Who are you?

Chapter eight

Harry and Draco had moved off to a more private spot of the castle, behind the locked and bolted door of the room of requirement. They were sitting curled up on a couch together, a fire blazed cheerfully in the grate watched over by Harry and Draco.

Harry was fiddling with his engagement ring and enjoying being this close to Draco without the pressure of concealing who he was, it had taken the fun out of it a little. It was Draco to break them out of their comfortable silent environment.

"You know, I think you were right."

Harry looked up into Draco's silvery blue eyes in utter confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I was thinking…if you had just told me how you felt I properly would have laughed in your face."

"Gee thanks Dray."

"Well you must have thought on pretty much similar lines to have not done just that and let me laugh at you."

"You know I hate being famous…you may think that it sounds great but the reality is so much different, I'm glad you gave me a chance after I took off my mask."

"I'm just happy that you did this, I mean first reaction, a little shocked, maybe a little annoyed as well but once I got over all that…your one amazing guy and any one would be lucky to have you, I'm just glad that I'm that lucky one."

"I can't imagine spending my remaining time on earth with any one else."

"You talk as if you don't have long left."

Harry fell into a sullen silence; Draco however really didn't understand in the slightest, I mean why would he know about prophecies and the fate of his newly acquired boyfriend.

"Since our fifth year when I discovered a prophecy saying either myself or Voldermort had to die for the other to live on I've changed my future, another was made last year depicting that there is a possibility that one of us dying could ultimately kill the other."

"But only a possibility, do you really think that now I've found you that I'll let you go?"

Back in Gryffindor tower Ron and Hermione were slightly worried about Harry's whereabouts, he had rushed out of breakfast so fast they hadn't noticed what could have been wrong.

They had a slight hunch that it had something to do with Malfoy and that was something that pissed Ron off no end. He didn't like the idea of his best friend and worst enemy getting together, let alone getting engaged.

"It'll never work." He huffed sitting down next to Hermione who was calmly reading one of her many text books. She didn't mind the idea in the slightest; she thought it was all very romantic.

"Oh Ron it's not that bad, Malfoy's properly not all bad if Harry likes him." She said trying to reason with the stubborn boy, however he was having none of it and went off into one of his on going rants about how stuck up and irritating all Malfoy's were.

Harry and Draco had soon abandoned their depressing conversation to put their tongues to a better use, a much more pleasurable use for them. It didn't lead to anything else, it was just a nice day spent cured up in front of a roaring fire.

Harry strode in to Gryffindor common room a few minutes before dinner, a very satisfied smirk set firmly in place. He dropped himself into his favourite chair in front of the fire and continued smiling to himself.

"And why may you be so happy?" As if she actually needed to ask.

"Oh, you know…stuff."

"Please be more specific, what exactly do you mean when you say 'stuff'?" Ron said darkly, Harry could clearly tell the mood he was in was not a good one, his arms were crossed of his chest and he was glaring in a very unflattering way.

"Draco if you must know." The answer did not seem to lighten the tense atmosphere that was now hovering about the room in a most unpleasant way. "Ron, what's your problem?" This was Harry's biggest mistake!

"My 'problem' as you so kindly put it, is that you and Malfoy have been off sucking face all day, you left us and assume that that's alright."

"Ron, I'm sorry if over the years you have got accustomed to us never being separated but things change, you're still my best friend, I just have to spread my time around a bit now I have a boyfriend."

"So he's excepted you has he, that whore Parkinson not satisfying him any more?"

"Ron! Why are you acting like this?"

"Because I don't want you to get hurt by him, can't you see that that's the only way this fling you're having with him can go."

"If you hadn't noticed Ron but the ring on my finger says different."

"A ring that he gave you when he didn't even know your name, I bet he reconsidered when he found out who you were, is that why you called him your boyfriend and not your fiancé?"

"That has nothing to do with you and if you must know then it was my decision, not his to take it slower, I love him Ron and he feels the same!"

"Well as long as you two call yourselves an item I refuse to be friend's with you." Ron snapped hatefully, that really hurt Harry, his smile faded almost instantly.

"Ron please…I don't want to fall out with you."

"Then break up with him."


"Then piss off back to your slimy git of a boyfriend, your not wanted here."

Harry sent Hermione a pleading look but she merely smiled sympathetically, she made it perfectly clear in that moment that this was not going to effect her perfect relationship with Ron however much she approved of the relationship.

"Fine, I think I just figured out why there were never any prophecies about the hero and his friends."

Leaving it at that Harry stormed out, heading for Draco who would be in the great hall eating his dinner or so he hoped. His assumption proved to be correct, Harry stood in the threshold signalling for him to come out.

Over joyed at the fact Harry wanted to see him so soon after they parted Draco obeyed. When he saw that he was in tears the Slytherin quickly took Harry in his arms and whisked him down into the dungeons, where they found themselves in an unused classroom covered in dust and cobwebs, the house elves had obviously forgotten about this room of the castle and who could blame them, it was after all a very big place!

"What's wrong?" he asked still holding him close, not daring to let go in case Harry might break down completely.

"My friends, they left me…I can't believe it, they all hate me."

"Is it because of me?"

"Please don't blame yourself; I won't leave you for anything, not even for them."

"I'm so sorry Harry…I..." Draco apparently didn't know what to say, so he chose to remain silent.



"Ask me again?"


"Ask me again."

"But I thought…"

"I know what I said…I'm saying something different now."


"I want to prove them all wrong; I want to show them that we can last forever…so…ask me."

"Harry James Potter…will you marry me?"

"With out a doubt…yes!"

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