June 12, 1977

Easter Basin, San Fierro

7:59 A.M.

The early morning fog slowly creates a barrier along the Easter Bay waters. The tide begins to change and the white-capped waves crash loudly against the cement walls of the Easter Basin Naval Base. The hustle and bustle of the city freeway roars to a start as the clock tower in Esplanade strikes 8:00 am. A magnificent wave crashes against the docks and a transport ship breaks the morning silence. It blows its foghorn and the huge whale of a boat crosses under the Kincaid Bridge. The fog is broken apart by the massive ship as it veers to the right and heads towards the Naval base. Several dark clouds loom overhead, almost as if they were a shroud of death, bringing the first drops of rain in a several days. A guard standing on the docks peers through his binoculars and spots the ship. Two men fire a flare into the sky, signaling it is something important. The foghorn blares again and the transport slows to a stop in the docks next to the check-in station beside the base. Five Hydra harriers soar overhead, the wind blowing them left and right as the squall grew. The sky grows dark and rain pours down faster on the all orange dressed passengers that were crowded at the exit deck. They are rushed forwards out of the ship's boarding ramp and onto the wet pavement below. Hundreds of convicts and dozens of security guards step onto the cold, wet pavement of San Fierro's Easter Basin.

Days before there was a huge prison break and the army national guard was called out. They apprehended most of the prisoners and some were killed. For this act, each and every prisoner is now being transported to the newly built prison straight from Liberty City. A two-stop trip to the San Fierro Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary. Where noone comes out alive and there is no way to escape.

Two helicopters land and a whole bunch of National Guardsmen rush out onto the docks. They run forwards up and down the base in an effort to create a perimeter around the entrance to the Easter Basin Base. After the last few convicts get off the ship, the boarding ramp rises up and it turns around. All one thousand convicts and one hundred of the heavily-armed guards approach the station and one by one enter it. The clouds overhead block out the morning sun's rays and darkness falls upon them.

Inside the station several convicts are beginning to be questioned and treated for possible viruses or infections. Several other convicts stand waiting in a straight line, alongside them were shotgun armed guards. They tap their guns apprehensively against their shoulders, just waiting for any convict to try something. The line led all the way to the back of the station where there was a small room.

An African-American man walks towards the room with a bottle of Starbucks frappuccino in his hand. He walks into the dimly lit interrogation room and closes the door behind him.

He sits down in the leather seat and puts his left leg over his right knee, sipping the frappuccino. From his looks, he was around twenty-five, had deep sunken eyes, and a large goatee growing around his mouth.. Hanging from his side holster was a nightstick and a Smith-Wesson .38 Special in his shoulder holster. He looks over to a guy with his back turned towards him. To his left sits an officer of Italian heritage, who grits his teeth and keeps brandishing his nightstick. He locks his eyes straight at the scarred face of the Asian convict sitting in a leather chair in front of him. He looks as if he was twenty-two or so, but no less. He has a hardly-visible scar running from his forehead to between his eyes, showing that it must have happened when he was at a young age. He also was missing his right hand's pinky, a definite sign he was in the Japanese Mafia, or the Yakuza. The interrogator, sitting in front of the convict stares hard at an opened folder. He is an older Caucasian and has a short, gray beard, showing he is at least fifty.

He looks up from the folder and stares acidly at the convict. The convict stares right back with a aggravated, but cool look. The sergeant, the interrogator, looks down at the folder again and his eyes move left to right as he scans it. It shows the booking picture of the young Asian. He looked very pissed and ready to kill anybody that so much as looked at him wrong. Under the mugshot it shows only his name, Jin Rakai, and a pair of fingerprints. The sergeant looks up and finally speaks in his gruff, southern voice

"So Jin, why did you get arrested if you are innocent?"

Jin looks up from the tiled floor and speaks in a very good English dialect, despite his Japanese heritage, "I'm telling you I was framed, Jonny Nakura was responsible for the robbery and I was pinned for it. He payed the damn jury!" He looks at the Italian officer beside him "They... Well they.."

The sergeant flips the mugshot page over and reads the booking report. "It says here the cops found you in Liberty City National Bank with blood all over you and dead security guards and bankers piled around you. What do you think of that?"

Jin gulps and shifts around in his seat. He stares back at the sergeant then says, "I admit I was in the robbery. I was the lookout. Everything was going fine until there was dozens of shots. I rushed in and everybody was dead. All of the guys I was driving had been killed. It was just Jonny Nakura and Kai Takamoto. Jonny shot me in the leg right when the SWAT broke in. They caught me and I was pinned for the whole thing."

Jin smiled inside of his mind, he knew all too well he wasn't completely innocent. He didn't commit this heinous crime, but he had his fair share of dealings with Yakuza hits on places. Jin frowned at the thought of his former boss, Tetsuro "Jonny" Nakura. He earned the name Jonny from his American grandfather. Nobody ever mentioned his heritage, unless they had a deathwish. Jin had one incident of making a mention of it. It resulted in having one of his kidneys removed and the scar on his face.

The sergeant seems to not even pay attention to what he just said, he continues staring at the booking report, "It says you are serving five separate counts of life sentences for murder and armed robbery," He then stops cold in his tracks and seems to smile, "There's also another thing you got to worry about. The death penalty..."

Jin stands up and grabs the sergeant by his shirt. He pulls him towards him. The Italiano officer stands up and rushes towards him. Jin has just enough time to say, "That's bullshit you hear me? It's fucking bullshit!" The Italian cop grabs Jin and throws him against the cement wall. Jin slides downwards and rolls over onto his side. The officer takes out his nightstick and thwacks him in the ribs.

Jin screams in agony and the officer starts kicking him in the stomach to shut him up. Convicts outside turn forwards and stare towards the interrogation room emitting screams. The sergeant runs over to him and stops him, "That's enough Santino. I don't believe this scumbag for nothing either, but it's not worth going to jail again for police brutality."

Santino drops his arm with the nightstick clutched in it. Jin slowly struggles back up muttering Japanese cuss words. Santino grabs him and thrusts him forwards. Jin falls backwards and lands in the interrogation chair. He inhales heavily and struggles to catch his breath back.

"Man, I don't belong here. You aren't fucking police, you're no better than the bitches that I used to work with. I want a damn retrial."

Santino gets his nightstick and swings it against Jin's head. Jin falls over and onto the floor, blood leaking from a goose egg on his head. He grabs it and twists around in pain. Santino jerks him back up and throws him back into the chair. He slides downwards and his eyes get blurry as blood streams over his face. The Sarge steps away from the table and glances malevolently at Jin Rakai. "You are a lying little bastard you know that. If the governor would give me the order, I would lynch your ass right now."

Jin screams, "What the hell does it matter if you do? I'm not gonna get out anyway. And if I do, I swear to god you are all fucking dead. Especially you!" Jin points to Santino who raised his nightstick and prepared to strike him again. Jin flinches and the Sarge interrupts.

"Tell me if your so innocent what was your job then? You weren't doing robberies with Nakura were you?"

"Job with that damn traitor? Hell no! That was my first and only robbery with him. I had a part-time job as limo driver. I had a decent living, nothing criminal about it!" Lied Jin.

"Well what about your English? I know your weren't born in America."

"Father-San taught me when I was young back in Tokyo. I also learned it from my English class at college."

"Your telling me a scumbag like you went to college?"

"Yeah! I was a junior during my conviction."

"You really ruined your life," said the sergeant in disgust.

"Not me," said Jin through narrowed eyes, he almost laughed at all the bullshit he was spouting at the dumbass pigs.

The black officer finally speaks up, "I don't like this shit at all. I think they should send all these scum right back to Liberty City and execute them all."

"I'm with you Jimmy. I don't like it either," said the Sarge. He looks to Jin, "At least we know what to do about this scum."

The sergeant picks up a stamp and walks back over to the interrogation table. A peace of paper sits on it, it read permission for retrial on account of a lack of evidence. He thrusts the stamp against the paper. He stands up and walks away. Jin stares down and an expression of dismay comes over his face.

He was denied.

He rushes towards the sergeant and tackles him to the ground. Jimmy and Santino seize him and pull him out of the room and into the hallway outside. Several convicts jumped out of the way.

"I'm innocent. I'm innocent I tell yo! You can't fucking do this!"

The other cons started laughing and pretty soon everyone was.

"Ain't we all?" Said one of them.

Jimmy and Santino rush him outside in front of the building. They push him into a transport bus and several guards bent his arms behind his back. They placed handcuffs on him and put them so tight his veins popped out in his arm. They threw him into a seat beside two other Asians. He stands up and stares right back at Santino. The officer raised his gun and aimed it at Jin.

"Sit your ass down right now or I'm gonna blow your head off."

Jin steps backwards and sat down in his seat. Santino's eyes narrow and he said his last few words to Jin.

"Your gonna rot here for a long time kid. A long time..."

Jin slams his head against the back of the seat in front of him. He slams it again and again, forcing back tears. Santino bursts out laughing and walks out, the door closing behind him.

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