I'm seriously thinking about turning this into a doujinshi....I'll do a few illustrations and see what happens.

Gaara of the Desert was lying down on the couch of is home in Hidden Sand. He was reading a book on geology when Temari, his older sister, sat down at the foot of the couch. He didn't acknowledge her and continued reading. Their brother, the middle child, Kankurou, had left to hang out with some of his friends. It was Temari's week to do chores; she had just finished and was looking for some time to relax.

She looked over at her little brother. I should say something. Strike up a little conversation or something. Because of Gaara's terrifying power and sometimes quick temper, she and their brother had grown up to be terrified of the younger sibling. He had calmed down a lot since those days being more gentle but old habits and ways die hard and slow. Temari felt terribly guilty about this.

What should she say? What did he like? What didn't he like? Should she ask or should she already know? He turned a page and readjusted body. He wasn't wearing socks and he flexed his toes a little. She smiled. He had adorable little feet. She just want to… to…

"These little piggies went to the market. These little piggies stayed home. And this little piggy said 'Wee wee wee' all the way home!" She sang , wiggling his toes in time to the children's game. Gaara was staring at her like she had lost her mind. She grinned back.

"What the hell did you just do to my toes?" he demanded. He pulled up his legs and looked at his foot. It looked fine but Temari obviously was beyond not okay.

"It's a baby game," she replied nervously. "Like…this." She took his hands and held them up flat. "Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can." She clapped his and her hands together. "Pull it and pat it and mark it with a 'G'. And put it in the oven for Gaara and me!" She shook his hands at the end like baking this so called pie was a great achievement. Her little brother still was looking at her funny. "What?"

"… … Do another," he ordered. He crossed his legs and faced her intently.

Temari smiled and looked at the ceiling in thought. "Oh! This is what I did to practice hand seals. This is the temple." She entwined her fingers and closed her hands. "This is the steeple." Then raised her index fingers and pressed them together. "Open the doors and see all the people!" She turned her hands so her fingers were sticking up and wiggled them. Gaara blinked.


Yes! I did it! She nodded in obligation, proud that she had managed to strike up a conversation with her little brother. Of course, this meant making a fool out of herself but for the sake family it was worth it. So she started doing nursery rhymes, songs, dances, and hand games with Gaara. Every time she finished one he would beckon "More." or "Another." Happily, she would scour her memory banks for all of the trivial things she would do as a child.

Finally as she finished dancing and singing 'I'm a little Teapot', she sat down, exhausted. Gaara looked at her. "Another." She exhaled deeply.

"I don't think I know anymore." Gaara narrowed his eyes, looking a mixture of disappointed and irritation. Temari didn't want to stop but she was out of games unless... "Um…Want to play…house?"

There was that look again. "This is our house," he answered.

Temari shook her head. "No, it's a game of pretend. I'll be the Mommy and you be the baby? We can play until Kankurou comes home."

Gaara liked the sound of this. He basically does nothing and gets waited on hand and foot. "Sure, why not? So…what do I do?"