January 5, 1975

Staunton Island, Liberty City

11:45 P.M.

Tetsuro Nakura turns his cold, dark eyes to a shadowy figure in front of him. He begins to speak, then hesitates, causing the cigar in the corner of his mouth to tilt upwards. Tetsuro then asks the man, in his Japanese accent, "How did it go?"

The figure steps forwards and reveals himself to the omniscient man in front of him, the king of Staunton Island. The Jap underling shook with fear and stuttered when he actually managed to open his mouth. Tetsuro scowls at him and the guy jumps. He then begins to talk rapidly.

"The ambush went great, boss. All of Boss Masuri's chosen one's were shot and killed. The invocation is over, we are now officially conjoined with the Masuri Gang."

Tetsuro stands up and claps his hands together. He then takes the cigar out and exhales, dashing clouds of smoke into the guys face.

"Excellent. So Jin's little squad was defeated? What did they do with the bodies?" Tetsuro asks.

"I think they were all burned sir, so that their spirits may go in peace."

"Isawa is that old-fashioned? Well no matter, at least we can now stand a chance against this growing Triad problem. If they manage to make a strike at us, we'll strike back with twice as much force."

Tetsuro places his hand down onto his mahogany desk and sits back down in his dark leather chair. He looks at a photo in front of him. It was a picture of all his loyal followers, all his hitmen and gangsters. Twelve of them were circled in red ink, Jin Rakai being on the top, right beside Jonny.

Jin, I'm sorry this had to happen this way. I had no choice. Jonny... That was the name his grandfather had given him, he was an American. Nobody in the whole gang was ever allowed to call him Jonny. Only his brother, "Billy"... and Jin Rakai.

During all his deep thoughts about what he was forced to do, Tetsuro forgot all about the messenger in front of him. He waves his cigar hand and the guy stands up, bows, and then exits through the fusuma. Right as the door slides open, someone rushes inside. He had on a cerulean-colored bandanna and red shades. He stops cold and kneels down to catch his breath. Tetsuro looks down at him.

"Akari-san? What has happened?"

Akari looks up, his shades falling off his eyes and down his nose. Revealing one blind eye and a large scar going across it. He, through gasping breaths, explains what was going on.

"It's Jin! He's still alive!" Exclaimed Akari.

Tetsuro's eyes burst wide, somehow amazed that he had managed to stay alive. Tetsuro knew deep in his heart, that it didn't surprise him a bit. He knew how tough Jin was.

"Where is he?" Tetsuro asks.

"Natao found him. He showed up right when they were doing a job."

Tetsuro knew what "job" that was. Natao Seiyaka and Kai Takamoto had a thing for robbing banks and this was the day they picked to do it. It had to be a bad coincidence that Jin had to turn up alive. This could jeopardize his whole dealings with the Masuri Gang, and the whole thing would be called off. If the Masuri's weren't so old-fashioned and wouldn't have to have a blood oath, this wouldn't be a problem. But it was.

Tetsuro stands up and drops his cigar in the ashtray, then exits with Akari.

Five minutes later

Jin lay there, in the back seat of Natao's Mercedes, thinking about all that has happened. All his friends dying, all his hopes for the perfect hit squad, dashed. Thanks to somebody fucking up and opening their big mouth to the Masuri Gang. Blood spills down his back, and practically ruins the perfect interior of the backseat of the brand new car. Jin screams as he had to move his arm to put pressure on his side. He then heard gunshots inside the building the Mercedes was parked across from. He heard screams and several automatic rifle fire. Then Jin heard the most horrible sound a robber could hear...a bank alarm going off. It filled the streets outside of the Liberty City Bank. Cop sirens storm down the street, only a few blocks away.

Jin opens the door and falls onto the pavement. He then screams and manages to sort of stand up. He then limps over to the double doors to the bank. He opens the door, not knowing what he was about to see. He hears the ringing of the alarm fill his ears as he arrives inside. Suddenly he looks at the floor and his eyes widen in what he saw.

Men, women, elderly, children. All of them. All of them were strewed out amongst the bank. Each of them laying there crumpled and releasing streams upon streams of blood. The whole floor was covered with crimson. Jin looks down and sees that he was standing in it. He limps forwards and falls over a body, a body of a young girl, no older than twelve or thirteen. Life taken away from her. Jin looks across the room. There wasn't any Yakuza to be seen. Natao and Kai were nowhere in sight. Suddenly a shot rang out in the room and Jin spins around and hits the tiled floor. He turns his eyes upon the assailant and sees Natao standing there with his signature .45 and his annoying smirk. It wasn't that which hurt Jin the most, neither was Kai standing there with his katana propped up against his hip.

It was his boss. It was Jonny Nakura. The one person who Jin trusted the most.

The one person that Jin considered his brother.

It wasn't Natao that shot him in the back, it was Jonny.

Jin's head falls back and he hears as they run out the doors. He turns to his left and stares into the face of the little girl. He almost puked as he saw the look on her face. She looked as if she was begging not to die. Jin lets out a cry of pain and sorrow, then screams as loud as he could. His cry echoes around the bank and grows louder and louder. Jin stops and grabs the little girl and cradles her, sobbing against her shoulder. Seconds later, cops and SWAT teams broke through the door and trained their guns on the killer. The killer of twenty-two innocent people. The killer who was found cradling his victim.