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"Hn…Osiris…Brother…What are you doing spying on me?"

"Making sure you stay out of trouble."

"Pft. You worry too much. I'm fine by myself. I'm the God of Destruction!" he laughed.

Osiris sighed and then mumbled, walking back to the corner and slowly fading away. "Even Gods can be brought to their knees by the right person…" with that, he was gone.


"Mum! Dad!" Bulma called out when she got home that night. "I met this strange man in the temple. He wasn't one of the Priests, because he looked more like a tomb robber than anything." She shivered a little, shedding her cloak to drape over one of the chairs. Wandering into her parent's bedroom, she proceeded to tell them all about him.

"Perhaps you should have talked to one of the Priests about him? He could have been dangerous and wanting to steal things from the temple." Her father suggested.

"Probably, but although he seemed creepy, he actually was quite polite and seemed to be gentle in a way. He didn't seem to look like he wanted to steal anything, but he wasn't praying. He certainly wasn't a Priest, and I doubt he used to be one either because from what I could see he looked only about a year or so older than I did. And the garments he wore weren't a Priest's either." She told them

"Maybe he worships Seth in a different country and didn't know what the Priests dress like here?" her father suggested again.

"I doubt it, dad. He looked Egyptian to me. Quite a dark tan like we all have. " Bulma seemed to be puzzled. "Oh well. He said that he'd meet me at the temple tomorrow. I'll ask him!" leaning over she kissed them both on the forehead.

"Bulma!" her mother scolded her. "No temple is a meeting place to find a boyfriend. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Bulma swept her Kingfisher-blue hair out of the way with a grin and skipped off to her own room, knowing that her parents couldn't do a thing about it.


Bulma placed the flowers and carved figures from her parents into the basket and then her own offerings in there as well after feeding them their breakfast. It pained her to see them holed up in bed like that, but there was nothing she could do unless Bast helped. That temple was first on her list so that she was able to pray for her parents. Buying some food from the market for herself and her favorite God, she placed that in the basket after eating her own and made her way to the enormous temple. Receiving a blessing from Ahmenhotep, the head Priest at that particular temple, she saw no sign of the mysterious man she met the night before. Perhaps he was a Priest that came to visit off-hours or something. That made sense. But even so, shouldn't he be here to meet her like he said he would?

Sighing, Bulma laid out her gifts for the mighty Vegeta and began to pray in much the same way she had done many times before. Sitting there, her mind began to wander. Perhaps he always worked there on the night shift. After all, she had only visited the temple once at night when she was 10 and that was with her parents. Standing up and grabbing the basket, she turned around to take a step and walked straight into a stone pillar that held the roof up. Letting out a loud "OOOF!" she was sure the gods were laughing at her as she landed hard on her backside. "God damn it!" she growled, but covered her mouth with wide eyes. "I didn't mean it! I'm sorry! Forgive me!"

The pillar that she had ran into leaned down and helped her to her feet. "You should probably look before you start walking." it told her with a smirk.

Bulma looked up. It was the black-cloaked man from the other night. "Oh! I ran into you! I'm really sorry." She let him help her to her feet before she dusted herself off and made sure he was alright. In the light of the temple, he honestly did look like a tomb robber.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me. I think I should worrying that my chest didn't give you brain damage." he chuckled, seeming the total opposite of the non-talkative stranger she had met the other night. A hint of colour came to her cheeks.

"How long have you been standing there?" she asked, obviously embarrassed.

"As long as I needed to." There he was again with his cryptic answers. "Come on. Let's go. You obviously wanted to talk to me about something." He lead her out of the temple and back into the harsh sunlight in which Bulma pulled out a white headdress to put over herself and took the cloak off to drape over her arm. The man didn't do any such thing, and kept both hood and cloak on. The only difference about him this time is that he wore a large golden ahnk around his neck and over his clothing, looking exactly like the one she had used as an offering the other night. It didn't bother her though, as the goldsmith where she had got it from made many of them.

"How can you still be wearing that, Sir? It's much too hot. And I believe that we never introduced ourselves." Holding out her hand, she smiled. "I'm Bulma."

The man under the cloak chuckled. "I'm not taking it off because I'm not hot." when she introduced, he panicked on the inside. 'What on earth am I supposed to say now? I can introduce myself as a God!' he thought to himself, but put a white-toothed smile on his face and shook her hand. "I'm…Akhensetaten." He lied, though it was impossible to tell. "Jut call me Set." he grinned.

"Ha Ha. Someone's got a little ego problem." She grinned right back at him, referring to the fact he was giving himself a God's name. "Then Set it is, if that's what you want me to call you. I don't know how you aren't hot though. You MUST be a God if you can stand there in this heat and not feel it. And that cloak as well. I could just about bow at your feet." She laughed.

'Little One…You already do.' He thought to himself with another smirk. "Feel free to do so any time!" Vegeta laughed in return.

"You certainly have an ego like a God." she grinned, giving him a playful nudge.

"And why shouldn't I?" he played along, giving a random flex or two as they walked. Bulma reached up and felt one bicep.

Her eyebrows raised. "I'm impressed." a few seconds of silence followed before they both burst out laughing. Carrying on towards the market, 'Set' paid for drinks and food. Bulma noticed with some interest that the pouch inside his cloak was filled tot he brim with coins of all sorts, pushing it in to a very irregular shape like a ball with spikes under the material on all sides. Tying the pouch back to his waist, they soon got their drinks and sipped on them while the food arrived.

They talked over lunch, and had quite a god time together. The same routine happened over the next few weeks, and they became closer and closer friends. Seeing as how it was now quite late at night and Akhensetaten told Bulma that his home was right on the other side of the city, she invited him to stay the night at her home. Nothing that it was in between a lower class and a middle class area, he was impressed. He didn't actually expect her to be lower class as she was much too beautiful for such a thing. In fact, he was quite surprised when he found that they were leaning more towards poverty than prosperity. He made no comment though. She did that for him.

"Sorry about the mess and all that. It's probably nowhere near what you are used to, living in the upper class area and all, but my parents are sick and they have no son. I have to work hard to keep us all." She whispered, not wanting to wake them up. As they both crept through the building towards the spare room, the black-cloaked man soon found he was cracked across the skull from behind with a metal object. Stumbling forward, Bulma had heard the metallic thump and turned around. Her friend had been knocked over the head with a skillet.

"What the-…"Bulma spun around with her wood torch, and soon found that someone other than her parents was in her home. Vegeta sank to the floor, holding his head. "Chi-Chi?" Bulma peered forward.

"Bulma! This man was sneaking behind you!" exclaimed her lifetime friend that had recently come back from her trip to England to surprise Bulma.

"I know that, Chi! He's my friend! A noble at that!"

"Oops." There was a moment of silence before Vegeta staggered back to his feet.

"Nice to meet you too…" he slurred, still stunned that she actually managed to knock him down.

"Er. Heh Heh. You looked like a tomb robber or something."

He blinked from under the hood. "Yes…And tomb robbers are nobles that follow people down to this area of town to steal things." he put it bluntly.

"Are you for real?! Chi-Chi! Out of the way!" cried a childish voice, and Bulma was forced to raise the torch higher so she could see the taller man's face.

"Goku!" she yelled excitedly, leaping for the two to hug them tightly. "How was your trip to England? Did Gohan have fun?" she questioned them, but suddenly realized something. "You guys are staying in the guest room then, huh?"

Chi-Chi and Goku nodded. "And Gohan has the cot because there isn't enough room in the bed with us." Bulma frowned, but got a horrified look on her face when she realized that the only other place that Akhensetaten could sleep was in her own double bed.


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