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Oh, and Princess Yente, I didn't make it Isis and Osiris, because they were brother and sister…Set was also Osiris's brother, and he killed him.


CHAPTER 1 – Down to Earth

She looked up at the shrine, her breath stolen from her lungs. The thing was enormous, and one had to stand back – nearly at the entrance of the temple - to be able to see the face of it. A monument to a God, there were several others like it in temples such as this one, but depicting other Gods as well. This particular temple was dedicated to the God of Destruction – Vegeta. Outsiders more commonly knew him as Seth or Set, but those who worshipped him gave him this name as a sign of their devotion and affection.

The statue was made of solid granite, and had taken miners, stonemasons, carpenters and laborers nearly 10 years to build. Vegeta was the patron God of the city of Men-nefer (Memphis) which meant that he was the best known and worshipped out of all of the Gods they believed in. Other lesser known and worshipped Gods and Goddesses were the local deities. These were - Bast (Bastet), Osiris (Asar), Thoth (Tehuti), Ra (Re) and Ptah.

Pictured in the hieroglyphic pictures on the polished marble walls of the temple as having a crocodile head, many workers were punished or killed just for getting the size of him wrong compared to the others or a hand out of place. Priests thought that Vegeta would not be pleased with the mistake and believed it to be a sign of disrespect. Many of the stories depicted on these walls showed him protecting their city or striking down their enemies. Men-nefer had copped the brunt of the recent wars from the Hittites and Libyans, but it still stood due to the protection of their God. It had also flourished in times of food shortages and often had surpluses of grain and game meat, which was sent to other cities that were in the clawed grasp of famine. People believed that Bast, Osiris and their loved 'Seth' was especially pleased with their city, and often brought gifts to the shrines and temples in their area.

Offerings ranged from food, pottery, beer, weapons and wooden figurines and toys. Even the poorest of families had something to give. And safety and comfort was what they were given in return. In the past though, Bast had been angered and brought a plague upon the city, but it was soon remedied with festivals and more shrines and a focus on worshipping their Goddess of the Home for the coming months. Thankfully Vegeta hadn't been displeased and the city had never been overcome by imposing forces and no great losses were recorded whether inside Egypt or in another country.

Snapping out of her dazed stupor, Bulma straightened her decorated linen dress that was embroidered with colours of all kinds and stepped forward. The green marble floors were polished so much that she could see her distorted reflection in it quite well. Several male priests with long golden staffs were either kneeling at the feet of the statue or standing and praying. Gifts of all kinds were placed at the feet of the statue as well, and candles were lit around the room, as well as torches on the walls which covered enveloped the room in it's warmth and flickering glare. The only source of light in that temple was those torches, so it could become quite creepy at night with its silence and moving shadows. The only sounds that could be heard in the main room was the whisperings of the Priests, footsteps, and a person's own breathing.

Bulma shivered a little, although the room was quite warm. Another glance up at the statue followed before she sat her armful of gifts in front of the enormous monument. Carved figurines of slaves and workers, as well as just average people made up some of the gifts. Her mother and father were growing old and sick, so her uncle had to stay home and help them while she brought their gifts with them to each respective God. Food, a dagger, flowers, and a golden-plated goblet made up the rest of the offerings. Placing them with the other gifts from people, she kneeled down back away from it a bit and then bowed low, her arms out on the floor in front of her before her forehead came an inch from the ground. Staying like that for a while she soon sat up so her heels were touching her backside, and her hands came forward into the prayer position.

Staying like this for about 20 minutes as she prayed, Bulma then whispered the last few words and crawled forward, kissing the stone foot of the monument. Blinking, she found it to be nice, warm and soft instead of the cold, gritty granite that it should have been, and had been every time before. With a tilt of her head, she reached out and touched it, but found it to be cold and solid. Maybe it was her imagination. Pushing herself to her feet, her hands pressed together in the prayer position near her chest, and she bowed deeply. If anyone was leaving, they didn't just turn their back on the monument, but rather shuffled backwards until they could only see the feet through the corridor and to the room that housed it. With a happy sigh, she skipped off towards her home.

"Mum! Dad! I'm home! Are you both feeling better?" she called out, smiling as she stepped into their room. Over to the bed where her uncle was sitting next to them, she kissed all of them on the forehead. "I went and gave all of your gifts to the Gods you wanted them to go to. The Priests said that Bast and Osiris were very happy. Vegeta was amiable also. But I made him even happier." sticking her nose up in the air as if she was the Pharaoh's Queen, Bulma soon took a seat next to her bald-headed uncle.

"Bulma, you always say that. If I didn't know better, I'd say you have a crush on the Gods! Or at least one in particular..." Bunny – her mother – laughed, before her body was wracked with coughs.

"Calm down Honey. You'll hurt yourself…" her father mumbled.

Bulma just fumed. "I do not have a crush on him! He's a God! Which reminds me…The strangest thing happened to me. Today when I kissed his foot it actually felt warm like skin, but I touched it with my hand and it just felt cold like it does all the time."

"You're just imagining things again. Just like you were when you came up with that funny thing that exploded. What did you call that again?" her uncle chuckled.

"It's called a rifle, Uncle Krillin." Bulma spoke it through clenched teeth.

"Yeah. That thing. What good is a rifle anyway? Spears and swords always do the trick. You should know that. Heh. You and your crazy inventions."

"Maybe I should invent something that'll make you grow!" she retorted and stormed out of the room.

"…" Krillin blinked. "I'm not that short…Am I?"


"Well, I'm off to the temple again." Bulma commented, gobbling down the last of her dinner. Wiping her mouth, she washed the dishes in the bucket of water and threw that mess out the window. "Bye mum, dad…. Krillin..." she gave him a playful glare and set off after she had pulled her hood up. The linen dress and cotton cloak swirled around her feet as she walked, and it also protected her not only from the cool night, but the men that stared, waiting for a female to pass by. The golden ahnk around her neck also made her look like a male priest. So letting her wander past as they thought she was a male, Bulma walked towards the looming shape of the temple that cast its shadow over the buildings and wrapped around a person like a blanket.


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