Kankurou sat up on his elbows. Gaara climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel. His older brother gave him a look that said that he worried about whether or not he went too far. Gaara answered this by grabbing the showerhead and turning on ice cold water on him. There was a gasp. Kankurou felt like his soul had be forcefully ripped out of his body. He tried to dodge the water but to no avail. Using a string of chakra, he turned the tables by stealing the showerhead and turning it on Gaara. The young boy ducked but when the cold water hit his bare back he let out a surpised "Crap!".

Temari heard the ruckus from downstairs and looked towards their direction. She got up and climbed the stairs. She knocked on the door but they didn't respond. There was only more shuffling and the sounds of water. "Guys?"

She opened the door out of worry and saw Gaara with a bucket full of water and Kankurou holding a the showerhead. The bathroom was a mess. "What the hell is- Whoa, naked." She turned her head. "Clean up after yourselves or I will KILL you! I am not your slave." She shut the door and rolled her eyes. Proof that some boys were just immature.

Kankurou scratched his head and looked around. "Wow, we made a disaster of this place."

Gaara nodded. "We should clean up."



Gaara dumped the water on his brother. Kankurou gave his battle cry and turned the water back on. The war continued until they had both grown too use to the cold water for it to be effective anymore. They both dried off and dressed in their pajamas. Gaara started to straighten up the knocked over items in the bathroom while his older brother went down to the kitchen to grab the mop.

Temari eyed him as he passed. "Having fun?" Kankurou just grumbled and walked past. She chuckled and went back to ready her manga. When he walked back she said airily, "Can we have another child?'

"SHUT UP!" He gave her a nasty look but she looked like wasn't paying attention. "You're doing that thing where you talk. STOP IT." Her shoulders shook in a silent laugh. He grumbled and went upstairs and began to mopping. They were silent the entire time. Gaara went to Kankurou's room and climbed into his bed.

Temari came up and saw Gaara in their brother's bed and walked over to him. She tucked him in with a grin and sat at the edge of the bed. "You're going to hell, you know?"

"I know. But what can you do?"

"I can't believe you're doing this."

"Wouldn't you?"

The eldest child seemed to think of this and grinned broadly. "Why yes. Yes I would." Gaara closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head.

A spikey brown head peeked into the room. "Why?" was all the older boy said, as he pointed to the alien body on his head.

Temari patted 'their son'. "Gaara wants a bedtime story. I have to go do dishes so… I'll leave that to-"

"HELL NO! DAMMTI!" Kankurou stomped into and crossed his arms. "I have to draw the line somewhere. First of all, he," a point to the boy in his bed. "does not sleep! Second of all…HE DOES NOT SLEEP!"

His sister pretended to wipe here eyes as she stood up. "I remember how Kazekage used to dismiss us so easily…."

Gaara sighed. "Don't cry mother. I love you, even if daddy-"

Kankurou pushed Temari out of the room and turned to Gaara.

"I AM NOTHING….NOTHING! NOTHING! LIKE MY FATHER! Stop saying that dammit!" He stat down next to his brother who looked up at him. "…Onceuponatimetherewasagirlwitharedhoodandshegoteatenbyawolf.THEEND." He said all in one breath. There was an intense glare at being directed at him.

"What the hell was that? Are you trying to give me nightmares?"

"YOU DON'T SLEEP!" He grabbed his hair. "YOU DON'T HAVE NIGHTMARES!"

"Fine, I'll just sit here and think about all of the other terrible things that have happened in my life on top of that morbid story," Gaara sighed, closing his eyes.

Kankurou began to curse and mutter unintelligibly. " Okay, okay…. Once upon a time…" He paused to think. "There was a boy named Gaara."

This prompted the young boy to open his eyes. "What kind of boy was Gaara?"

"I'M GETTING TO THAT!" Kankurou scratched his head. "He…was…," The sentenced ended in a mutter.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that."

More muttering.


"I SAID HE WAS A SMART LITTLE KID!" Kankurou finally yelled.

"Did Gaara have any brothers and sisters."

Kankurou growled. "I'm getting there!" Another pause. It was hard to pull this stuff out of his head. "Well, he had a really awesome older brother who was handsome and strong and a hag for a sister."

Downstairs in the kitchen, Temari sneezed violently. "Someone is saying unpleasant things about me…"

Gaara frowned. "Did they like Gaara?"

"….mutter…mutter," was the response.

"I'm sorry?"


"Sorry, some dogs were barking outside and I couldn't-"


Gaara tilted his head in mock curiousity. "I was talking about the story." His brother gave him a deflated look.

"Shut up. Anyway, they lived in a Village of Sand. And…" He scratched his head again. "Everyone liked them. Everywhere they went people said hello and called out to them. They were probably the best ninjas the village had. Gaara was a hero because he used his sand powers to help people. Kankurou was so hot all the ladies liked him. And Temari, because she was c-OW!" There was a loud crack as Temari hit him on the head with a spoon.

"I knew someone was talking unfavorably about me," she mumbled. She smiled at Gaara. "Temari was a beautiful maiden that had gentle smile and demeanor."

"But Kankurou knew the truth,' the boy said mysteriously. "She was a crazy bit-OW!" He rubbed his head as he got hit again. "Anyway, anyway….Mmm…One day, a monster came to the Village of Sand and the three siblings were engaged in a terrible battle that lasted for a fortnight." Temari looked impressed; he used 'fortnight' and correctly no less. "But in the end the vicious beast was no match for the three Sand Children. They was a big party and every cheered. Then End."

"Do I get a good night kiss?"


Temari walked over to Gaara and kissed him for the second time in his life. The red-haired sand-ninja pretended to be asleep. Kankurou slumped in his chair. "I'm never having kids…" Temari chuckled and walked off. He looked over at his little brother. "Hey…" There was no response. "Hey, Gaara, I know you aren't asleep."

This comment was awarded with one glaring eye. "What? I'm trying to pretend to be asleep."

"Am I… Am I really like Dad?" There was a solemn expression on his face.

"No. You could never be like him," came Gaara's honest answer. Kankurou leaned over and kissed Gaara on the kanji on his forehead. "Good night, son." He got up and left turning off the light.

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