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Get Backers Once More

Chapter One: Dark and Light in Shinjuku Again

Shinjuku was a lonely place now, how long had it been, really though, it didn't matter, not to the man walking its sidewalks anyway. Shifting his black spectacles almost in tune with the cool breeze that then came, the man peered around at this place, this den of memories from which so many legends had been made along with nightmares. Nodding all this away as one who was told stories growing up, the man continued walking forward until he reached his destination, a dive hole in the wall bar called "Honky Tonk".


"So Ginji, what's the big idea here?" the bartender Paul Wan asked, tightening the bandanna around his graying hair while stifling a yawn.

"Hmm, dunno, Ban-Chan called me last night with this "we need to talk, meet me at the old place tomorrow" message. Aw man, Natsumi was pissed."

"Yeah well, ditching your wife for your old loser business partner and taking your daughter along could constitute a well deserved mood swing." Paul put bluntly. From that, another yawn could be heard, this time from the bathroom as a girl about a half head below Ginji made her way to the counter.

"Daddy, why are we here? I want to go back to bed." The girl whined setting herself down. Normally Ginji would have taken his "little girl" right home and begged Natsumi for forgiveness, but the other night…

"Well Emiko, you know Daddy's old business partner right? Uncle Ban-Chan?" Ginji asked as he began to sip the coffee Paul had set down while muttering something about an "Infinite Tab" or something.

"Yeah I remember him, Uncle Shido always called him "that snake bast-"

"Emiko! What would your Mom think if she heard you talking like that?" Ginji asked putting the spot on his daughter.

"Daaaaad, I'm seventeen. I can't drink, I can't smoke, why can't I curse? You were practically King of Shinjuku at my age." The two then began to argue lightheartedly with Paul setting down some breakfast dishes for them without them asking. He sighed with a smile all the same as the two began devouring the food in true father/daughter likeness. The jingle of some door bells then signified the entrance of another player.

"Oh Paul, you'd think after twenty years you would at least consider redecorating this…uhm…it was a restaurant right?" HEVN stated as she walked in with all the poise and grace she possessed at forty one years of age.

"Ha ha HEVN, you still working for the government or is it still hush hush?" Paul replied with a smirk. HEVN stuck out her tongue in brash defiance of maturity. She then sat down, waited for a few moments and then looked up.

"Oh HEVN, good to see you again, I didn't even hear you come in." Ginji said with a smile on his face, marred only by some rouge food crumbs and stray eggs.

"Yeah, hi Auntie HEVN. Sorry but we were hungry." Emiko muttered in apology. HEVN smiled and rubbed the girls blond head affectionately.

"Don't even worry about it; I'm just glad you got only your Dad's appetite and your moms brains." Ginji felt like smacking his forehead on the counter at that but opted instead to continue eating. Emiko blushed and continued eating though with more manners than before.

After a few minutes of chatting about nothing Paul then decided to re-break the ice.

"Hey HEVN, you tend to be in the loop, what's the deal. You know what Ban's cooking up this time?" HEVN's casual smile then turned sour as her yellow eyes flickered.

"Like I try to keep up with that snake bastard, who knows whatever the hell he wants. Besides I only came to make sure Ginji was raising my darling little niece up right."

Ginji's response was an eloquent one, detailing the trials and errors of parenthood, of what it means to start and raise a family with someone you love, however it was slightly put down by the fact he was trying to say it with two pieces of toast in his mouth.

"Ginji you slob, learn some manners. Didn't I teach you anything?" came the always arrogant, always confident voice of one…"I…the invincible Ban Mido-Sama?" Ban said causally without a trace of doubt in his voice. Ginji and Emiko brightened visibly at his entrance as did Paul but HEVN merely glared and looked away.

"Uncle Ban-Chan!" Emiko yelled as she jumped from her seat and embraced her "uncle" in a genuine Amano bear hug.

"Hey hey, Emiko, good to see you and that you've grown." Ban muttered the last part feeling the girls' chest on his arm. Suddenly a hand on his shoulder gave him a very quick, but painful jolt. Turning his head, the invincible snake master came face to face with the former Lightning Lord of the Volts.

"Ban-Chan, you dirty old snake, lay off my daughter." Ginji said.

"Don't worry Dad, older men are appealing but not old like Uncle Ban-Chan!" those gathered at the bar collectively laughed knowing that Bans recently passing the forty year old mark was a sensitive issue for the Jagan man.

"Ahem, if you children I'd like to get down to the point." Ban stated with cold venom, shifting his purple spectacles to cover his sky blue eyes.

"Sorry Ban-Chan, what's the issue? What was so important?" Ginji asked, calming himself down to the point where his electricity wasn't a threat to those around him. Oddly enough, Emiko followed the same procedure and the room seemed to darken slightly as a result.

"Well, remember…oh I don't know like ten years ago…the invincible Ban Mido, master of the Jagan, snake bite user extraordinaire, breast master and all around supreme man of the world teamed up with some blond chump from some slum?" the group nodded, used to Bans slightly high opinion of himself, with the exception of Ginji who nearly fell out off the stool. HEVN, although she nodded in agreement, refused to take in the full sight of the snake man, a fact that Ban acknowledged with a look and quiet sigh.

"So, anyway, what I was saying is basically this: it's time for the Get Backers to make their grand return back to Japan!" Ban closed his eyes in anticipation of the accolades he would receive for this, a truly brilliant idea.

"Is that it? Damn it Ban, I thought you came here to announce you finally paying your tab."

"Well Ban-Chan it was nice seeing you again, don't be a stranger around the house okay? Come on Emiko; let's head out before Mom makes it so you'll be an only child."

"Okay, bye Uncle Ban-Chan!"

"You know, I guess it's my fault, I should know by now your endeavors are usually a waste of my time." With HEVNs' last statement Ban could grind his teeth no longer.

"Would you all just hold the hell up!?" Ban yelled out using his legendary grip to crush the door knob he was holding. This last action caused a gasp and shudder from one Paul Wan.

"Oh, uh, sorry Paul, anyway I'm serious! The Get Backers have been out of action for too long and Japan needs them again." Ginji looked at his old partner and did something totally out of character, he disagreed with him.

"I'm sorry Ban-Chan but it's been awhile you know? Me and Natsumi have our business, and she's still in school, priorities dude." Ginji and Emiko began walking out of the Honky Tonk towards the car the family had scraped together to buy. Emiko cast a sad gaze back at her uncle who, oddly enough, was just holding back laughs.

"Ginji…Ginji, your training under me really didn't stick did it? I never said anything about you and me coming back did I? I'm confident, not stupid." The Amanos' outside the bar didn't feel like responding nor did the Coordinator or Bartender inside the bar to that statement.

"Ban…what exactly are you talking about?" Ginji asked with a sigh, his curiosity piqued, Emiko followed him back into the building and back to the bar.

"Simply put Ginji my man, we're gonna get some new Get Backers, kind of like mentor em. See what I'm saying?" Ban explained.

"You getting this Paul?" HEVN asked.

"Not really, if its not tab money it ain't worth my ears." Ban, meanwhile, had somehow maneuvered his way between Ginji and Emiko.

"So, Uncle Ban-Chan, who are the new Get Backers going to be?" Emiko ventured a guess, as did Ginji, as they both witnessed the snake mans arms around both Ginji and Emiko.

"You, my dear, I already know about your talents and knowing old eel boy here you know how to use them." Ginjis' eyes widened at this.

"No No No No! Absolutely not, Ban-Chan!" with Ginji shaking the snake man by his lapels, Emiko could only begin to process this information.

"Me? A Get…Backer?" the two former Get Backers argued for quite some time about the positives and negatives of this future endeavor, that is until a frustrated Paul asked the obvious.

"Even if she were to become a Get Backer, who the hell would her partner be? You don't exactly have a lot of friends to call favors from Ban."

"Or any for that matter." HEVN finished. Ban was tempted to use his snake grip on HEVNs' sizable "assets" just then. Oddly enough in the commotion, no one heard the doors to the Honky Tonk opening again.

"Excuse me, Mr. Wan is it? I'm here to meet some…oh there it is." The new player stated with a glare from behind dark square shades towards Ban who promptly slung his arm around the younger mans shoulder.

"This guys and gals is the other half of the new Get Backers, Kuro Takeshi!" Ban then proceeded to grin triumphantly as the slightly taller, young man could only raise an eyebrow.

To Be Continued.

AN: Hey everyone, I'm new to the Get Backers fan fiction scene, but I've watched some of the anime and have all the American manga of it so far, so I'm not a total scrub! As a note this takes place twenty years ahead of the current series and also take note I have yet to see the whole series…heh…maybe this should be an AU? Oh well, read and review if you can.