Dive into the Horizon

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Pairings: Riku and Sora… eventually. There are a few surprises

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Rating: ummm… pg-13? Or like teen-older teen (weird ratings from manga) It might go up, I dunno.

Summary: Sora moves back to his hometown of the Destiny Islands, even though he doesn't remember anything about his life there. His only memory is a pair intense eyes. Can he figure things out or will he always be a slave to his fish? (AU)

Author's Note: Yay to Slashy-chan for making me get inspiration to write this fanfic! We're so horrible to each other, I beg her to write her fanfic (Love on a Rotten Day… which RULES!) and then she gives me that scary look which means I have to write as well.

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Chapter 1: Set the Course

"Sora, let's go sweetie, it's time to get into the car. Daddy is waiting for us at our new home,"

Sora sighed and turned away from the ocean and the small islands. He glanced up at his mother before climbing into the car; settling himself in the middle of the backseat, among the linens and pillows. His mother gave a tired smile and buckled him in and wrapped a blanket around her son. Sora fell asleep almost instantly as his mother drove away from the islands.


"Sora! Get in the car, sleepy head!"

Sora rubbed his eyes, way too early, he thought watching his mom bounce around the car and trailer, making sure everything was set and ready. Even though he was tired and a bit grumpy he couldn't help but smile about how happy she seemed. It had been far too long a time since she was so happy.

He climbed into the back seat, arranging the boxes and other familiar things from his house comfortably around him. Moving back to the islands, Sora pondered, he didn't remember them at all, so he wondered if it was really moving back. He only held the memories his mother recreated through photos and stories. To Sora, this was his first move.

"All buckled in?" his mother asked, shaking Sora from his thoughts.

"Yup! Let's move out!" he said, giving a thumb's up. Sora had relinquished the front seat for the fish tank since he thought it would be easier on them. He wouldn't allow his mother to give his fish away.

"Oh, I can't wait to get back to the islands," she smiled up at the rear-view mirror. Sora returned the gestured and started to look out the window at the passing scenery. He hoped to memorize the town and everything familiar about his life.

His mother and father had moved to the larger island (nicknamed the mainland) when he was little. Now his parents' divorced was finalized and his mother having full custody, they were moving back to her hometown. Sora blinked, realizing it was his hometown too, even if he didn't remember it.

Sora was glad after many hours of driving that there was a ferry ride long enough for him to stretch his legs. Well actually, the ferry to the southern archipelago took about three hours, but the first part of the ride he had spent eating a late lunch and fussing over his fish. He was glad to finally be able to walk around and get some fresh air.

He looked up in the blue sky, wondering idly if, somewhere in his mind, he had a memory of it. Sora closed his eyes, trying to remembering anything about the islands.

After a moment or two, an image came to his mind; a pair of intense eyes, sharp aqua blue, with a green tinge. Sora's chest tightened, he recognized them from his dreams. It surprised him to think of that image when he begged his mind for a memory. Sora jumped and opened his eyes at his mother's hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, space case, we're almost there. Time to get back to the car," his mother smiled, used to her son's strange behavior. Sora nodded and followed her back to the car, checking the fish once more before the ferry landed on the island, his new-old home.

Sora looked out the window as they drove along, everything seemed strange to him, especially as his mother commented about how much everything had changed since they lived there last.

"It's certainly bigger! I've been told this is a really popular vacation destination nowadays," His mother let out a squeak, getting Sora's attention as she pointed to pinkish sandstone building. He wondered what the fuss was about.

"It's your new school, Sora. So much nicer than the one I went to," she answered his silent question. He ignored the rant she started on about her school days to study and judge the building. He decided he didn't like it. He fretted mentally about having to go to school the next day, wondering just how strange it would be. Sora swallowed, torn between hoping someone remembered him and hoping no one noticed him.


Diamond stars reflected on the ocean, as if the whole world was floating in the sky. The smaller island not too far off seemed to be suspended in a field of stars. However, Sora couldn't enjoy the scene fully, he missed the view from his old window, he wished he had taken a photo of it, just to be able to recreate it, to be able to imagine he was home. He sighed and flopped back on his bed, his new bed. He pouted, pounding the mattress with his elbow; Sora wondered if it would ever be comfortable. He pulled his old blanket over him and fell asleep, his heart a mess of confusion, reminiscing, and a wonder about what tomorrow and the islands held for him.


"Ugh," Sora smashed the alarm clock beside him and sat up, looking around. He was puzzled and almost started panicking, this was not his room. He looked out the window, the reflection of the sunrise set fire to the water. Sora groaned. Right. Moved. He kneaded his face before rummaging around his messy room, finding clothes suitable to wear for the pivotal first day of school.

He stumbled down the stairs, almost running into a wall before finding his way to the kitchen; the new house was very different from their last. Sora gave his mother a half smile as he poured himself a cup of juice. His mother had already set out some toast and an orange, already peeled.

"Wow, you must remember the horrors of the first day of school," he said, wolfing down the food laid out in front of him. Sora was more than used to making his own breakfast. Even he, Sora the sleepy head, had woken his mother up once or twice. He knew she was really being nice when there was food involved.

"I do, but actually I didn't want you tearing through all the boxes finding food and creating another mess for me to clean up," his mother winked and grabbed Sora's plate, it didn't even have crumbs to sweep into the garbage. She eyed her son for a moment, "I'll drive you to school, so get your bag,"

"One condition," Sora stated, rising from the table. Not only did he want to make her swear no to do something, but he was buying time, to try and remember where he threw his school bag.

"And it is?"

"No embarrassing mother stuff. No kissing, no hugging, no yelling weird nicknames," he listed, locating the back-pack in his mind. His mother grinned and agreed and Sora raced up the stairs and flew open his door. Well, closed the door to the closet and opened the one next to it. Darn new house, he thought, grabbing his bag.

"Oh! Wow, the school looks wonderful doesn't it? So full of the promise of youth," Sora's mother said cheerfully, ignoring her son's glare.

"Yeah, I bet it's even better leaving," Sora commented, wondering if his mother was like a type of vampire who stayed young by feeding off the youthfulness of innocent teenagers. Why else would she think a strange high school was 'wonderful'? He shook his head, ridding it of his runaway imagination. Sora climbed out of the car when she put it into park. He looked back, sensing she was going to say something, he just hoped it wasn't something embarrassing.

"Give them a chance,"

He blinked it was a different thing to say, but after a moment he decided it was probably appropriate. She may have been a teenage sucking vampire, but she was a good mother. With a silent sigh, accepting his fate, Sora walked toward the pink building. As he walked, he studied the people around him; he was beginning to feel a bit nervous.


"Good morning Riku!" the red head had pounced at the older youth, hugging his arm. The silver haired boy gave a chuckle.

"Nice to see you too, Kairi, but how am I supposed to get my stuff with only one hand?" Riku asked, raising an eyebrow. He waited for the girl to giggle and let go before grabbing his books for first period.

"So what's up today?" Riku inquired, walking to the classroom door. He looked at the people standing around idly; the door must have been locked. Did his teacher always have to be late? Riku wondered a bit annoyed, unlocking and slamming the door open. Kairi pulled out the announcement list and handed it over to him. Somehow, even though Riku was the class president, Kairi was always the one to pick up the announcements from the main office. However she went by the main office every morning anyway, so she really didn't mind the chore.

He was reading the announcements to himself when Kairi remembered there was another note from administration.

"Special just for you," Kairi said and handed the note to a puzzled class president.

"We've got a new student," he said after reading it. He looked around wondering where the kid would sit. Riku then shrugged, it wasn't his problem.

Riku was reading the announcements to the class (and added his own dry commentary to them) when the teacher finally walked in, a short brunette boy following him, head down. He glanced at the boy, feeling a bit bad; he had never known what a first day of school felt, but Riku was sure it wasn't nice.

"Alright guys, last thing," Riku usually had better command of the class than the teacher. Everyone had noticed the new boy and was set into a curious quiet.

"This is our new student, so listen up while he tells us a bit about himself," he turned and glanced at the short boy, trying to give him a kind look of encouragement.

Sora finally looked up, wondering who the boy was. He must be like a class rep or something, he thought. He glanced up meeting the eyes of the taller boy for a moment before wondering what he was going to say. He froze, falling into those eyes. Those eyes, the same intense ones he saw in his dreams. For a moment all he saw were those piercing eyes then all was black

Riku blinked as the brunette boy fell to the floor in a dead faint. Wow, he thought, never saw that before. It seemed to be a common thought in the classroom as the students poured over their seats to crowd around, wondering exactly what happened, and if he was really passed out. After a moment or two of the quiet buzz and crowding, Riku thought he heard the murmur of some creation of nicknames. He growled softly and cleared his throat, swatting a few people back from the new student.

"Hey, back it up. I'm sure he needs to breathe," he called out; the students for the most part listened, giving Sora some room. When the giggles started, Riku knew it was time to lay down the law.

"I fight fainting out of disgust every morning when I have to look at all your faces, so let's not hold this event against him alright?" the insult to the class was received with a laugh, but everyone nodding. Riku felt bad for the kid, what a dramatic way to set yourself down the path of loserdom,

"I don't want to hear about this again. So wipe it from your memories and your gossipy mouths," Everyone agreed, a bit sad to lose the juiciest gossip they'd had for a long time, but they knew Riku would probably kill them if they mentioned it to anyone. They all returned to their seats eventually as the brunette boy started to come to.

Sora blinked, finding himself staring at a tiled ceiling. It was the second time that day he had woken up in a strange room. He looked up; those eyes once again were looking straight through him. Sora felt his eyes rolling back into his head and he turned away so he didn't faint a second time. He pushed himself up to his feet, blushing as he noticed all the students in the room staring at him in curiosity and amusement. Sora wondered if he would ever live this down.

"Yeah, they are a pretty scary lookin' bunch," Riku commented, hoping the new kid would feel a bit better, "Okay! So tell us all a little about yourself,"

Sora swallowed, and ran a hand through his already messy hair, wondering what to say, it wasn't as if they were listening. He was pretty sure they were all deciding exactly how to tell the story of the new kid fainting to everyone else in the school.

"Um… Well.. My name's Sora. Sora Uehara. I moved back here yesterday, I guess, um… I dunno, I don't think there's anything interesting about me… Can I sit down now?" he mumbled, he glanced at Riku, keeping his eyes away from the taller boy's eyes, and he didn't need to give an encore performance. He watched as Riku gave a shrug and sat down.

The teacher directed a bright red Sora to his new seat, by a window. He was glad about that choice, now he could stare out the window and ignore the conversations of the room, which he was sure were all about him and his weird behaviour.

Sora narrowed his eyes, unfocusing on the scenery outside he was gazing at. He wondered how he could seem so stupid. Who fainted on their first day of school? Sora frowned, fainting for seeing a pair of eyes. He was beating himself up inside for being so strange, he clenched a fist, couldn't he do anything like a normal person?

After two horribly awkward periods, Sora was sure the story of his little incident had spread through the whole school. This assumption made him even more certain of the non existent chance that he would be welcomed into any group during lunch.

Lunch. Oh no! Sora panicked in his mind, refraining from hitting himself on his forehead, he hadn't brought a lunch, and neither did he scam any money out of his mother. He sighed mentally, yes, his mother was right, the new school was just plain wonderful. Sora ignored his grumbling stomach as he closed his locker, which coincidentally was sticky, never wanting to open or close properly and it seemed to take a few times to open the lock. He decided to go outside and just find a nice little corner to curl up and die in, well at least be dead until afternoon classes started.

Sora found a lonely spot under a tree, far away from any group of students eating their lunch outside. He stared absent mindedly at his schedule for more than half of lunch, wondering how he would get through the day, let alone until the next holidays. He was so fixated on what a horrible day it had been, he didn't notice the two people approaching him until someone kicked him in the foot and gave a loud cough (their third attempt at getting the brunette's attention).

He looked up and adjusted his eye level once again. He couldn't look him in the eyes, not without making a fool of himself.

"I hope you're not like this during an emergency," Riku grinned, relieved to finally get Sora's attention, he wondered if there was actually something wrong with the boy. He waved slightly and decided he should introduce himself.

"I'm Riku, your class president, this," Riku gestured to Kairi, who was beside him, "Is my personal assistant Kairi," He grinned as she gasped and hit him lightly in mock outrage, "So come to me with your compliments and her with your problems,"

Sora smiled slightly, though he felt he was being mocked a bit.

"Nice to meet both of you," I guess, he added silently, wondering what they wanted and when they would go away to laugh at him to their real friends. He was surprised when both Riku and Kairi sat down with him. The red headed girl laid out a huge lunch, Sora was a little taken aback by the amount of food, there seemed to be enough for at least two people. Riku noticed the surprise and decided to use it.

"I'm very lucky, you know, Kairi is always making me lunch. I think she made an extra too much today, and then I saw you all alone, so well," Riku smiled, making Kairi mutter something of an excuse about being bad at portions. Even Sora could see through it.

"I hope you'll like it, Sora" she said, offering Sora a good share of the lunch. Sora took it gratefully, trying out a smile on her. It seemed to be normal enough, since Kairi returned it and then seemed to think as Riku helped himself to the bounty.

"Your last name was Uehara right?" she asked, Sora nodded, so someone was listening to him, "That's a local name isn't it?" Kairi seemed to actually be asking the question to Riku, who nodded.

"Yeah, I think my mom had a friend with that last name," He grinned and ate his lunch quickly, hoping to gain the upper hand in the choosing of desserts.

Sora ate his lunch slowly, wondering why these two had come over to see him, no one was that selfless, and especially to a boy who had fainted in their class. He finally finished his portion and smiled evenly at Kairi.

"That was delicious! You made all this by yourself?" Sora asked a little amazed, wondering how long it took her to prepare all of it. He also wondered how early she got up in the morning.

Kairi gave a small laugh, "I'm glad you liked it, I'll be sure to make enough for you tomorrow too, okay?"

The promise surprised Sora; they planned on invading his lunch again tomorrow? He decided to force himself to warm up to them a bit, if they were going to put themselves out on a limb like this. He glanced up at Riku, focusing his gazing on the boy's shoulder, while he talked, rather than risk looking at those eyes again.

"Watch out Sora, with Kairi you have to know when to say 'no' and make your own lunch, otherwise she'll start controlling you with her delicious food," Riku grinned, getting hit by a book, thrown by a blushing Kairi. The silver haired boy noticed how Sora wouldn't look him in the eyes, but he shrugged it off as the boy being embarrassed and feeling out of place.

The bell warning everyone that class started in ten minutes. Sora was about to stand up and leave when both Riku and Kairi grabbed his arms keeping him sitting down.

"No worries, we still have lots of time before class starts," Kairi said, cleaning up the food, frowning slightly at the disappearance of the desserts. She glanced up at a rather coy looking Riku. The silver haired boy noticed this glancing away, looking at the sky, desperately trying to look like he didn't know where the sweets went.

Riku glanced at Sora's schedule that lay on the grass beside the boy, he smiled slightly.

"You've got biology with me," he commented, pointing to the class after lunch. The silver haired boy finally stood up and stretched, gesturing for Sora to get up too.

"I'll show you where it is, come on," Riku said, starting to walk away with a casual nod to Kairi, who was still cleaning up. He turned back after a few steps, wondering why Sora wasn't following. The brunette had kneeled down and was helping Kairi clean up the meal completely. Riku tapped his foot on the ground impatiently.

"Come on, she has a spare right now, but if we don't go now, we're going to be late," he complained, pushing some hair from his face.

Sora stood finally after Kairi waved him off, he jogged to catch up with Riku who had already started walking away. He was pouting, and spoke quietly.

"That's not very nice you know to leave her like that," he said, looking down, watching his feet move from the grass outside to the stone tile floors of the school. He felt Riku's eyes burn into him as the taller boy responded with a hidden edge in his voice.

"It's fine, I make it up to her later," he said, sneaking into the biology class just as the bell rang. Riku dragged a blushing Sora to the back of the class, grabbing the seat beside him for the brunette before the original owner was able to make a fuss.

Sora took the seat, still focusing about what Riku said; he was already blushing from the statement. He wondered if he had been the one to interrupt a romantic meal for the two. Sora rubbed his face, even sitting all alone he was able to mess things up. He watched out of the corner of his eye as the silver haired boy dropped to the desk, falling into a light sleep.

Sora smiled slightly, glad to be able to look at Riku properly finally without needing to worry about those eyes. He didn't seem like the class president type, he seemed more laid-back and cool for it, but Sora weighed out, he seemed pretty good at exerting an authority that he was sure that Riku had made up. He glanced up, paying attention to the teacher, every so often he glanced back at the sleeping Riku, Sora smiled softly with those eyes hidden by his eyelids, he wasn't so scary.


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