Chapter 24

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10 Years later at Titans tower

A dark figure slowly floated to the roof top of the old Titans tower.

Everyone was in the living room. Starfire was still the same, as always. Beast Boy changed to Changeling. Cyborg was still Cyborg and Robin changed to Nightwing. Nightwing was flipping threw the channels, Changeling was sitting on the couch, bored as ever. Cyborg was at the counter cleaning off some of the access food that still remained from their lunch explosion. Starfire was just floating around doing... what ever.

The dark figure landed on the roof top without a sound. 'Will they even remember me?' thought the figure. "Sigh" the figure turned towards the door and opened it. She shut it behind her, it made a Bang sound. Nobody could hear it.

Changeling's ears broke him from falling asleep. He turned in to a blood hound and lifted one ear to catch the slightest noise of sound. He turned his head back and forth.

She walked down the stairs. Woosh The automatic doors flew open.

Changeling turned him head to the right and growled, viciously.

"?" Nightwing caught this as a sign of an intruder. "What's wrong Changeling?" Nightwing turned to the door his friend was viciously growling at. He heard something also. Nightwing turned the tv off and reached for his bo staff. Starfire saw this and readied her star bolts. Cyborg crept to the edge of the door and readied his cannon. Nightwing grabbed his bo staff and readied it in front of him for an attack. Changeling stopped growling for a while so they could be quiet. They heard foot steps coming in their direction. Then they stopped.

'Just come threw the door already!' Cyborg thought.

The girl stopped, "Sigh" she shook off her worry and was ready to open the door. She gripped her cloak tightly around her. "Here I go." She stepped forward. Woosh the door flew open she stepped in.

The door flew open and a woman stepped out, dressed in white. She looked up to see everyone ready for a fight. Chik chik Her eyes went wide. She turned her head to the left. Cyborg's cannon was right in her face. He was booting up.

"Shit." She cursed. Bam! the cannon launched. The first of the attack was fired. The woman flew across the floor and slid to a stop. She sat up and shook her head. She opened her eyes, to see green. She deployed a shield.

"Leave Us!" the Tamarianain shouted. Smoke blocked her veiw, she stopped. No one could see the trespasser, then black aura shot out of the smoke blindly. Starfire was hit and thrown against the wall, knocked out. Changeling went in to attack. He changed in to a tiger and leapt in to the smoke. Cyborg readied his cannon again just in case Changeling failed. The smoke cleared. Changeling had taken a swipe with his paw and broke down the force field. The woman backed up. Changeling turned in to a wolf and lunged at her. She jumped out of the way but he grabbed her cloak and brought her crashing down to the floor. Changeling pinned her down, snarling above her.

"Who are you!" Cyborg shouted as he ran up and aimed his cannon at hr head. She just smirked. The woman put her foot right at the base of the green wolf's ribs and kicked hard. Sending the wolf flying towards Cyborg. They both collided. Then the woman did a back flip and found her footing again on the ground.

"Hy-ah!" Nightwing was still standing, he jumped and hit the woman in the back.

"UH!" The woman staggered forward. She turned around, eyes glowing and hands ready with black aura. Once she saw who attacked her, her aura started to fade away. She relaxed and had a small smile on her face. Nightwing jumped and did another attack on the so called 'intruder'. The woman just kept backing up, his attacks missed her by inches. Nightwing got tired of this quick and faked an attack, she fell for it. She was then hit by his bo staff in the side. She was sent flying backwards. In mid flight she was hit with a star bolt and was sent flying over the ground and skidded to a halt. She was face down in the rug. Nightwing stood by her side and readied his bo staff, pointing it by her neck. The woman's hood of her cloak, flew off so they can see her face now. She pushed her self up a bit so she could turn around. The other titans got up and readied them selves for another assault. The woman slowly steadied her self then she turned around. Her face had a tear line going down her check. There was a pendent, on her cloak, it looked for miller.

"Raven..." Nightwing whispered. Then he heard a star bolt shoot. It hit Raven square in the stomach and sent her flying against the wall. "Stop!" He shouted.

"What are you doing?" Cyborg asked. Nightwing stepped in front of Raven and the other Titans.

"Nightwing, please! She tried to kill us." Starfire stated.

"No she didn't." Nightwing turned around and offered his hand to the fallen girl. Raven grabbed his hand and stood up. "Don't you know who this is?" he asked. Nightwing put his bo staff away. "Doesn't she look for miller?" Nightwing turned so the Titans could look at the woman. Her hair was down to the middle of her back, she was wearing all white, almost the same height as Changeling, but smaller, her eyes were a dark violet, and very mysterious.

"She does kinda look for miller." Cyborg stated.

"Is your name Alexandra?" Changeling asked. Raven gave him a death glare. "AH!" he flinched. Then he realized who it was. "Raven?" Changeling whispered.

"Did ya miss me?" Raven stated sarcastically.

"Raven!" They all shouted. They all gave her a group hug.

"Oh! It's so wonderful to see you friend!" Starfire stated.

"Yeah! How long has it been?" Cyborg asked.

"Almost 11 years." Raven stated. "I just have one question." Raven turned to Nightwing. "How did you know it was me? Why didn't the others know it was me?"

"How could I have ever forgot you?" He stated. He cupped her chin and brought it up to look him in the eye. Raven blushed. "Raven, don't you remember?" Nightwing reached in to his belt and pulled out a gold locket, shaped like a heart. Raven took his hand off her face and put her hand under the locket. Nightwing placed the locket in Raven's hand. She looked at it then she took her other hand and opened it. Her eyes started to well up with tears. She looked at Nightwing who was smiling. Raven threw her arms around Nightwing's neck and kissed him, passionately. Raven forgot about the locket in her hand. It slowly fell out of her hand and fell to the floor. It had been so long. Nightwing wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her back. Now that they were back together, nothing could break them apart. They would stay together till the very end, no matter were it took them.

The locket fell to the floor and on the out side, engraved into the gold, was a statement. 'Forever Yours' is what it said. Then, the locket opened. In side was another statement and a picture. That said 'Always Yours, Forever More'

The picture was of Raven and Robin, they were hugging and they looked so happy to be in each other's arms. Each smiling, Raven had a slight blush on her cheeks, Robin nuzzled her neck a bit. Forever no matter where life took them they'd always be together, no matter what.


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Bang! She was thrown up against the locker. The girl leaned against the locker and put her left hand on it to help her support her weight.

"What's the matter? Can't fight?" One of the guys said. He grabbed her and threw her to one of the other boys. The group of 5 boys laughed. They pushed her back and forth.

"Richard!" Kori yelled after Richard as he walked towards the group of boys. Richard pushed one of the boys out of the way and caught the girl. The girl was shaking. Richard looked down at her. The girl was confused as to why she wasn't being thrown about. She looked up. Richard and her made eye contact.

"You ok?" He asked. The girl just nodded.

"Hey buddy!" one of the guys said as he came over to Richard. He pushed the girl out of his hands. She fell to the floor. "Why are you, the popular kid, hanging around with a rat like her?" he asked. The girl stood up and brushed her self off. Her long hair was falling out of her pony tail, her eyes looked like she was hurt, her eyes and hair were the same color, Violet. "Let us take her off your hands for ya." The guy punched Richard in the shoulder, playfully. Richard wasn't paying attention to the guy. The girl bent down and wenched, she held her arm in pain. Richard pushed the guy to the side.

"Are you okay?" Richard knelt down next to the girl. She jumped back a bit. Richard touched her arm, she recoiled her arm back. "Let's get you to the nurse." he stated. She stood up and started to walk towards the clinic. Once their Richard opened the door, the nurse wasn't there. "Here sit down." Richard pointed to the bed. The girl sat down.

"Are you sure she would want you to do this?" the girl finally spoke for the first time. Her voice sounded hurt, it sounded as if she had something to hide, or want to keep something back.

"I wouldn't worry, she's a friend of mine." Richard stated as he reached in to a cabinet and pulled out a bandage. "So what's your name?" He asked. Richard walked over to the girl and knelt down in front of her. "Give me your arm." he stated. She handed him are and he started to bandage it. "Do you have a name?" the girl nodded. Richard just kept wrapping the bandage. "Would you mind telling me what it is?" he asked.

"Rachel." she said. Richard looked up and her. Their eyes once again made contact. They just stared at each other. For the longest time Richard didn't know what to say, he just stared at her. Richard had never known this before, but her eyes had a emotion in them that he had never seen before...