grin. Amy laughed, her tears still flowing, as she held tightly to him, the fans applauding and roaring their approval.

"I love you," Adam said, his face close to hers as he held her back slightly to gaze into her eyes. He lowered his head to kiss her, and she kissed him back with all her heart and soul.

"Alright!" Jay said with approval from his spot in front of one of the TV monitors in the locker room backstage. He gestured happily as he watched his friends get engaged on live national television. Then, glancing over at Trish, who was standing at his side, he squeezed her hand in his. She smiled warmly back at him.

"That's so beautiful," she said. "It's so great to see them so happy...That is so wonderful."

"Yeah," Jay agreed. "Adam is such a lucky guy." He gazed at Trish. "And so am I." He enveloped her in an embrace and kissed her tenderly. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back fervently.


Later that night, in their hotel room, Adam and Amy made love. Afterward, they lay spent in one another's arms. Amy lay her head on Adam's muscular chest, listening to his strong and steady heartbeat.

She felt like she was in heaven. Was this all a dream? No, she thought as she childishly reached out to pinch her left arm. She was so happy. She was going to be married to the man she loved, and she was having his child. Life couldn't be more perfect.

Adam gently fingered her face, gently caressing her cheek, chin and lips. "Penny for your thoughts," he said with a smile, his green eyes sparkling happily as he moved his hand to her right arm and fingered her massive tattoo.

Amy smiled. "I was just thinking about how I'm the luckiest girl in the world...I love you, Adam Copeland." She leaned over until her lips were on his and they were kissing deep and passionately. Afterward, she lay her head back on his chest.

Adam put his arm around her waist and snuggled closer to her. "I love you, too," he said dreamily. He was so happy. Soon, they both fell asleep, content in one another's arms and in their solid, unbreakable love.