Titans stories

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Chapter one: Dark and Mysterious

T Tower

As usual Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing their noisy round of game station, while Robin was looking at ads in the newspaper, and Star was flying around looking for something to do. "Hey! That's no fair you cheated!" Shouted concealing.

"Oh yeah?" Shouted Beast Boy.


"Well, I came, I saw, and I won!" Beast Boy said happily as he jumped up and down.

"Just try me again." Cyborg was real angry this time. "Boo yah!" He raised his controller triumphantly.

"You did good friend." Starfire said trying to comfort him. "Maybe next time you will beat him." Then the alarm went off.

"Titans Go!" Robin shouted. It's kind of like a trade mark saying for the team to go fight crime. Robin went over to the computer and found out where the crime was being held. "Titans, power plant, Go!" Every one rushed out to go fight crime but this time there was more than one villain, there were two.

Power Plant

"Over Load is getting a good charge." Over Load was draining the city's power source. Just then the Titans burst in.

"It's over, Over Load." Robin said ready to fight.

"Look who's here for the light show." Over Load said laughing to him self.

"Time for a total black out." Said Cyborg. "Titans Go-?" He was interrupted by a black aura concealing the whole room in darkness. Everyone was silent, even Over Load. Then the aura disappeared and everyone was confused. Then all the pipes from under ground came to life and sprayed everyone and everything.

"Ah!" Starfire shouted as she got soaked in water. Then the water died down. Everyone was soaked. And Over Load was back down to his regular microchip face. Cyborg got up, shook off the water and went over to grab the microchip.

Beast Boy said as he got up, "Dude, what was that?"

Cyborg said, "I don't know but I'd like to meet the criminal who-." He was cut off by a piece of machinery that was flung at him.

"Dude the person who most be here must be very strong." Beast Boy said as scared as a turkey on Thanksgiving.

"I don't know but I can't wait to-" and again another piece of machinery was flung at the Titans, but Robin dogged it.

"Alright, come out quietly and we won't get rough." Cyborg said calmly as he put up his cannon. Then another piece of machinery was flung at them, but this time Cyborg used his blaster cannon and blew it up into a million pieces. "Alright, if you are going to get rough then we'll get rougher!" Then a BIG piece of machinery was throne at the titans.

"Titans separate!" Robin yelled as he pushed his team to the opposite side of the room.

"Robin!" Yelled Starfire to make sure her friend was okay, cause now the big piece of machinery was blocking the other Titans from getting to Robin.

"Starfire. I'm Okay. Just go get some help. I'll go after our criminal."

And with that being said Robin saw a mysterious, dark figure run behind a big box. Robin smirked and took a nice even pace to the box. Once there he took out his bird-a-rang and jumped up on the box, but he was not expecting to see what he saw. What he saw were the most glorious, gorgeous, lavender eyes he had ever seen. He widened his eyes in amazement of such beauty. The eyes were staring straight up at him. Finally, without thinking, Robin jumped down beside the eyes, feeling no harm will come to him, then he asked, "Who are you?" the eyes backed up slowly trying to get a good look at him, then the person spoke but in a soft, flat, no emotions voice, "My...my name... is...is..." Robin was amazed when he heard that it was a female's voice, he thought she might have been hurt or upset or even worse.

"Yes. Go on." Eagerly waiting for a name.

"My... name is... Raven." the female voice said in fear. Robin didn't under stand why she was afraid, he didn't want to hurt her, and she was probably all alone or something.

"So, I see your name is Robin. Right?" She asked wondering if she was correct.

"Yeah. How did you kno-?"

"How did I know your name was Robin? Well let's just say I can..." The eyes looked away then looked back at him again. "Why am I even telling you this? You don't even know me."

"No. But I know you are a criminal."

"What? I'm not a criminal."

"Yes you are. You tried to hurt my team."

"Well mister I know nothing to who I speak to. For your information I was trying to protect my self from your so called 'team mates'." Then the eyes turned to walk away when Robin reached out to grab the girl he felt some heavy fabric that was around the girl's face, then he clutched his hand around the fabric and held on tight. Then the voice shouted out, "Hey let me go! Let me-" before she could finish her sentence he pulled her in to get a good look at her, he pulled out his flash light and shined it at the eyes. He was stunned when he saw her beautiful face. It was perfectly angular, perfectly round were it needed to be, but what really caught his eye was that beautiful red gem that was placed on her fore head. Then she jerked away, but still Robin had his grip on the cloak, the only way she could escape was get out of it, so she did, and she took off running and so did Robin. She through some boxes at him, and he dogged every single one, but when he was done he could not find trace of the woman he talked to. Then He took off running, again, blindly into the dark but then he felt a painful feeling go right through his body, then the next thing he knew he was knocked out cold on the cold hard ground.

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