Paired Off
Chapter 1

Ginny felt lonely, even though she was always surrounded by friends or family. She longed for that connection that would make her feel whole. She was sixteen now, ready to experience love, but where was love? Had it forgotten about her, pushed her aside until it was ready?

She'd tried to fill the empty space herself, the boys were nothing special. They liked her and she thought they were cute, there was never a connection. She never felt like she couldn't live without them, like they weren't worth the desires she felt that were directed at no one. They were just there, kind and sweet, but nothing special.

Hermione had found someone, the Ravenclaw head boy who left Hogwarts already. He was working at the Ministry, he was an unspeakable. Ron had found someone, Susan Bones from Hufflepuff. She was pretty and kind and loved the dumbfounded look Ron sometimes adopted. Harry had found someone, a Gryffindor girl a year below her. Her name was Lily, like his mother, and physically she was the exact opposite of Harry; her curly hair was so blonde it was almost white and her skin was always tanned a dark brown, even in the dead of winter, and her eyes were a bright blue, rivaling even Ron's. Neville had, amazingly, found someone, someone as odd as him, if not odder, Luna Lovegood.

Had everyone paired off? Was she going to be the only one to be alone all her life? No, George was still alone; Fred was dating a seventh year Ravenclaw girl, while his twin was alone. And Charlie, he was still single, but not alone. He'd adopted an infant, a muggleborn wizard whose parents had died days after his birth, so he wasn't alone. Bill was with Fleur, they were getting married. No, not everyone had paired off. It was her, George, and Charlie, they were left alone.

Lavender Brown was still alone, but she'd seen her batting her eyes at George in the store. He wouldn't bite, but one day soon, Ginny knew someone would. Dean and Seamus were alone, but Seamus was still immature, even if his Irish accent was irresistible, and Dean, well Dean just walked into the common room holding Parvati's Patil's hand.

Ginny wanted to scream and growl, she hated the way people paired off, squeezing her out and reminding her of how alone she was. She couldn't understand why she was alone. She was pretty, she always smelt good, she was thin, thinner that Pansy Parkinson who all the Slytherin boys flocked too. Not Draco, he didn't flock to anyone. He didn't chase, he seduced; but is it really seduction when all he has to do is wave at them? No, they flocked to him, the Slytherin girls at least. She'd seen quite a few of naïve Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw girls slip into his clutches, those girls he had to seduce, the others flocked.

Draco stretched out, not caring that the girl beside him was sleeping. She was just another Slytherin girl that had found her way into his room what did it matter if she was uncomfortable? He wasn't in her bed, she was in his. She had been good though, even if it was her first time. He'd known by the way she cried for the first few minutes, it had hurt, bad; but that was the fun for him. She'd enjoyed it though, he knew from the way before he climaxed she took in a sharp breath while arching her back and bit her lip as her eyes fluttered closed. He loved when the girls did that, not that they enjoyed his company, but the way their backs arched up and the way their muscles tightened as he rocked made him bite his lip.

He smiled lazily, she'd been a good shag, he might not send her off to Crabbe and Goyle yet. They loved his second helpings, then again that probably was the only way they could get a girl in their beds. They were lucky he sent the girls to their beds, he could keep them all, never release a single one from his grasp, but he sent them on. He knew the girls didn't like the two boys, they wouldn't know how to please a woman if they were women; but Draco was good, that was his objective after all, to get them to arch their backs and their muscles to tighten.

Through the walls, he could hear the two boys snoring already; they had no elegance, no style. They were the muscle where as he was the bran, the smooth one, the one with the class. He could seduce any girl, from any house, but he preferred Slytherins. They were easier, didn't require as much energy and didn't care when there was another girl in their place the next day.

The girl sighed softly beside him, he'd wanted to push her from his bed, but she'd been bleeding. It had started when they lay on their backs staring at the ceiling with labored breath. He'd staunched it carefully with a few old rags, probably the kindest thing he'd done for the girl since they met. He'd never pushed a girl from his bed if she had bled, he couldn't, he knew it was his fault and couldn't force her away. The girls liked this, saw a little bit of kindness in him that would make him a good husband. Maybe that's why they found their way into his dorm, hoping he would someday marry them because they had given him something he desired.

Every Slytherin girl was attracted to him, his blonde hair that was never slicked back in the common room attracted all the girls eyes and the living legend that he was brought them to his room. His money was also legendary. No Slytherin girl wanted to marry a poor boy, no matter how good he was in bed. They wanted money and good looks and pleasure, in that order even if it wasn't from the same man.

Draco stretched again and stared at the ceiling. He was content, his body was relaxed after a particularly pleasurable hour, his mind was almost blank. He was living the life every seventeen year old boy should be, no worries, not even finding the next girl to shag. Yet, as he lay staring at the ceiling, his mind blank and his body relaxed, his heart was emitting screams, even if they were muffled by his mind and body, they were still there.

Ginny sat at the top of the stairs; she was watching Harry and Lily. Her cheeks were turning red and she wanted to leave, but why didn't she? She could see the heat coming from them, the way their lips touched; it was so fervent, so sensual. She wanted to be Lily, to be loved so much by a boy, but she wasn't. She was stuck watching them, unable to move, unable to look away.

She heard someone sneeze, it was her brother. You could hear him sneeze from the other side of the castle. She used that distraction, which had caused her to turn in the direction of the boys dormitories, to force herself back into her own dormitory.

She lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She wondered if at that moment, the one was staring at the same ceiling, wondering if she was doing the same thing. It was a circle, one wondering if the other was wondering if the other was wondering, but it contented her. It made her feel a connection, a nameless, sourceless, faceless connection.

She wondered what he looked like. Did he have black hair like Harry's? Or was it the golden blonde of Rory, Hermione's boyfriend? Did he have the vivid blue eyes like Ron's, or the subdued brown of Hermione? Was he short or tall? Was he clumsy? Was he still alive? She often thought that maybe he had died and she was one of those people destined to be alone, stuck without her soul mate. Maybe he'd died at the hand of Voldemort, or a dragon attack. Maybe he was a muggle from a foreign country, which explains why she hasn't met him yet, but she knew he was probably the victim of a horrible curse and stuck in St. Mungos. She wished, however, that he was in the school with her, staring at the ceiling as she was, wishing as she was, for him to come along.

Draco walked through the common room, eyeing up the girl for the night. He knew it was too soon for last night's girl to return to his bed, she'd be sore for days, probably wouldn't be able to walk today. So, he took the small amount of time he had before breakfast to line up the girls. Pansy looked okay today, she wasn't wearing her robes yet and she too was eyeing up Draco. He winked at her and she walked over, Draco focusing on the smooth legs that were barely covered by her skirt.

They were inches apart and everyone in the room was watching them. The girls all knew how Draco was, how much fun he was in bed, and the guys knew the exact same thing of Pansy. They could see the tension between the two, the way they looked as if they were ready to pounce on each other and rip each other's clothes off, the way Draco's lip curled slightly as he thought of the nights they'd already shared together.

Draco towered over Pansy and she pulled his head down to her height by his shoulders.

"Busy, now?" she whispered seductively into his ear.

He looked at his watch, his head still down at her height. He knew he had plenty of time to eat, over an hour, breakfast hadn't even started yet. He stood up to his full height and glanced around at all the people that had stopped to watch them. He blinked and smiled smugly before turning his back on everyone and leading Pansy into his room, his arm planted firmly on his back.

He shut the door tightly and turned to face Pansy. She smiled at him.

He pulled his robes off and began to unbutton his shirt slowly, "Didn't think you'd be so, eager." He said as he pulled the shirt off revealing a toned chest he'd spent hours at. He needed the muscle to impress the girls as well as to improve stamina, something he enjoyed more than impressing women.

He walked over to Pansy and began to unbutton her shirt as she undid his belt, "Wanted a good shag to remember for the week." She looked up at him, they did have a connection. They liked each other, not enough to have a relationship, but enough to discuss private matters.

"Ah, yes," he said as if remembering something that he had been told once long ago, "poor thing." He kissed her playfully; she was the one girl he liked to joke with. The others, he simply seduced, this one he played and joked with. "Well, I understand your urgency. Lucky it always starts in the middle of the day, you wouldn't have caught me."

She felt a throbbing start in her crotch, "I'm glad I did," she said as he slipped her skirt down her legs.

Ginny couldn't help but watch the people walk into the Great Hall for breakfast. The people around her were all talking and she wasn't in the mood to join in, so she watched as they stumbled in. It was funny to see the boys walk in with their eyes half closed. Lily walked in that way, she was a tomboy. She would always pull what she could of her blonde hair that hung just below her ears into a hair tie, and wear pants instead of skirts, which a lot of girls did in the winter, she was a beater for the Quidditch team, and could be found wrestling with Harry and only Harry since he had forbid her lovingly from wrestling with any other boys. She walked over and gave Harry a quick hug and kiss before continuing on to sit with her other friends.

Ginny's eyes returned to the doors. More boys walked in, their eyes half closed.

One boy, however, didn't walk in with his eyes half closed. He was fully awake and under his robes, Ginny could see that his tie was not tied properly, but just thrown together in a rushed knot so he could eat breakfast. His hair was disheveled and Ginny realized it was shorter than she thought. It didn't hang in locks that fell into his eyes, but was the length of a finger. He looked rather attractive, his hair and clothes messy and his cheeks slightly flushed. She watched as he rubbed his hands together, she guessed he had some sort of hair product in them, and then she wanted to scream as he flattened his hair to his head, slicking it back. She continued to watch as he walked over to his friends and joined in with the conversation. He was laughing before he even sat down, he was so polished. He seemed so eloquent, so perfect. His personality just clicked right with the people he was sitting with, or it seemed like it, the way he was laughing and joking. She wondered what was so funny; his laughter died before the other boys, as if he was more mature than them, like he realized the joke wasn't that funny before they did.

She felt someone nudge her in the ribs and tore her eyes from Draco Malfoy.