A/N: Um.....hi. My name is Pokemongirl99. I've never posted on before, but I've been a member for a few months. I have been browsing through the sections and have constructed a looooooong favs list with all of my fav stories. But until today I haven't had any inspiration to post anything. The inspiration came from a very good friend who also has a story in this section. A friend named Biskuits. So, without further ado, here is a poem I wrote for the pairing of Mandy/Grim. Enjoy.


And I Knew that I Loved You

I came for you

Rose up from the shadows

Darkness all around

It is your time

And I am here

Do you fear me?

You never shivered

or shook

or attempted to flee

I raised my scythe


but a cold cool


And there you stood

unmoved by my actions

I prepared to swing

Met your calm

steady gaze



And I knew that I loved you.

-By Pokemongirl99


2nd A/N: (I'm sorry if it's too short, but I'm planning to maybe write more poems for this shipping. Who knows? Maybe I'll take some recommendations from everyone else later on?)