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As Fate Would Have It

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

The door opened to the small apartment room. A gorgeous raven-haired girl, with wavy curls that hit the small of her back, bounced into the room. The petite girl wore a black skirt that hit just below her knees. With it she wore a designer long sleeved white peasant top that lay off her sun kissed shoulders. To top it off, she carried an oversized yellow suitcase that was slumped across her left shoulder.

"Phew, now that was a lot heavier than I thought," she murmured to herself. She ran her hands against the wall in the dark apartment. She fumbled for any kind of light switch. With no luck she ventured further into the dark apartment, catching her foot against the corner of a shelf that sent her hurdling straight to the floor with a painful thud.

"Ouch!" she squeaked rubbing her now bruised ankle. She reached up to the wall once again succeeding in finding the switch this time. She stood up getting a good look at the room. Sure it wasn't exactly the most luxurious thing in the world but at the time it was all she could afford. The room reminded her more of a closet. It consisted of a small beat up red futon in the corner. On the opposing side was a rusty looking sink, mini fridge, and what she guessed to be a stove. Next to the "kitchen" was a door, most likely leading to the bathroom. She wasn't exactly sure if she was ready to venture towards the bathroom just yet. Again checking the room over, she took in the brownish rust color walls peeling from apparent water leaks.

'Well home sweet home. I'm beat maybe a nap or something would make me feel a bit better.' She thought. She stretched her aching limbs and walked over to the futon. She plopped down on it sending dust everywhere. Kagome coughed a little then erupted into a fit of giggles. She leaned back into the springy futon covering her sparkling eyes. 'Yep home sweet home.'

"Figures." She mumbled. So it was a hellhole, but she was free, on her own, and best of all she was away from him.

She gently grazed her hand over her well-toned stomach. There was still a dull pain from the horrible bruise that was left there. But it was over.

Over. Period. Never Again.

Sure she felt guilty just picking everything up and leaving without any notice. But she had to. She left her only home, grandfather and his shrine. She had even had left her one of her only best friend. She left whatever life she had left. But, if she hadn't, if she had stayed… She shuddered at what could have happened to her.

She was knocked out of her thought by the sound of her cell phone.

She glanced at the annoying sound coming from her purse. The exhausted girl groaned getting up and walking over to the purse. She fished around her purse knocking out an old photo. She finally found her red flamed colored cell phone lighting up.

"Hello?" She muttered into the phone.

"KAGOME!" an excited voice shouted on the other end of the phone.

Kagome giggled, "Hey Sango." She bent down picking up the fallen photo. It was a picture of a younger version of herself with two other girls. The shorter girl of the three looked a lot like her and sat on her lap. The other girl was leaning against them with dark brown hair. All girls wore school uniforms and were eating ice cream in an ice cream parlor. But most importantly all girls sported huge grins.

"When did you get in?" an overjoyed Sango asked.

"Well the bus dropped me off in Tokyo. Then I had to actually find my apartment complex. So I rented a cab, who of course knew where I was going, and well, now I'm at my humble abode," she explained, her voice dripping with distinct sarcasm upon finishing the long drawn out story. She surveyed her new "home" once again hearing her friend make a big deal over the phone.

"And what you just weren't gonna call me, geeezzz Kagome! And here I thought you were supposed to be my best friend," Sango giggled.

"Hey give me a break. First a crumby old bus and a new city then a thirty-minute cab ride. I'm exhausted," Kagome whined. "Besides, I'm most likely going to spend all day tomorrow looking for a job so I'll be needing my beauty rest," she finished plopping down on the futon erupting dust once more. She coughed again.

"Kagome?" Sango questioned.

"Sorry, just allergies," she fibbed slightly.

"Hey, maybe you could work," she began and finished with uncertainty, " –um, with me." She got real silent giving no more information about the job or idea.

"Really, that would be so cool just like old times, huh Sango," Kagome exclaimed sitting up on her dusty bed with a gleam of hope in her chocolate brown eyes.

"Yeah, old times," Sango said almost sounding guilty. Silenced past over the phones for a minute or so. "So hey, Sango what exactly do you do anyways."

"Well I work at a bar. Sure you put up with a few drunken guys hitting on you but at the end of the day it majorly pays off. Besides if things get too out of hand the, err… boss doesn't mind stirring up a little trouble," she finished with that uncertainty coming back in her voice again.

"Wait hold the phone Sango! I'm still pretty fresh out of high school. I just turned nineteen not to long ago and you're only a year older than I am. Just what kind of place are you working at anyways? I mean how am I supposed to get a job at a bar anyways? Wait a second, how do you even have a job at a bar? We can't even drink!" Kagome asked a little confused. She began twirling a few strands of her silken obsidian hair around her fingers.

Sango giggled. "Oh come on! That never stopped us before. Or well, me anyways since little miss goody goody never drank," she teased.

Kagome mumbled to herself, "Hey wait a second Sango, someone had to watch over you." She relaxed a little bit at the playfulness back in Sango's voice.

"Right," Sango teased again, "Well anyways, it's kind of a club more than a bar so no worries right? I'll just pick you up at your apartment and you can work tonight's shift with me. You can see, err, what you think."

Kagome stretched out on her bed and yawned, "Aww, tonight? But I'm sooooo tired." She thought a second; well what could she lose right? It was a chance for something new. "Okay I'll take a quick nap. What time do you want to meet me here?"

"I'll be there at nine. I should probably bring some hot clothes. Who knows what's in that virgin closet of yours. Besides a dress up would be just all the more fun right?" Sango squealed.

"Oh, wow thanks a whole lot Sango," Kagome was the one to giggle this time despite the slight insult. "Yeah just like old times I'll see you then. Bye!"



Kagome got as comfortable as possible on the beat up bed thinking to herself. 'Did I make the right decision. Should I have come here? I left everything and I can't get Sango into trouble. Nah, that's Sango department. I wonder what kind of mischief she got me into this time.' It didn't take her long before she drifted off to sleep.

Sango hung up the phone with a long sigh. She knew Kagome was in some sort of trouble. She was running away from something. She couldn't shake the horrible feeling she got when Kagome had called her panicked saying she was moving to Tokyo. What was Kagome running away from? She was pissed that she couldn't protect Kagome from the torment she knew that Kagome had experienced. She needed to keep and eye on her and find out what was going on, but when she finds out-.


A wandering lecherous hand however interrupted her thoughts.

"Just what are you doing in my room you leech!" she screamed spitting fire while leering at the handsome young man now sprawled out on the floor. He wore a deep purple dress shirt leaving the top two buttons undone; it was made of the finest silk. Matching it was black dress slacks. His hair was neatly slicked back into a small ponytail.

The handsome pervert rubbed his hand printed cheek while standing up. "Our royal highness, Inuyasha, requests an audience with you and I." She glared at him still wandering what that has to do with his wandering hands. As if reading her thoughts, the man smiled, "Well you see you were so deep in thought that I could not seem to gain your attention, so I resorted to more drastic measures."

"Ugh, Miroku you are unbelievable." She stomped quickly for the door only to have him in front of her with the utmost speed. "Move," she stated stoically and moved past him closer to the door in hopes of putting distance between them before she killed him. A strong hand grasped her wrist spinning her around to look at a very serious Miroku.

"Listen I understand that you care about that girl but when Inuyasha finds out you just gave away a position without his approval and without proper initiation, cousin or not I don't know what I'll be able to do to help you," he whispered holding her closer to his body sending a shiver down her back.

She sighed and returned his embrace burying her head into his shoulder. "Maybe, but Miroku something is wrong with her. What else can I do? I'm worried. If he knew her position and the trouble she's in he may reconsider," she muttered, slightly praying that Inuyasha would have a caring bone in his body for once. There's a first about everything, right?

"She does not belong in this kind of world Sango. I mean you still have not even told her of your-,"

"You don't even know her Miroku. The last year or so, I just I…" she trailed off with nothing to say.

"I understand you want to protect her Sango…" He whispered before he gently brushed his lips against her. "But, you have a knack for getting yourself in over your head," he whispered then claimed her lips in a more demanding kiss slowly before slipping his tongue into her mouth. He broke the kiss to let out a growl when he heard Inuyasha shout over the intercom.

"Come on. Let us go break the news to all high and mighty," Miroku whispered with a smirk, giving her a quick peck on the lips before he turned and walked out of the room.

Sango's face lit up with a bright smile when he said 'us'. She followed suit right behind him out the room.

Inuyasha waited in his office going through some important documents. It looked like there was going to be some trouble in the future. That scum, Naraku, had picked a fight a rather strong southern gang and mutilated them viciously easily. That's all the bastard needed was more power to control whoever and getting exactly what he wanted.

Inuyasha would stay strong. He'd rather go down fighting with pride to the bitter end. Sesshomaru his calm collective brother had held down the east block pretty well. Sesshomaru had plenty of power and dominance over his gang. Inuyasha would know since he learned everything he knew from being in his brothers gang before. Sesshomaru was cold and rough with Inuyasha, mainly due to the fact that Inuyasha had human blood pumping through his veins. Oddly despite that after their father had died along with Inuyasha's mother, Sesshomaru took him in at the age of twelve. He'd been in the business ever since. Nine years. In that time you learn of few tricks of the trade. Although he hated to admit it despite their bitter sibling rivalry, together they surely could beat Naraku taking all the money and power.

Total power.

More money in the business wouldn't bother him although he had plenty. No, this was not about money. It was about the dominance the power. That's all he ever really knew. To be respected to get what you want you have to have power. At least that was how it had always worked for his father the short time that he had known him.

But if anything he wanted revenge.

Inuyasha shifted in his chair becoming more impatient. And patience was never one of his strong traits. He pushed the button to the intercom, "Miroku, Sango get your asses up here! What's taken so fucking long?"

Yeah they were his friends probably his only friends, but for the sake of being the clubs leader he had to be strong and strict. That meant no exceptions. That's one thing he knew. He needed to be cautious of getting emotionally attached. It only made him weak, and he had experienced in the past it left him heartbroken.

A knock was heard from the door. Miroku and Sango slowly made their way in. Inuyasha's office was spacious, only the best for a Taisho. The room was painted a smoky black with three leather couches. Two stood in the room's corner and one in the center. It all together made a semi circle except for the small marbled coffee tables that were in between them. A good distance from his charcoal couches stood his cherry wood desk that was fit for a king. To the right of the desk was a large door.

"It's about time! What took ya so long!" He growled.

'Great he's in one of those moods,' Sango thought sheepishly. She walked over to the far left leather couch and plopped down with uneasiness attempting to get comfortable.

"What, I pray thee, do you wish of us?" Miroku asked sitting next to Sango.

Inuyasha scowled at Miroku. Sometimes he wondered if he was so formal just to annoy him. He placed his feet up on his desk leaning back in his chair. "I got word that Naraku is moving in. We need to tighten security about the club. No more just going out either. I want to know where everyone in this gang is twenty-four seven," he scoffed.

"Ah, I heard he desecrated a rather power driven gang. Apparently the two had ties, but somehow they crossed Naraku. The results…" Miroku trailed of not intending on finishing.

"Feh, he's opening some club on 56th street." Inuyasha growled.

"I see. That is only eleven blocks from us," Miroku summed up.

"My point exactly leech." Inuyasha took a deep breath trying to not let his anger get the better of him for once. "He's got some weapon. It has to be pretty damn efficient to have him all confident and shit. Unless he's just a dumb fuck who's moving to a club eleven blocks from us and fourteen blocks from Sess. That puts him in the middle of two prominent gangs that would both like to kick his ass."

"I would not take Naraku as a dumb fuck cousin. So, what action would you like us to take?" Miroku questioned.

Inuyasha growled with irritation. "Gather up everyone in the club. We need a meeting."

Miroku nodded making his way towards the door then hesitated slightly. "Actually, dear cousin of mine, Sango and I here had some rather delicate issues that we would like to discuss with you," Miroku spoke never wavering at Inuyasha foul mood.

"What shit have you two gotten yourself into this time?" Inuyasha irritably shouted. He slid his feet off the desk giving the said demon a death glare.

"Why dear cousin why would you,"

"When you start that dear cousin crap Miroku, it's usually you reminding me of us being related because you got yourself in deep shit," Inuyasha spoke roughly cutting Miroku off.

Miroku gulped. Inuyasha was indeed in one of those moods, "Well," he began not knowing what to say or how to start.

"It's all my fault," Sango muttered feeling guilty for letting Miroku take the wrap for her. "You see I have this friend, best friend that I have known since childhood. We're extremely close. I love her like a sister," she stumbled standing from the couch to be directly in front of his desk.

"Out with it Sango!" Inuyasha shouted even more impatient than before.

She stepped back a little, "We'll she's in a bind and kind of sorta needs help. I'm extremely worried about her. I really think she's in bad trouble this time. So I, um, well kind of sort of, well asked her to work the bar shift with me. So she could maybe have a job here." She finished in inhuman speed. Unfortunate for her Inuyasha could pick up everything down to the last whisper.

"YOU DID WHAT?" Inuyasha screamed slamming his hands against his expensive desk.

Sango stood with her eyes glued to the floor. "Look at me Sango," Inuyasha demanded. She couldn't find it in herself to move. Standing from his chair quickly Inuyasha made his way over to Sango but not before Miroku steeped protectively in front of her.

Inuyasha grabbed hold of Miroku's collar, "Move Miroku," Inuyasha growled low and dangerously.

Miroku never budged and brought his hands around Inuyasha's wrist that still had his collar in a death grip. "Sango is really worried about her Yash. Sango never asks you for anything. She's one of your only close friends and has been one hell of a member in this gang. So why not just give her friend a job, then Sango will not be the only one working the bar. Think about it Inuyasha, the business will be rolling even better with some extra help," Miroku attempted to reason with the infuriated hanyou.

"She is not part of this gang Miroku. I can't and won't take a chance of information leaking or take responsibility for some girl who's having problems." He tightened his grip on his cousins' collar even more lifting him off the ground slightly.

"She'll never have to know Inuyasha. Just try it for a week. I will take all responsibility for any problems that could possibly occur." Miroku couldn't keep his grip any longer as he reassured him it could work out. "She's her best friend, not some high advanced assassin spy."

Inuyasha's grip loosened dropping Miroku to the ground taking a deep breath he turned back to his desk and leaned against it. "Five days. That is it. By then I will have expect the two of you to find her another job. If anything should happen, that's it she is gone and will just have to fend for herself." Inuyasha pushed off the desk and returned to his leather seat. "And if ever again either of you two pull authority over me like this again, your out. And you fully know what opposing gangs will do to you if they found you." He finished, not looking at either one of them as he walked out of the office.

Sango and Miroku turned silently and walked out the door.

Inuyasha had a horrible gut feeling something was going to happen. His demon instincts never failed. With all the problems and things that could happen. What had he gotten himself into…

Kagome rolled in a restless sleep trying her best to rest, but it just wouldn't come. No matter how hard she tried. Things had always seemed to go this way for her. She was always worried that when she lay down to sleep it would be her last. A loud banging on the door woke her from a very groggy sleep.

"Five more minutes please." She spoke incoherently rolling herself further into the sheets. The door was being knocked even harder than before. The force behind the door seemed that it was ready to bust down the door. Another loud series of knocks hit the cracking door, this time Kagome sat up in bed. Oh, Sango I forgot. The thought processed through her head. She got up reaching for the doorknob, but something in the back of her head caused her to hesitate.

Wait a second why would Sango just bang on the door so violently like that? Kagome wondered in anticipation. She got the guts to look up into the peephole when the door shook brutally again. She instantly backed up. That dark figure was most defiantly not Sango.

"Who are you?" she asked grabbing the old wooden broomstick that was in the corner of the small room.

"You can't hide you know?" a deep gruff voice muttered. Kagome backed up from the door even more. What am I going to do? She waited for the door to be pummeled. She raised the broomstick up above her head in a panic, but nothing happened.

Kagome slowly, nevertheless very cautiously walked closely to the door. She only heard a soft knock rather than the violent knocking.

"Kagome?" a sweet gentle voice asked.

Kagome's eyes widened as she quickly opened the door, "Sango." She hugged her friend tightly both out of fear and joy. Sango did not miss the shaking of Kagome that passed to her when they embraced. Sango held her at arms length to look at her. Kagome's face looked sickening pale and she seemed like she could burst into tears at any given moment. Despite that however she didn't look much different. She must have had decided on a nap for she was wearing a long white billowy night gown. It looked so virginal, so innocent, so just Kagome. But the shakiness and evident fear was far from the Kagome that she knew.

"Kagome, what's wrong you look like you saw a ghost or something," Sango asked alarmed. This wasn't her usual Kagome. No her cheery high hopes Kagome.

"Oh, uh, I had a terrible nightmare. You woke me from it when you knocked," She lied. Sango was always looking out for her. Kagome hated it because she always felt like she was getting her in trouble. And if that were who she thought it was she would definitely be putting Sango in danger. She could take care of herself. Tonight when she came back she'd start by going to a hotel and find a new apartment in the morning.

Sango reluctantly released the death grip she had over Kagome and backed up glancing at her one more time. Something still bothered her, but they had to get moving or else they would be late. And she would rather not see Inuyasha have a cow because they were late.

"Come on Kagome we gotta get moving," Sango said while pulling out a duffel bag and smiled.

"Besides we have a lot of catching up to do." Kagome nodded forcing a smile to hold her worry and doubt.

Inuyasha was sitting at the bar downing a shot.

"I do wonder Inuyasha, does this girl working a bar shift really bothering you that much or is there something else on that odd mind of yours?" Miroku questioned sitting in the stool next to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha filled another shot of tequila before downing it too. He lazily leaned back in his seat. "Hostilities are getting worse, we need to watch are backs. Naraku is just waiting for us to slip up. I'm trying to keep my gang strong and out of trouble while Naraku has this 'secret weapon' or whatever up his sleeve. I have a damn good reason to worry." He went to pour another drink while pondering the best course of action.

"Inuyasha I do believe that is your eighth one," Miroku pointed out.

"Not human," Inuyasha gloated back with a smart-ass smirk on his face. "Besides what the fuck do you care."

"Really Inuyasha, you would cause a sailor to blush. I have never known you to be afraid," Miroku teased while pouring himself a drink. Earning himself a nice lump on his head.

"I ain't afraid. Just trying to figure out what the hell to do to keep this gang out of trouble with Naraku. He ain't someone to reckon with effortlessly."

Downing his own shot Miroku turned to look at the heated cousin. "If I may, dear cousin, we are in a gang. Trouble is bound to come."

Inuyasha scowled at him. "You know what I meant monk!" he replied aggravated. Trouble was his middle name it wasn't that in which was bothering him. He just would be damned if he lost his gang. Especially to the likes of Naraku. He never lost and he would not start now.

"Have you yet to speak with Shippo?" Miroku questioned carefully.

Inuyasha glanced up at him again with a raised eyebrow. "Hmm, I see I'll take that as a no. Well it seems he is after someone or another. Shippo overheard two of his lakey's talking about it. They tracked this person within ten or so miles of or club. Seems to me that it is not a hit they want whoever this is alive."

"What's that about? He's never kept them alive…This must be someone important, ya know? Wonder what the hell he is up to?"

"My thoughts exactly," Miroku threw back another shot, already feeling the effect of the second shot.

Inuyasha thought about the information coming to perfect conclusion. "Then let's find this whoever and get them before he does," Inuyasha decided.

"And here I thought you were wanting to stay out of trouble Inuyasha," Miroku chuckled.

"Keh, Naraku doesn't go after someone for the hell of it. He wants something and I ain't gonna let him get it. End of story." And that was final. Inuyasha glanced obnoxiously at his watch.10:24. three minutes since the last time he checked. "They're late Miroku!" he growled.

"We aren't that late Inuyasha!" Sango yelled out of breathe from yanking a slightly shorter girl behind her.

He slammed his glass on the bar table and quickly whipped around, "The club opens in thirty minutes…or so." wow was the only thing his entire mind processed. His dazed look only lasted a second before gruffly crossed his arms. Her friend stood shyly beside her wearing a deep red halter that dipped lower than she seemed comfortable with. It hugged her curves snuggly with showing a gleam of cleavage. She wore with it tight black leather pants matched with two inch strappy heels. Her soft wavy obsidian hair curtained her shoulders. She had the most profound chocolate brown eyes that were surrounded with a deep red eye shadow and black eye liner. It suspiciously looked close to the way Sango always had hers. She smelled of fresh flowers and oddly seemed strangely innoscent. Her smell was intoxicating. He groaned inwardly. Great that's all I need. He just knew demons would flock to the virgin blood. She crossed her arms around her chest self consciously, which only boosted her cleavage. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was not missed by Inuyasha.

Kagome on the other hand found herself in much of the same state. wow was all she could really seem to process. He glared with the deepest molten gold eyes she had ever seen. Of course he was probably the only person she had ever seen with gold eyes. What really caught her of guard was the odd silver hair. The thick silk reached past the small of his back. She blinked a few times. 'Are those dog-ears perched atop his head?' Was she honestly seeing right? And oh gods he's amazing body. He was wearing a tight black wife beater and a pair of slightly light baggy jeans that had studs patterned down the sides. He looked like a model or something. His outfit definitely didn't leave much to the imagination you could see every rippling muscle. He was lean and not to bulky, but she definitely knew that she didn't want to mess with him. Yes she could see just about everything except his…. wow! What am I thinking? She blushed looking down hoping to hide her embarrassment. However something that bothered her was the dangerous air about him. She couldn't seem to shake it.

Sango coughed noticing the odd sexual attention between her gang leader and best friend.

Inuyasha averted his eyes again still feeling his heart racing. He took a deep breath. There was no way he was going to think with his dick and give some human bit-wench the time of day. He was after all a gang leader. He needed not the weakness.

"So who's the stupid looking wench?" he abruptly muttered with a look of arrogance. He tilted his head to the side when Kagome's eyes widened in apparent anger. He held a stoic face that oddly looked close to that of his brother Sesshomaru.

Kagome quickly lost any looks of a dreamy schoolgirl and turned even redder but this time from anger. "I'm sorry maybe I misunderstood you. What did you just call me?" she spat.

"What deaf or just not that quick…wench."


Inuyasha's eyes widened as sharp pain shut through his cheek. Kagome looked at him in pure defiance. Kagome didn't care who he was; she was tired of taking shit from stupid egotistical men.

Sango covered her eyes. 'No Kagome wrong person to piss off.'

"You slapped me," Inuyasha stated in disbelief. He reached his hand up automatically feeling his cheek. The anger began to swell with in him. 'The little bitch slapped me.'

"Yeah you jerk, who's the slow one now?" Kagome argued not paying any heed to the group of people who surrounded her until someone bumped into her from behind and grabbed her shoulder roughly.

"What's wrong little missy? Are yea looking for trouble?" the man asked pulling her against him by her waist.

Kagome on instinct elbowed him hard in the stomach. She turned towards him bringing her knee to his groin and backed away to put distance between them. The man fell back against the ground in utter pain. Another much bigger man wouldn't have any of it. He grabbed her by the wrist and lifted her up close to two feet in the air.

"Pick a fight with Inuyasha, then pick a fight with us all." The man tartly stated in Kagome's ear. Kagome didn't flicker in fear and just looked defiantly at Inuyasha.

"Kagome!" Sango shouted making her way to her friend. Miroku however stopped her pointing at Inuyasha's strange reactions to the girl.

"Let go of me. You're hurting my wrist." She gritted through her teeth. The man cackled as he squeezed her wrist harder eliciting a scream of pain out of her.

He couldn't believe it, was she that stupid picking a fight with the leader of a gang? Then she left one guy on the floor and defiantly revved against this demon three times her size. Of course she wasn't supposed to know about the gang right.

"Keh," Inuyasha grabbed the man's arm that held Kagome's wrist and sunk his nails deep into his skin. The man instantly let go of Kagome. "Don't touch her! I can handle my affairs on my own," he whispered warningly twisting the demons arm painfully behind his back. He shoved the guy hard against the ground eliciting a painful groan from the fallen demon.

"Shouldn't you be on patrol or something?" Inuyasha warned.

Patrol? Kagome wondered what he meant. Was the guy a bouncer or something?

"You heard the man!" Sango yelled grabbing Kagome by the arm and yanking her behind her out of any harms way. Kagome looked down at her wrist. It was bright red from the force and was starting to bruise from the trauma. Carefully, she cradled her injured appendage while looking over Sango's shoulder to Inuyasha.

The demon scrambled from the ground and towards the front of the club. Inuyasha turned towards the strange girl and Sango and smirked.

Miroku still watched the scene is amusement. One, because of the firecracker that had now entered their lives and two, because of Inuyasha's rather strange behavior.

"So Kagome meet Inuyasha, he's sorta your boss at the moment." Kagome stiffened a little and looked up at Inuyasha who still wore a smug smirk on his face.

"So what do you say?" his smile almost looked feline. He of course wanted an apology. How good it would feel to have the feisty girl submit.

"Hmph! Don't look at me like that. You deserved it! I have a name and it's not, well, not what you called me," She said holding her ground.

That's not what he expected. He growled reaching behind Sango and grabbing the girl's wrist tightly but not as violently as the other man had. The sudden grip on her wrist again made her cry out again as she was dragged towards her new boss. "You better learn your place here girl or ya ain't gonna live long." His grip tightened and made her wince slightly before he released her. "You two get behind the damn bar, we're gonna open any minute." With that he turned heel and headed up the stairs behind the bar area to his office.

'What did he mean by all that?' Kagome wondered to herself as she watched the strange hunk travel up the stairs that laid behind the bar.

Miroku and Sango looked at each other in utter amazement. "Did he really just walk off?" she whispered to Miroku.

"It would appear so." He glanced over at the girl they had come to know as Kagome then to Inuyasha's office. He had seen that smirk before and had a smirk of his own. He began walking up the stairs, "Better get to work Sango before our majesty throws another temper tantrum." Miroku's nose told him that things were just about to get very interesting.

She turned towards Kagome still finding the quarrel between Kagome and Inuyasha odd. "You know your going to be the death of me Kagome. Come on." She hopped over the bar to the other side

Kagome looked down feeling a little bad. 'Maybe I was a little to rash but that, that man just made me so mad. He didn't even know me.' She took a deep breath following Sango and also hopping over the bar.

Inuyasha sat in his office calming himself down. He was both pissed and oddly turned on. Never was a woman that defiant to him, before they usually were begging at his feet. Her scent is what really bothered him. When she was all riled up it really heightened. It sent shivers down his spine. He had never smelled anything so sweet, so pure with such open emotion. It was something that he new he could get addicted to. And even more unusual it was something he wanted to stay addicted to. What the hell was wrong with him? His senses were going haywire and were beyond super sensitive.

"Stupid Girl!" he yelled to no one in particular. He leaned back in his chair in hopes of getting more comfortable. He needed to calm his rage and the uncomfortable and much uncontrollable tightness in his pants. "Shit I'm as bad as Miroku," he cursed his bad luck.

"Aww, do not tell me the great big bad boy Inuyasha is attracted to sweet innocent little Kagome." Miroku teased popping out of nowhere beside Inuyasha startling him and sending him flipping the chair over.

"DAMNIT MIROKU!" he screamed standing up and grabbing the front of Miroku's silk shirt. He lifted him off the ground snarling with his fangs on show.

Miroku held up his hands. "Hey hey Inuyasha I knocked three times and you never answered. And by the scent coming from this room I do believe I understand why. Oh I did strongly hesitate entering." He could not help but add.

Inuyasha let go of him but never stopped glaring at him, "What the hell do you want Miroku?" Inuyasha turned slightly to glance out the one-way window that allowed him to view the club down below. Miroku crossed the room to stand next to him also glancing at the half intoxicated crowd.

"Well Inuyasha as your right hand man, I figured we speak of possible attack and defense tactics. We have people we want to protect and I attend to do just that." Miroku spoke solemnly glancing down to see Sango placing eight glasses in a row and filling them in one right to left motion.

Inuyasha knew mainly whom Miroku wanted to protect. He and Sango had been an item almost a year now. She came to the club one night and after he put the moves on her. Of course she beat him up but, somehow or other sparks flew. Her drunken grandfather attacked her one night and Miroku rushed to her rescue. The aftermath left Sango and her younger brother Kohaku living with Miroku. Currently Miroku was putting Kohaku through college. Inuyasha couldn't help but envy them. Was he bitter maybe, he had never really had a serious relationship. Mainly a lot of one night stands. Some would consider him a player but usually the girls came crawling to him and he would comply and he always kept up his end of the bargain.

"So, any ideas for going after Naraku?" Miroku asked breaking the silence.

"First we need to figure out what this oh so amazing weapon is. It's possible he used it against that last territory he took from that the snake skins gang," Inuyasha sighed 'wonder what the hell it is'.

"Ah, it seems happy hour is over, you know what that means. We will talk more of the matter at hand later." Miroku finished eagerly rushing out the door and down the stairs.

Inuyasha watched as Miroku made his way down to Sango. After happy hour Sango would take a few hours to dance, of course the leech met her every time. Any way he could get his hands on her he would. Inuyasha watched them talk to Kagome before making there way to the floor leaving her alone sitting on the bar. Inuyasha got a mischievous look in his eyes and followed suit with Miroku's earlier actions.