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The Children Of Light
Chapter 40: Prue Love

"Paige!" Prue said, through firmly gritted teeth.

Piper flicked her wrist, attempting to freeze the evil soul stealing being, but it didn't work.

"Your powers can't work on me." The red haired woman said, pursing her transparent lips together. "This isn't over!" She said, vanishing in her flames.

"Now I know that the warlock did not do this!" Andy said, glaring at the youngest Charmed One.

"Well neither did I!" Paige fumed. "I did a protection potion, not a elfin potion!"

"I think we can explain." The group turned to face 2 elves.

"Are you elves too?" Piper asked.

"What does it look like?" The female elf spat.

"Nida!" The male elf grumbled.

"Well it's sort of obvious, Maro!" The female elf, Nida, fired back.

"If you'll excuse her, she's having a bad day." Maro apologized. "She and the Pixies have been fighting all week and this morning they resorted to leaving magical newts in the purity pond and..." He squirmed, feeling Nida pinch him hard, on the wrist. "Okay, okay. Anyway, we're here about you two. We sensed the sudden formation of new elves..."

"Are you Santa's elves?" Pam interrupted.

This time, both Nida and Maro snorted. "Santa! Sheesh! Santa's elves get all the credit and they are so overrated!"

"I'd take that as a 'no." Phoebe said, pulling her daughter to her. "Shh. Just listen."

Piper waved the elves on. "About the, 'formation of new elves'..."

"Right." Maro continued. "See, whenever a new elf is born, we are psychically alterted. But a few moments ago, we were altered to the formation of adult elves and we had to come investigate, because, as you all know, that's not normal."

"And when we discovered that the occurance was at none other than the Halliwell Manor..."

"We knew something had to be wrong." Maro finished.

"But why did we turn into elves?" Andy asked, waving his tiny arms in the air.

"Have you done any backfired spells or potions lately?"

Prue and Andy looked at Paige. "It was a protection potion, for the last time!" Paige said, flinging her arms into the air and emphasizing the word, 'protection'.

"Maybe we can help?"

"What were you trying to protect against?" Nida asked.

"Some soul stealing transparent demon thing." Paige inserted.

"Wh-what does this creature look like?" Maro asked.

"She has bright red hair." Phoebe answered. "We ran into a long time ago. She helped Jackson Ward, the ghost of Alcatraz prison, escape."

A picture appeared in Nida's hand. "Is this her?" She asked, handing the picture to Phoebe.

Paige peered over her sister's shoulder. "Yep."

"Do you know who she is?" Phoebe asked.

"This makes so much sense now!" Maro exclaimed.

"Hello? Still confused here!" Prue said, frantically waving her tiny hands in the air.

"She's known as The Sorceress Of Souls." Nida began. "She used to be a powerful Psychic-Fire demon, went by the name, Desdemona. Anyway, back in the time of the Renaissance, she was on a witch hunt. But she ran into a powerful witch and was planning on stealing his magic, but he cast a spell to vanquish her. She retaliated by trying to cast a counter spell, one to protect herself. The two spells ended up clashing, vanquishing her, but not really."

The Charmed Ones looked confused.

"She was vanquished, partially. More like banished to the astral realm, where ghosts remain. Her spell had prevented her from being sent to the place where demons are destroyed, but his spell had trapped her in the world between life and death. So she vowed to return to the world of the living, but in order to do that, she needed power."

"She started to steal the souls of all the dead that she could find, that hadn't moved on yet. Her favorite were witch souls, becasue they gave her much power." Maro entered. "If she had the power of a Charmed One, she would surely be able to return to the world of the living. Hell, she'd probably be more powerful than she was before."

"Yeah, that's what I saw in my premonition." Phoebe said.

"But what does this have to do with elves?" Prue asked.

"Elves are the only magical creatures that The Soul Sorceress can't get to."

"He means, if we die, she can't steal our souls." Nida explained.

"So my spell worked." Paige said.

Andy glared at his future sister-in-law. "Apparently so, but this wasn't a desired effect."

"How do we reverse it?" Piper asked, aloud.

"A new potion."

"No, it won't work."

"How do you know?" Prue asked, angered.

"Because you have to vanquish Desdemona first." Maro explained. "It's the equivalent of a failed spell. You can't just reverse it."

"But you must work fast. Just because she is an elf, doesn't mean she won't come after the soul of another Charmed One." Nida warned.

"But how do we vanquish her?" Prue asked, wanting desperately to get on with her wedding.

"A spirit must say a vanquishing spell."

Piper grinned, pointing to Penny and Patty. "And we've got two of them."

"I'm sorry..." Maro stumbled. "The spirit must be on the same magical level of power as her desired victim..."

"A Charmed One." Phoebe blurted out.

"One of has to die, in order to be able to vanquish her?" Piper said, in disbelief.

"Yes." Nida answered.

"Well how the hell is that gonna work!" Piper raged. "We can't die!"

"What about the spell that I used to vanquish Jackson Ward?" Prue asked Phoebe.

"Hey, that might work!" Phoebe agreed. "But we'd have to get her back here."

"What spell?" Piper and Paige asked, together.

"Right." Phoebe said, motioing to the attic. "Come on..."

10 Minutes Later

"So, are we in agreement?" Phoebe asked.

"But who is going to do it?"

"I will." Piper and Paige said, in unison.

"No, I won't let you." Piper scolded. "If Prue can't, then I'm next in line. I won't put you in danger, Paige."

"No, Piper! If something attacks, we'll need your firepower!" Paige defended. "It should be me."

Phoebe waved her hands. "No, it should be me. I'm familiar with this scenario and I have the weakest powers, so it should be me."


"No!" Phoebe shook her head. "I'm doing it, end of discussion." She left the attic, without another word.

5 Minutes Later

"Okay, I've got it ready."

"But how do we lure her here?"

"I think your soul out in the open should be lure enough." Glenn entered.

"I think he's right." Phoebe agreed, as she grabbed the glass. "Wish me luck!"

Cole pulled his wife into a passionat kiss. "Be careful."

"I will, I promise."

"I love you, Phoebe."

"I love you too." Phoebe said, before pulling away and gulping down the possibly deadly potion. Seconds later, her body collapsed to the floor and her spirit rose from her body.

"Why isn't she here?" Piper asked, twittling her thumbs.

"Shh. Give her time." Leo whispered.

"But that's just it! We don't have time!"

"Desdemona!" Phoebe's spirit called. "Come and get me!" She paused, looking around. "Unless you're too chicken." She taunted.

"Phoebe..." Piper warned.

Minutes passed and Piper became more irritated. "We should give her C.P.R. now!"

"We still have another minute!" Phoebe's spirit countered, then her eyes glittered, as she saw Desdemona appear. "Finally. What took you so long? A fire, maybe?" She asked, smirking at her own little joke.

"You shouldn't be joking, little witch." Desdemona smirked, as a transparent fireball formed in her hand. "Because I'm going to kill you!" She hurled the fireball at Phoebe's spirit.

Piper raised her hands, attempting to freeze the fireball, but it didn't work. To her horror, the fireball hit Phoebe's spirit and she burst into flames, killing her spirit. "No!" Piper screamed.

"No!" Grams screamed, flinging out her arm, and sending Desdemona flying backwards.

"How'd you do that?" Glenn asked, still numb from murder.

"They're both ghosts." Nida exclaimed. "So Penny's magic works on her."

"Which means mine does too!" Patty said, raising her arms and freezing Desdemona in her tracks.

Piper slumped down next to Phoebe's body, tears pouring from her face. "No! No!" She cried, shaking her little sister's lifeless body. "You can't leave us!" She began to preform C.P.R.

"Piper!" Leo whispered, grabbing at his wife.

"No!" Piper screamed, exploding Leo, and resuming C.P.R. "No! Damnit, Phoebe come back to me!" She cried, as she blew her breath into Phoebe's chest. "Come back to me! I need you, Phoebe!" Tears streamed down her face, splashing into Phoebe's dress, and vanishing. Again, she blew another breath into Phoebe's body, and shoved against her little's sister's chest several times.

A blurry form took shape, above Piper. Then Phoebe's spirit formed, looking confused. She looked down to see Piper giving her C.P.R. and she felt herself being pulled back into her body. "Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil! Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil!"

Desdemona unfroze and began to convulse, as the spell began to take effect.

"Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil! Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil!" Phoebe's spirit continued to chant, as she spirit began to reconnect with her physical body.

"No!" Desdemona cried, as she began to fade in and out.

"Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil! Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil! Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil! Ashes to ashes, spirit it spirit, take her soul, banish this evil!" Phoebe's spirit cried out, just as her soul was taken back into her body.

Transparent fire spread around Desdemona and then she exploded into a powerful vanquish.

Phoebe awoke, gasping for breath.

"Phoebe!" Piper screamed, engulfing her sister in a tight hug. "I-I thought I'd lost you!"

"You did." Phoebe smiled, pulling away from Piper's vise grip.

"But how..."

"The spell." Maro filled in. "She was under the spell that allowed her to be resurrected if given C.P.R. in time and even though her soul was vanquished, you started C.P.R. soon enough, which brought her soul back."

"Thank goodness you blew up Leo when you did." Penny said, looking at Leo.

"What about us?" Prue asked, still an elf. As if someone had been waiting for her to ask, a white glow encircled her and Andy. Another blinding display of light filled the room and when it was gone, Prue was no longer an elf. She looked at Andy, seeing that he was human again too. "Oh, thank goodness!" She said, wrapping her arms around Andy.

"I think you should be thanking Phoebe." Andy said. "She did, after all, vanquish Desdemona."

Prue nodded. "You're right." She said, kneeling down to her sister. "Pheebs?"


Prue wrapped her arms around her baby sister. "Thank you."

"Anytime, sis." Phoebe replied, as she and Prue stood up. "Anytime."

"But don't ever scare us like that again!" Paige scolded, also giving her older sister a hug.

"I promise." Phoebe said.

"I was so afraid we'd lost you, mom." Persia said, with tears in her eyes.

Pam was trying to be the tough girl, but tears were dribbling down her face.

Phoebe pulled Pam into her arms, wiping away the child's tears. "Shh..Mom's here now and I'm not going to be leaving for a long time." She said, kissing the top of her daughter's head.

Pam sniffed, wrapping her arms around her mother's neck. "Don't scare me like that."

"I'm sorry, baby girl." Phoebe raked her hand through Pam's dark hair. "I'm so sorry."

Victor walked over to his daughter and hugged her tightly. "If you ever do that again..."

"You'll ground me?"

Victor laughed, running his hand through his baby girl's hair. "I don't know what I'd do." He finished. "But do know that it wouldn't be good."

Phoebe grinned. "Sorry, daddy."

"You know, Pheebs. You just can't help yourself, can you?"

"What?" Phoebe asked, feigning hurt.

"You always have to have the spotlight!" Prue continued, putting emphasis on 'always'. "I can't even be the star on my wedding day!"

Phoebe laughed. "Oh, Prue, I'm sorry." She set Pam down.

"Well, you kind of did deserve that, Prue." Piper quipped.

"How so?" Prue glared, folding her arms over her chest.

"You stole the spotlight on my wedding day." Piper returned, folding her arms in the same way as her elder sister.

Prue's face turned red. "Well...I.."

"A huh." Piper smirked, raising her eyebrows.

"Guys, come on. Let's get back to this wedding!" Phoebe broke in.

"Well Pheebs was just doing you a favor." Paige replied. "After all, we want you to be able to wear that expensive dress for as long as possible. Because by tonight, we all know where it won't be."

"Paige!" Prue said, her face turning dark crimson.

Paige grinned, hiding behind Piper.

"Well, she's right you know. After all, Prue's the woman who has to have sex on the first date." Piper quipped.

"Piper!" Prue said, glaring.

"'It was not the first date!'" Phoebe said, trying to imitate Prue.

"It wasn't!" Prue defended.

"High School doesn't count!" Piper winked.

Penny clapped her hands. "Girls, girls! I think we've had enough chit chat. Let's get back to the wedding!"

Everyone began to file out of the kitchen, as Penny walked over to Prue. Nida and Maro bid goodbyes and vanished.

"Not that I don't agree with your sisters." Penny whispered, before ducking away from her granddaughter and heading out with the others.

"Grams!" Prue said, blushing like mad.

Andy laughed. "Hey, I'm suffering here too, but you have to admit...You are a go getter."

Prue glared at her lover. "You know...If you keep it up, you just won't get any."

Andy clamped his mouth shut, as he and Prue entered the room.

Prue smiled, upon seeing Pearl at the front doors, welcoming Brandon in for the wedding.


Prue looked at Andy. "Right." She said, taking her places in front of Penny and Andy did the same.

Penny flicked her wrist, causing Prue's veil to flow down in front of her face."Is everyone ready?"

Everyone nodded and the room became quiet. "Good." Penny said, glancing from Andy to Prue. "We are gathered here today to unite two souls as one. Do you, Prudence Halliwell and Andrew Trudeau, join us here of your own free will to acknowledge the eternal bond shared by both of you?"

"Yes." Prue said.

"Yes." Andy returned.

"Please face each other and take hands."

Prue and Andy turnd to each other, taking hands.

"Andy, you may recite your vows." Penny said.

"Prue, I've loved you for as long as I can remember." Andy said. "Since that day out on the sidewalk, when I asked you if you wanted to play tag with me. We were both four. I swear, that memory of you is the earliest thing I can ever remember and it means the world to me. You mean the world to me and you've even given me an amazing daughter. Nobody compares to you, Prue. I love you."

"Prue, you may recite your vows."

Prue gently squeezed Andy's hands. "Although I couldn't see to admit it, I've always loved you. You're my soul mate, Andy. Without you, I'd be lost forever. You know my every want and need and you can fill it. When I lost you, a part of me died with you. But the day I got you back, was the day I began to live again. I love you, Andrew."

"Here before witnesses,Prudence andAndrew have sworn their vows towards each other. With this cord, I bind them to those vows." Penny said, before motioning her hand at a golden cord. It telekinetically tied loosely around Prue and Andy's hands.

"Heart to thee, body to thee, always and forever, so mote it be." Prue and Andy said, in perfect harmony.

"So mote it be." Penny said.

"So mote it be." The remaining people in the room chorused.

"Kiss your bride, Andrew." Penny whispered.

Andy grinned, lifting Prue's veil and pressing his lips to Prue's, in a passion filled kiss that left the room speechless.

Penny waved her hand. "I present to you, Mrs. and Mr. Prudence and Andrew Halliwell Trudeau."

Prue turned her back to the group and waved her hand, telekinetically tossing the bouquet out.

"I got it, I got it!" Phiona yelled, raising her hands for the bouquet.

"No you don't!" Pearl yelled, as she jumped up, shoving her hands in front of her cousin and catching the bouquet.

Andy covered his mouth, supressing a laugh. I knew she'd get it. He thought, as he watched his niece walk over and seat herself next to Brandon.

"It's pretty, isn't it?" Pearl asked, as she showed Brandon the bouquet.

Brandon nodded and plucked a flower from the bouquet, then gently placed it in Pearl's dark hair. "And it looks ever prettier on you." He said, making Pearl blush.

"It's time for the first dance." Penny announced, telekinetically turning on the stero to the predetermined song. "Paige, if you will?"

Paige waved her hand, orbing away off of the chairs, making room to dance.

Everyone else moved out of the way, leaving only Prue and Andy.

Prue leaned her head into Andy's shoulder, as Andy wrapped his arms around her. Their bodies began to sway, as their song began to play. Shania Twain's, 'You're Still The One'.

"When I first saw you, I saw love. And the first time you touched me, I felt love. And after all this time, you're still the one I love."

Prue closed her eyes, letting Andy lead her. She felt safe in his arms, it was the only place in the world that she could truly just let go.

"Looks like we made it, look how we've come my baby. We mighta took the long way, we knew we'd get there someday."

Andy ran his hand across Prue's raven hair. He loved her so much and it still seemed surreal that they had gone through so much, yet they were finally here; married.

"They said, 'I bet they'll never make it.' But just look at us holding on. We're still together, still going strong.

You're still the one. You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to. You're still the one I want for life. You're still the one. You're still the one that I love, the only one I dream of. You're still the one I kiss good night.

Ain't nothin' better, we beat the odds together. I'm glad we didn't listen. Look at what we would be missin'.

They said, 'I bet they'll never make it.' But just look at us holding on. We're still together, still going strong.

You're still the one. You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to. You're still the one I want for life. You're still the one. You're still the one that I love, the only one I dream of. You're still the one I kiss good night.

You're still the one. You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to. You're still the one I want for life. You're still the one. You're still the one that I love, the only one I dream of. You're still the one I kiss good night.

I'm so glad we made it. Look how far we've come my baby."

As the song came to an end, Andy leaned in, giving Prue another passionate kiss. "You're still the one."

As a new song began, everyone else began to join on the 'dance floor'. Leo wrapped his arms around Piper and pulled her into a slow dance, Paige was wrapped securely in Glenn's arms, Cole was holding Phoebe as close as he could, and even Sheila was swaying in Darryl's arms.

Brandon shyly tugged at Pearl's hand. "W-wanna dance?" He asked.

Pearl blushed. "I-I've never..."

"Me too. But, I mean, I know if you don't wanna.."

"I do." Pearl answered.

Brandon smiled, wrapping his arms gently around Pearl's waist, and leading her to where everyone was dancing.

Pearl leaned her head onto Brandon's shoulder, as they swayed back and forth.

"You look really pretty, today." Brandon whispered.

Pearl blushed. "You too...Uh, good, I mean."

"Thanks." Brandon replied, before quickly planting a soft kiss on Pearl's cheek.

Pearl stopped, staring at Brandon.

"I-I'm sorry.."

"No, it's okay." Pearl whispered, returning his kiss with a kiss of her own, on his cheek.

Brandon blinked and pulled Pearl close, resuming the slow dance.

Pandora tugged sweetly at D.J.'s sleeve. "D.J.?"

D.J. glanced down at his father's best friend's daughter. "Yeah?"

"Wanna dance wit me?"

D.J. blushed. "Uh.."

"Pwease?" Pandora begged, batting her eyes.

"Sure." D.J. said, feeling silly as he let Pandora stand on his shoes and 'dance' with him. But then again, Andy's family was like family to him. Pandora was like a sister to him, whether he'd be willing to admit it or not.

"Hey baby." Persia said, plucking Prissandra from her playpen. "Let's enjoy this, Missy." She said, as she began rocking her little cousin in time with the music.

"Phi, dance with me!" Pam said, wanting in on the fun.

Phiona raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you supposed to dance with guys?"

"No." Pam replied.

Phiona shrugged, grabbing her cousin's hand and spinning her around. "I saw that in a movie."

"Cool. I wanna do it to you." Pam said, spinning Phiona around. "Hey, what about this?" She asked, spinning Phiona and then shimmering them out, mid spin, only to shimmer in on the other side of the room, finishing the spin.

"That was so cool!" Phiona exclaimed, as she and Pam continued to make their own dance moves up.

"Patty, may I have this dance?" Victor asked.

"Of course." Patty said, taking her ex-husband's hand and twirling onto the dance floor.

Penny smiled a distant smile, watching the happy couples and her great granddaughters.


Penny spun around, upon hearing an all too familiar voice. "Jack?"

Jack Halliwell smiled, taking Penny's hand. "Care to dance?"

Tears formed in the great witch's eyes. "Yes." She breathed, as she and her husband spun into a dance.

Prue looked around, seeing the happiness that surrounded her. Her heart jumped, upon seeing her parents together, as well as her grandparents together. She kissed Andy again, basking in his eternal love. As they twirled in the center of the room, Prue noticed that the front doors was slightly open, mostly likely from Pearl letting Brandon in earlier; after all, the Manor doors were heavy. Prue squinted her eyes, magically shutting the doors of the Halliwell Manor.


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