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Warnings: A touch of violence, a touch of language

The Word of a Namek

~Riddle me this, riddle me that.

How could one day become such a wreck?

While the disbelievers stand chewing the fat,

Son Gohan places his fate in the hands of a Namek~

"No. Perhaps Trunks has a point."

He believes me. Piccolo-san, I know I've said I love you before, but I really mean it this time! Gohan allowed a hopeful smile to find its way across his features. Maybe it was too soon for that, but he didn't care. Piccolo was always there to rescue his behind. He'd do it again. Even in this world. He had too!

The Namekian turned his focus away from the teenager for the first time since their impromptu meeting. Looking across the gathered Z gang, he continued. "Those three do have their deceiving tricks. I believe this would even surpass their abilities of deception."

Vegita rolled his eyes. "And what, Namek, would make you think that?"

Piccolo's eyes swung back down to the teen who looked so hopefully at him. With a snort, he placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and swung him about to face the group. Gohan blinked and looked confusedly back at his 'friend'. He saw a green hand gesture at his face from behind. "I know no magician which can put soul into the eyes of it's clones. I do not know that this boy tells the truth about everything, but he is Son Gohan."

A collective mummer arose form the group. Some of them still don't believe. Even with Piccolo's word! What is wrong with these people? Krillin and Yamcha were getting into a heated argument with Trunks and Tien on whether the teen was a trick or not. Goku and his son discussed it between themselves. Vegita looked about the group and snarled, "Enough!"

With that the Saiyan Prince had full attention of everyone there. He strode up to the teen. I don't like this. I don't like this! He has the look in his eye that says he's ready to start a fight. But Piccolo-san will help me, he… moved. Oh oh. Vegita studied the younger man for a time and a sneer graced his royal features. "I know how to prove this once and for all."


No notice was given, no chance to prepare, there was just a fist planted solidly into his chin. Gohan flew backwards a few yards only to land on his butt and skid a few more feet in the slick grass. His mind not yet registering what had happened, his body was on the move. Instinct drove the teen demi-Saiyan to his feet and into a defensive crouch. Gohan's eyes automatically riveted to the source of the attack; he waited.

After a few moments, no further move was made. With a sigh, Gohan moved one hand to gently wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. He'd bitten his tongue on that one. I should have seen that coming. I don't want to fight them though! All eyes were on him now. Waiting for me to respond. I see. With a second, longer sigh, the teen sat back down in the field. He pulled his knees slightly up, propping elbows on them, and then rested his bruising chin in his hands. The demi-Saiyan proceeded to stare back at the Z-senshi.

A small giggle brought them all back to reality. "I think he is me. Anyone else would have hit Vegita back."

Trunks nodded, his eyes a touch wide. "No one else would sit down when confronted with a fight."

"And," Krillin chimed in, for the first time defending, "No clone could mirror that classic Son confused look!"

Vegita was apparently not yet appeased. He again made his way to stand before the teen Gohan. For his part, the boy wanted to flinch, or raise a hand in defense, move in general. But he stood his ground, or rather, sat. You are not intimidating me, and you are not goading me into a fight. Bruises will heal, but until I figure out what happened, I need your trust!

The prince studied him, eyes locked on eyes. His grin deepened. "You are Son Gohan. No Saiyan, trick or other wise would work so hard to avoid a fight. Except the pitiful half breed brat of Kakkarot. Get up boy, you look like we're boring you."

That worked… surprisingly well. That command from Vegita, he would take. Standing back up to his full height, Gohan stayed where he was. He didn't want to scare them all back into not believing him with any sudden movements. Toes wriggled in the dirt and weeds below him. Conversation started back up again between the people of this world. This time deciding what to do about the teenager where he was not a threat.

Trunks looked up from the congregation, across the few yards of field between the group and the lone teen who stood outside it. "Hey, guys? I think maybe Gohan over there should have some say in this."

Krillin snapped at him. "What does it matter what he wants, Trunks? It's not like we welcomed him here. You at least new about the androids. What does he have to offer us?"

Yeouch. Then, they don't trust me, they just aren't preparing to kill me anymore. Wonderful. It was then that a gruff voice rose over the rest, and Piccolo stepped threateningly towards the small bald man. "He may not have information, human, but even if he has done something stupid like quit training, he offers us more strength in combat than we have ever gotten from you."

"Oh yeah! Well I used to be more powerful than Goku even! I have always known what side I'm on. Unlike you. Maybe you've gone and jumped back to the side of evil again! Maybe your in league with those three abominations!"

The Namek snorted. "Please, you insult my character. Quit living the past, little man. You have been amongst the weakest for years."

"Guys!" Goku stepped between the two, "We can't be arguin' between our selves right now. We can't afford it. We really need to be training! Teen Gohan can join me, Piccolo and my son in training. Then he isn't a burden and everybody is bein' useful."

Apparently, every one in the group agreed with that. But, for all this was interesting, the teen was still horribly lost. "Um, excuse me? Could you tell me about Mi, Le, and Toe? So I know what it is I'm fighting against…"

The group went silent. It was Trunks that stepped from the circle of Z-senshi and out to Gohan's lonely little area. "Well, as you've probably heard, Mi, Le, and Toe are tricksters. Very powerful at that."

The teen cocked his head to the side. "So, their good fighters and very smart?"

"I, no. Well, we don't know. I think I miss worded that. We've never seen them fight. They have magic though and use that to create monsters and opponents that keep getting stronger. We very nearly didn't beat the last one. They usually speak in rhymes as well. We've found that buried in the versus of their rhymes is the answer to how to defeat all of their beasts. But, deciphering what the meaning behind their words is, is far harder than the fighting it self. It's like they have an intelligence that far surpasses anything or anyone I've ever met."

Something in that struck Gohan. "How, how do they create these opponents? Out of thin air or…"

Trunks raised his shoulders. "Well, kind of. That's weird all on it's own. Usually this pinprick of light shows up, and then it pulls down into a line. Then it just sort of rips open the air. The beasts and bad guys always come charging in through that rip."

Gohan paled slightly. Suddenly things were beginning to make sense. Being brought to this… dimension, wasn't purely a freak accident. A rip created by light, Trunks had said. A rip that slashed through the air and anything else in its path, say… innocent furniture. I don't understand. I've never even heard of anything like these three. The only magical creature I've ever dealt with was Buu. If we've never met, why did they take me? Did they expect me to attack these people? Blow up the Earth or something?

The teen felt a hand reach out and touch his shoulder and refocused on the concerned face of Mirai no Trunks. "Hey, Gohan? Are you all right? Maybe Otousan hit you a little harder than we thought."

"No, I'm fine. I was just… thinking, that's all." Oh, good save Gohan. "I uh, do you know when these three are going to show up next? Did they tell you at all?"

During the conversation the Z-senshi chose to regroup around the two outsiders. It was Goku that answered the question. "We can never really be sure when they'll come. Those three just sorta pop up whenever they feel like it. That's why we've been training so much. There's no way to be sure of what's going to happen next."

Chibi Gohan spoke up then, his voice rising with his words. "Uh, daddy? I think they're coming now!"

This was echoed by Yamcha. "Damn, speak of the devil and here come his advocates!"

The teen followed everyone else by looking up into the morning sky. Floating about in small clusters were sparkles. Shiny little dots of light pulsing to some unheard rhythm. There was a cluster of blue, of purple, and of red. With each pulse the specks of light grew and gathered. Soon three humanoid forms were outlined in the dazzling lights.

And then the world exploded into a white oblivion and a silent thunder stole all sound from the ears.

For a precious few moments, Gohan was aware of only two things; the powerful scent of ozone and the pounding of his own heart. Slowly, other things began coming back. The demi-Saiyan realized that he was on his hands and knee in the field, his fingers dug into the dirt. Sounds were then reintroduced to his world. Groans from the Z-senshi that had been standing with him. Blinking a few times, the world returned to its colorful norm. Everyone else was on the ground in one way or another as well.

The humans were flattened belly first into the field. Piccolo knelt in the soft soil. Goku and his son sat sprawled on their butts, still blinking away the after image. Vegita was all ready back on his feet, if unsteadily. Trunks was half supporting himself on Gohan, he too still blinking. He looked to the sky once more.

Three small children beat their wings there, each with a smirk on their small mouths. The bodies were those of children perhaps one year in age. Babies, really. Their chubby forms covered only by cloth diaper looking things. They were chained together by their arms, chubby fingers of one entwined with the fingers of the next. All though their mouths and poses may have been identical, the children themselves varied.

The first appeared to be a boy. He was of a very dark complexion with hair of a light honey color. Tiny Cherubic feathered white wings beat behind the child's back. His chubby tummy bulged slightly over soft blue diaper. One chubby dark leg was bent at the knee, the other held straight down. The boy studied the group from the depths of huge blue eyes that were slightly too shiny and held no pupil.

The second looked to be a girl. Her skin was fair, the pale smooth appearance of a child untouched by the ravages of sun. Her hair was a dark purple short cropped bangs just hiding the eyebrows. To puffy pig tails were done up high on the girl's head. She looked at the world through guiless lavender eyes. Once again, slightly to shiny and holding no pupil. Light lilac butterfly wings carried her weight and a light purple diaper was all she wore.

The third was a study in creativity. His skin tone was of a tan nature, neither light nor dark. Both chubby legs were held out before him. A red diaper contained his small tush, and it was a tad loose at the top, sagging where it should have been tight. Behind his back beat two midnight black bat wings, chibi, and even cute in their own right. His eyes were cherry red, reflecting the light of mischief. Once again, no pupil marred their perfect color. A small fang decorated the corner of his smirk. His hair was an array of wild bangs, but well tamed on top, except for two tufts which stood up like devil horns. This was, almost appropriately, a crimson red.

Gohan blinked, hoping the image would clear away. The enemy, they're children? I know I've never seen them before… And yet the three cherubic forms continued their flight. Continued their scrutiny. Vegita then rose his fist towards the children, "Cowards! You've decided to come back? Are you going to fight yourselves this time, or send us another of your mangy pets?!"

The three sets of eyes blinked in unison, and turned their attention toward the angry prince. The girl spoke first, her voice sounding of chimes. "You poor deluded Saiyan."

The dark boy spoke next, his voice soft and quiet. "You hide behind your arrogance."

The third then piped up, his voice energetic and loud. "Foolishly using your anger as a safe haven!"

"We must wonder if you will ever learn."

"Not to argue, to follow your fate."

"Instead of waving your fist like a breeze controlled fern."

Leaving the Saiyan sputtering, they turned their attention to the teen who stood farthest from them. "Son Gohan of the first dimension."

"We assume by now you've felt the tension,"

"Of this callous second dimension."

"You wonder why we brought you here."

"Who we are."

"If we will resolve your fear."

"Son Gohan we cannot tell,"

"All of the secrets of our ways."

"But this we'll say, to appease our needs you must traverse both heaven and hell!"

"Perhaps you think you've all ready seen the worst."

"With a lifetime of battle and sadness behind you."

"Having seen a father carried off twice by godly Hurst."

"This to you we will prove wrong."

"To the half Saiyan that believes nothing worse can happen."

"For you we will be sure to make this journey long."

They stayed silent for a time then, and Gohan worked up the nerve to talk back to them. "I don't understand. What have I done to make you think I need to learn this lesson of yours?" Why are you doing it to me?

The three exchanged a look. "I suppose that is fair."

"You have done nothing in and of itself."

"It has simply been fated, like the color of your hair."

"You have no need to worry."

"You have our word that we will send you home."

"If you take the time to understand what we say, and do not hurry."

"You must first complete our task."

"And survive the obstacles that come to pass."

"Is there anything else you wish to ask?"

Gohan nodded. "Are my mother and little brother all right?"

The girl offered a genuine smile then. "Son Chi Chi and Son Goten are well."

"They are under our protection while you face your fate."

"After all, Son Gohan, it is only you who is fated to live in eternal hell!"


~At Home~

"Gohan! I insist that you open this door right now! You have no right to lock your mother out! Son Gohan, answer me!" Chi Chi slammed her fist on the door while yelling through it.

Goten cowered slightly off to the side. There was something wrong. He couldn't sense his big brother at all. The little boy watched as his mother steeped back and abruptly kicked the bedroom door down. Both mother and son gasped at the sight that lay before them. The room was a wreck, as if a tornado had blown threw. Gohan's desk chair lay neatly cut in half on the floor. But there was no Gohan.

Chi Chi automatically went into hysterics, running to the phone. Goten knew that it wasn't necessary. His Daddy had been sparring with Vegita since dawn. He sensed that his Daddy knew tat Gohan had disappeared. If anybody could get his big brother back, it had to be Otousan. He had too.

Goten didn't want this to end like his nightmares always did. Because it had started like it…

Well, here we go! I know, that was down right rude of me, to leave you there. No worries, you'll live! I hope… Don't any of you go dying on me out there!