Chapter Five – While You See a Chance

"Oh, what have I done?" Cordelia whispered as she saw Wesley intertwined with the other dimension Cordy on the couch. Clothes were everywhere. Only one small throw covered the two from any prying eyes, which didn't leave all that much to the imagination. That wasn't her, she realized. This woman had totally different experiences than she had, wasn't as bitchy and self-centered as she could be. And Wesley had fallen for this one, hard. Did he have those kinds of feelings for her way back when? He must have, if only a little. She couldn't describe her feelings now, even watching with envious eyes as his hold tightened on her own mirror self. Cordelia had missed her opportunity with him back in Sunnydale.

How was she going to tell him? Tell him what he had to sacrifice? He wouldn't be pleased, would be angry and probably would never want to speak to her again. Cordelia was changing things, for the better. Because if he knew what was coming, he would agree what had to be done. But he could never change what was coming. It had all been foretold. The PTBs had sent her down here to bring Wesley back to the correct dimension. The other Wesley wasn't supposed to have survived that motorcycle accident in this dimension -- in the dimension with the human cast all the tragedies lined up would never happen if he were dead. In her dimension, the dimension with things that go bump in the night, they needed him. Now she would have to fix the mistake. And break Wesley's heart to do it.

Soon after the other Cordy left the office, she watched as Wesley got dressed again. He had matured so much over the years, but she missed this Wes's personality. The Wes that could spar with her, make her laugh, throw himself in front of a demon to save her. Her Wesley, the present day Wesley, was a bitter, damaged man who didn't care whether he lived or died. She bit down a sob because she knew no matter what she did, it would happen. He would become embittered and sullen. He would die a broken-hearted man. Nothing could change that. But she could fix this dimension. Maybe even make the Wesley that belonged here happy.

"Wesley?" she whispered.

He had his back turned, buttoning up his shirt.

"Oh, oh. I didn't know that you were standing there." He blushed slightly as he turned to face her.

She couldn't help but stare. He was always so cute and shy around her before. What she didn't understand was how his appearance had changed. The man aged well. But he still had the memories of the early Wes. Strange. Older looking Wesley with the memories of a younger, more carefree Wes.

"Yes. I need to talk to you."

"I suppose that would be necessary. I want to stay here. You were going to give me a choice. That's my answer."

Her heart broke. She would love for him to stay there, to be loved by her other self. But he couldn't. He had too important a role to play, in life and in death.

"That's not the choice I can give you."

His face darkened. "What do you mean?"

"You weren't supposed to be here. Something went wrong with the timeline. For some wacky reason, the two events happening at the same time made this dimension's Wes switch places with you. He wasn't going to live through it. So now I have to clean up the mess."

"You must be joking. You would take away this man from these people, from your other self, just to fix the mistake of some higher power with nothing better to do than manipulate people's lives on a daily basis?"

Cordelia sighed and shut her eyes. "No. I can't undo the other Wesley not dying. It's done and over with. What I can do is fix it. You have to switch back with the other Wes. But before that, you have to make a choice."

Wesley crossed his arms over his chest. Cordelia could see his forearms bunch up with tension, jaw set tight, just like he always did when he wasn't pleased with her. Now that he had the muscle to actually back it up, it worried her a little. She didn't want this conversation ending badly.

"You have to go back. Please let me show you why."

"No, stop. I don't want to know what will happen. Don't you understand? I'm happy for once in my life. And you want to take all of that away?"

"It's not my choice," she told him, voice getting a little louder.

"No, it's just the Powers that Bugger us every time. Is that it?"

Getting closer, she touched his arm, hoping that he would release some of that tension and actually talk to her, use that big brain of his.

"Damn it, Wes. If you don't go back to your dimension, everything will fall apart. Everyone will die there, I guarantee it."

"You do not know that," he ground out, wrenching out of her grasp.

"I do," she replied back. "Unfortunately, I do. Do you think that this is fun for me? To watch my friends be treated this way?"

"Not particularly fun, I can assume. But you don't understand."

"I do, Wes. Believe me, I do. Watch," she implored him to do.

Wesley watched as the scenes unfolded before his eyes. If he didn't go back, his other self would die in a couple of months from a gunshot wound. Then Cordelia would be trapped in Pylea, an alternate hell dimension. And Angel would lose his soul.

"If I stay?" he croaked out.

She flashed those images in his brain. These were even worse, she thought. If he stayed, there wouldn't be many of them left to greet the new year. She had to get it through his thick skull that he wasn't supposed to be here.

"Angel, Gunn, Kate, Lindsey, Faith. They all will die here if I don't leave?"

"You can stop all of this. Just come back with me."

Wesley wandered around the office, picking up objects here and there, but not answering her. Even the phone ringing in the outer offices didn't disturb his musings. He was thinking it out logically. That was her Wes. He would come to the right decision.

"I don't believe you," he finally spoke up.

"You dumbass. Haven't you listened to anything that I've said? I'm not joking. I'm not some evil being trying to take over the world, or at least right now I'm not. I'm Cordelia, guide from the PTBs. I earned this gig. Now you need to listen."

By the time her little lecture was done, her voice went up a million octaves. She hated getting on his case. She knew he was hurting. But damn it, he had to listen. Or she would have to take drastic measures.

"Why haven't you just taken me back?"

Oh, so now he's using that big ole' brain of his? "There's something else you need to do."

"Wonderful. Not only are you going to make me leave the one place I've ever been happy, I have to make some earth-shattering choice."

It hurt her that he was never happy in his dimension. The theme of family ran around in her brain. She thought that they were family, for better or for worse. She should just come out and tell him. Instead of an eye-for-an-eye, it had to be a soul for a soul. Now thatthe other Wesleystill existed on this plane, someone else would have to take his place in death.

"You have to let her die, be there when she dies," came out of her mouth as the door opened to his office.

"Wes. We have a big problem," Doyle panted out. "Wilson. I don't know how to tell you this."

Doyle couldn't see her. Wesley still looked at her, wheels turning in his brain.

"Wes, man. Are ya listenin'?"

"Ah, yes. Doyle, what is it? Something about Wilson you wanted to tell me?"

"He somehow took Cordelia. He has her, and if you don't meet with him, he'll kill her."

A look of pure anger crossed Wesley's face right then. Cordelia literally took a step back.

"You knew," he growled out.

Doyle looked a little perplexed but answered him. "Just found out. He called here. I was gonna call Kate too."

"Go. Call Kate. Get her to wherever Wilson said to meet."

Doyle immediately followed the man's orders.

"Again, I repeat. You knew."

There was no mistaking that look of contempt on his face. "Yeah, I knew. What I was just trying to tell you."

"I am not letting her die. Not in a thousand years. I refuse to do that. Give them me instead." Wesley gathered up his jacket to leave.

"I can't give them you. If you don't let her die, Wilson will come here and take out almost everyone else. All that'll be left will be you and Cordelia. You think that she can live with the fact that you saved her to have the rest of your friends die?"

Wesley grabbed her, swinging her around to go nose-to-nose with her. Now this was the most recent Wes in her memory. The Wesley before Pylea would never dream of manhandling her.

"Show me. Show me what will happen in this dimension if I leave and I let her die," he choked out.

And she did. She just wanted to take him in her arms and tell him to let it all out. His fallen, dejected look made him look decades older than he really was. Her funeral, his depression, his dispair was apparent even to her. He had let his girl die to save the others.

"I'm so sorry, Wes. I tried to fix it the best I could. This is the only way." Her hand came up to caress his cheek. It was too cold to the touch. She was so glad that she had made herself corporeal this time. He needed her comfort to get through this.

"Why?" he wanted to know.

"I wish I knew. Something went wrong, somewhere in the world."

"I can't," he cried.

"You will."

"What will happen, once I go back to my dimension?"

His blue eyes searched her for any hidden meaning. Did he really want to know how retched his life would become in such a few short years? She had to show him, that he finally made a difference in the end. So she closed her eyes, and pulled him forward to lay his head on her shoulder. Then she showed him, all of it.

She heard a few intakes of breath and even a slight gasp coming out of him. Near the end, his grip that he had around her back tightened. Rubbing his back, she tried the best she could to soothe him.

"No," he quietly said. "Why should I go back?"

"Because it's the right thing to do. That's your choice. Either to do the right thing, or not. You can make a difference," she told him as she stroked his head.

He pulled his head back to look down at her. The unshed tears in his eyes said it all. He had made his decision. It was only his to make.

"I need to go to her. To stop this Wilson from hurting anyone else. I don't want her to die alone, like I did."

"You won't die alone. I won't let that happen. Remember that, OK," she said as her own tears started to escape, although she knew he wouldn't remember anything of his time in this dimension.

He carefully set her away from him and headed out the door. Placing her hand over her mouth, Cordelia tried to hold in the sobs that wanted to explode. She had hurt him, deeply.

In the fading twilight of the day, Wesley raced to the dirt road high up on the hillside. It had gotten extremely cold for Southern California. The clouds that overhung the sky looked like they did back in England when it was going to snow. He would hate to confront this Wilson character in the pouring rain.

Pulling his vehicle to the side of the road, he spotted another abandoned one up ahead. It was Cordelia's. How had he gotten to her in such a short time? He had only been speaking with the other Cordelia for mere minutes he thought before the phone call. He blamed himself for letting her out of his sight, letting her leave the office.

Climbing out of his SUV, he inspected her car, but found no trace of her or Wilson. Screams off in the distance scared him down to his bones. He would still hurry even though he knew the outcome. Cordy had to know that he loved her, just so he could tell her this one time how much he did.

Running along a trail, Wesley stumbled several times, but kept up the brutal pace for as long as he could. He could barely see the ground as he ran blindly, not knowing what he would encounter. The rain that he thought would come didn't. It had started to snow. In Southern California, it had started to snow. It had been so long since he'd seen a real snowfall.

The screams and muffled voices were louder the further up the trail he traveled. Bursting into a clearing, he finally saw what his heart had dreaded. Wilson held a knife to Cordy's throat, ready to slash it at the least provocation.

"Wilson, no. This is between you and me."

The man looked maniacal. If this was the evil that this dimension faced, he would take a demon any day. His wild hair stood on end, his clothes dirty and disheveled, and the look in his eyes definitely not sane.

"Took you long enough, Englishman. Want your girl?"

"Just let her go," he replied in a calm voice.

"Not yet. I want my girl. She's mine."

"We could talk about this."

"No more talking," Wilson yelled back, pressing the point of the knife into Cordy's throat.

Wesley had tried avoiding looking into her eyes, but couldn't any longer. She was scared. He had never seen Cordelia look that scared, even with all the demons and evil that they fought. This Cordelia had never seen that kind of terrible evil. Now she had. She wouldn't survive to contemplate what she had gone through.

"I can't give you the girl. You know that."

The slight nod from Cordelia said it all. She knew the girl that Wilson had kidnapped must be protected at all costs.

"I'm gonna enjoy slicing up your girlfriend. And when I'm done with her, I'll have my fun with the rest of your friends."

"I love you, Cordelia," he wanted her to know before Wilson did what he was supposed to do.

"I love you too," she echoed through her tears.

Before Wesley could take a step forward, Wilson moved the knife and plunged it into her stomach, twisting to create more damage. Pulling it out, he flung her to the ground like she was a piece of garbage to be discarded.

"You bastard," Wesley hissed as he pulled his gun from out of its hiding place.

Raising the weapon, he pulled the trigger until he emptied it of its bullets. Wilson didn't even get a chance to move from the spot where he had held Cordelia. Certain that the evil thing was dead, Wesley raced to Cordelia. Picking her up and cradling her, he stroked her hair gently as she lay in his arms bleeding to death.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Nothing to be sorry for, my love. My fault. This is all my fault," he choked out.

"Not your fault. Never your fault. Handsome man saved me from the monster."

"I can't live without you. Please don't leave me," he cried as he watched the light go out of her eyes.

"I love you. Take care of the others," she said with her last breath.

Wesley held Cordelia for some time, rocking her gently back and forth. The snow that had started was falling in earnest now, covering her body with downy, white flakes.

"Wesley. We have to go," Cordelia told him.

"No. I can't leave her," he said through clenched teeth.

"They're coming. The police. I need to put the other Wes here. He'll have all the memories that you have. He loved her too."

Looking up at her, he felt nothing but rage for Cordelia. She had caused this to happen. The one time in his life that he was happy, she took it all away from him. The sirens off in the distance startled him out of his silent vigil. She was dead. He would never forgive himself for getting her killed.

The hand on his shoulder brought him up out of his crouch on the ground. Gently, he laid Cordelia's body on the snow-covered ground. Brushing her hair off her face, he placed a small kiss on her lips before turning to his Cordelia. His heart, his insides were made of ice right then, just like the flakes floating around his head. It just might bury him if he let it.

Gradually, the other Wesley, the one that belonged in this dimension, appeared, holding his Cordelia. Looking around, all Wesley could see was the destruction of a precious life, the blood splattered in the snow where his love lay.

"He'll be OK," Cordelia whispered to him.

"Maybe. But will I?"

Wesley felt the hard, cold asphalt underneath his hip. He was lying on his side, helmet obstructing his view of the scene. Slowly, he sat up and unhooked his chin strap, ripping the helmet off his head.

"Wes?" Cordelia croaked out.

"Oh, good God. What have I done?"

Turning, he saw Cordelia struggling to sit up. The motorcycle lay off in the distance, back wheel still spinning.

"I'm OK," he heard her muffled reply. "Damn pink helmet." She finally was able to unsnap the chinstrap and pulled it off. "Where'd you get your driver's license? Toys R Us?"

She was annoyed but not hurt seriously. Wesley shut off the motorcycle's engine and went to sit beside Cordelia. Her hair stood on end, her makeup looked a little smudged, but all in all, she was alive and well.

"Are you sure you're all right?"

"Oh, I look like hell, don't I?" she told him as he watched a police car coming up the block.

"No, you look perfectly lovely."

"Dumbass. You're just sayin' that because when Angel hears about our little encounter with the pavement, he'll kick your ass into next Tuesday."

"I didn't mean …," Wesley started.

"You were distracted, weren't you? Thinking too hard with that big old brain of yours. No more caffeine for you. I'm weaning you off, starting tomorrow."

He just smiled at her ranting. He had thought for one moment that he had lost one of his best friends. He'd have no one to talk with anymore if Cordelia wasn't around. Angel wasn't much of a conversationalist, and Gunn liked to argue with him too much. His smile widened as her ranting continued.

"Hey, this is so not funny. Maybe you can prop that cycle of yours up. See if the mirror is crushed. I can fix my makeup really quickly," Cordelia asked him.

May 2004

"Hey," Cordelia called out to him.

The pain receded until it dissipated into nothing. His vision blurred for an instant until he could only see Illyria and her illusion of Fred. Then her face faded away just before he felt this pop. He was no longer in his body. Looking down at his body, he felt a familiar hand on his arm. As he turned his head, he took in the beautiful sight beside him.

"I told you that I wouldn't let you die alone."

"I remember," he said with wonder. "Everything."

Gathering her in his arms, Wesley sighed into her hair. Everything came back to him. His love for Cordelia, his traveling to another dimension, having to sacrifice her for the greater good. It didn't lessen his feelings for Fred, but she was gone now because of Illyria. Too many memories sweet and harsh raced through his brain.

"I'm sorry," she told him as she wrapped her arms tight around his middle.

He watched as Illyria rose from the floor, pulled her fist back and changed into her blue form. Vail's face disintegrated as her fist connected. She had destroyed Vail, something which he failed at doing. But it was all because of him.

The battle in the alleyway was over so fast, Wesley didn't know what to think. One moment Angel and the others were battling hundreds of demons, the next Illyria had obliterated them all. She wished to do more violence, he had heard her say. That was the understatement of the century. She grieved for him so much, she destroyed hundreds of demons in his name. His friends were safe, for now. Illyria had also saved Gunn from dying too, for which Wesley was eternally grateful.

All the old hatred, the old fears, the old doubts were lifted from his soul once he died. He watched as the others gathered around his body and then his grave. He saw the utter grief on Angel's face as he placed a few flowers on his grave.

"I never meant to cause them such grief," Wesley stated as he stood beside Cordelia in the graveyard.

"You didn't. They all loved you. I love you, you big dork."

Cordelia laid her head on his shoulder, and pulled him close with her arm wrapped around his waist. It felt natural, like that arm should always be there. As he watched the scene, Cordelia waved her arms and it began to snow. Just like it had when her other self died, just like when he wrecked his motorcycle that fateful early morning.

"You took away my memories of that time."

Wesley remembered how devastated he was when he found out that Angel had stolen their memories of Connor. But now, standing where he was, it didn't matter that Cordelia had taken the quite pleasant memory away. It was good that she did. Things would have changed if he had remembered all that had happened between them.

"I couldn't have you remembering. Not the way it works, mister."

"No, I don't suppose it would."

Cordelia had swiped at her face quickly, but he had seen it. She had started to cry and didn't want him to see it. He would ignore it for now. He was too emotional right then to fault her for the sentiment.

"I need to show you something."

With the wave of a hand, the scene before them changed. Gone were his friends. Replaced with it was the alternate dimension that he had visited so long ago. His other self was alive and happy. A baby bounced on his knee.

"When is this happening? What year?"

"It's 2009. Cute kid," Cordelia declared.

Another child raced through the Hyperion, with Angel hot on his heels. The child squealed when Angel caught him.

"If you make him hyper, I swear Angel, he is sleeping in your room tonight. Faith will have a fit. I'm just warning you."

"Yeah, Faith is all talk and no bite," Angel responded, swinging the child around in his arms.

"You will suffer the consequences," the other Wesley stiffly replied and turned his attention back to the baby.

His arms moved around the child, a girl, to pick her up into a hug. The girl laughed a little and started to pull his hair. The other Wesley gave her raspberries until she giggled.

"Oh, you two are so busted. Wes, didn't I tell you to put them to bed?"

The other Wesley sputtered, and then groaned as Faith approached from the door.

"I think that we are truly and thoroughly busted, my dear."

The girl giggled again in response.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy. Uncle Angel was just playin' the best game."

"Oh, I'll bet. Hyping him up so he won't go to sleep," Faith growled to Angel.

"He'll be fine," Angel assured her. "I think. Come on, tiger. Let's brush your teeth."

Angel started to lead the boy upstairs. The baby girl grumped and held out her arms for Angel to take her. He complied and placed a loving kiss on her round cheek.

"You know, you never can have kids of your own, Angel. Mine might get jealous. You'll be Uncle Angel forever," Faith informed him.

"I don't need any," Angel called from the stairs. "I can just hand them back to their parents whenever they get out of hand. Or whenever someone's diaper needs to be changed. You don't need a diaper change, do you?" he asked the girl as they headed up the stairs.

Wesley watched the scene with growing trepidation. Was something terrible going to happen? Was Cordelia showing him this so he'd know exactly what he had missed?

"So, we're all alone," Faith purred as she walked over to the other Wesley.

"Oh, dear God. Don't tell me," Wesley started.

"Shh," Cordelia shushed him.

"I should get some more work done," the other Wesley countered.

Faith pinned him to the sofa quickly. "Nuh uh. Not gonna play that game with me, my jerk of a husband."

Oh, dear God was the understatement of the year. He and Faith were married? Then the baby must be ….

"They're happy," he finally concluded.

"Yes, finally. Took a lot of effort. You, that other guy, were so depressed for so long. Faith having her son brought you out of it. You helped her out, and then it turned to love. It wasn't perfect or easy. But he's happy now."

"I see now. What I had to give up, for all of them. Thank you."

"I wish," Cordelia started but couldn't continue. Her eyes teared over. She visibly swallowed.

Turning, he took her in his arms and held on tight. "It's OK, love."

"I couldn't even be happy in this dimension. Just not meant to be."

Wesley released her slightly and looked down into her expressive eyes. Her mouth quirked up into a half-smile. Her watery eyes made her look that more attractive and adorable to him. Lowering his head, he placed a soft kiss on her lips. She sighed as he pulled back.

"Happy now?" he asked.

"A little better. Now that I know you're gonna be OK. You are, right?"

He had gone through so much in the last couple of years, how could he be all right? Maybe with Cordelia by his side, he could work towards being happier. He missed his friends immensely; he missed Fred deeply. But he had Cordelia.

A bright smile lit up the area around her. Slowly, the Hyperion faded to a porch swing out in the country. He breathed in the clean, cool air, watched the breeze ruffle the flowers off in the distance. He could smell the tang of orange blossoms. Was this heaven?

"So?" he asked the woman sitting next to him. "What shall I do next?"

"Hmm. Let me see. You can relax and read. Or you can take a walk. Maybe take a nap."

Wesley almost groaned. He'd be bored within a week with nothing to do but relax. Something to keep him busy was in order. Cordelia's hand crept up and took his in, squeezing tightly.

"I know. Music."

Suddenly, music started to play. How was Cordelia able to do that? She pulled him up and wrapped her arms around him, swaying with the soft beat.

"Don't worry. Nothing too fast. I'm afraid you might pull a muscle or something."

"I was quite the spaz, now wasn't I?"

"Spaz doesn't even start to explain it."

They both moved slowly as the song played out. Pulling her head to his chest, he started to sing along quietly. He heard a snort come out.

"I'm not that bad."

"At least it isn't 'We Are the Champions'," Cordelia groaned.

"Or Angel," they both said at the same time.

"Sometimes I think that he wanted to be that bad for the hell of it," Wesley explained to her.

"No, he was just that bad."

They both laughed a little and settled into another dance.

"Do you hate me?" Cordelia quietly asked him.

"No. You were doing what you thought you had to do. But there is one thing I would like you to promise me, Cordelia?"

She looked up into his eyes, worry etched across her face. "What?"

"Don't ever leave me again."

Her big smile made his heart melt. Yes, they did have their issues. Well, lots of issues. But they would have time to work through them. This time he wouldn't hold things back. Talking to her, having her be near him was enough.

"And one other thing? Would there be any work for an ex-rogue demon hunter watcher? Because relaxing is just not my bailiwick."

"OK? What the hell is a bailiwick? No one has ever explained that one to me. And yes, I bet I could scare some freelance work up for you. No pay though. Those bastards sure can be cheap. You won't believe how much they cut my clothes budget. Makes a girl wanna cry."

"You need clothes in this dimension?"

Cordelia hit him on the arm. "Perv. Yes, I need clothes."

Wesley grinned at her. That really wasn't what he meant, but he'd take the joke anyway.

"Well, I just thought that maybe you could go without clothes."

The hands went on the hips then. Her smile turned to her angry face.

"I mean, couldn't you just conjure up your wardrobe?"

"Nice save, dumbass. Maybe I should conjure up a wardrobe for you."

With the snap of her fingers, Wesley had on shorts and a t-shirt.

"Oh, geez. Get a tan. You're blinding me."

Wesley at one point had a sort of tan, when he was working for himself. But working in an office surrounded by books, one didn't have the time to 'get a tan' as Cordelia put it. Besides, he was dead.

"I don't think that I'll need one of those here."

"Suit yourself."

Cordelia turned to walk down the stairs to the grass. The blue, blue sky looked wonderful and inviting.

"Bet you can't catch me?" Cordelia challenged him, taking off like a shot.

So this was why she had gotten him out of the clothes that he had died in. She wanted him to be a little more normal. Racing her down the stairs, he finally caught up with her half way across the yard. She squealed like a little girl as he tugged at her dress. Stumbling, he took them both down to the ground.

"No fair," she panted out.

"It was entirely fair, Cordelia."

"I missed that. You saying my name."

"I missed you. Everything about you."

Wesley rolled off of her to lie down and look up at the lazy clouds floating by. Cordelia settled down next to him, cuddling in to his side.

"You're happy now?" Cordelia asked.

"I'm . . . ," Wesley started.

Was he happy? He was dead, for goodness sake. Somewhere he knew this was what would happen when he entered Vail's mansion. The memories of his other self though gave him a little hope.

"Content. The last year has been a challenge. So much has happened. Fred dying, Angel erasing our memories, not confiding in us about his plan. It has been hard."

"Hard? That's all you can say? It would have killed a lesser man."

She had propped herself up on one elbow, looking down at him.

"It did kill me, Cordy. Slowly, it did. The knife, it released me."

"Don't make me cry again, damn it. I don't cry in front of people."

He could see her effort at holding in her emotions, but she wasn't managing too well. Brushing her hair off of her face, he wondered how he could be happy ever again. Her head descended slowly to place a small kiss on his lips. Before he knew it, she tilted her head just slightly, rubbing her soft mouth against his. He sighed out his relief. She finally broke off the kiss, putting her forehead against his to gain some semblance of control.

"Cordelia?" he whispered.

"I'm sorry. I know that I shouldn't have. I know that you love Fred. She's the one."

"She's not here. You are. And I've always loved you, Cordy. You know that."

"But it's not the same. It will never be the same."

Wesley knew it would never be the same with Cordelia. Fred was a separate part of his life. Now, in his new state, Cordelia could mean more to him.

"I wouldn't want it to be the same. You're Cordelia Chase."

"And don't you forget it, buster." And his cold heart melted just a little bit further.

The End

Thanks to all for reading my little fic. It was fun and a great change from my others. Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks go out to everyone who took the time to read. I had fun. I hope you did too.