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Get Backers Once More

Chapter Four: The First Return Part Two

Darkness permeated the room, the spotlessly clean apartment room made an oddity only by the number of neatly clipped newspaper clippings all over three corkboards opposite the fireplace.

A figure within the apartment sipped some expensive wine, admiring a painting he had just finished over the fireplace. It was an exquisite piece detailing the rise and fall of emperor, the colors cascaded and almost seemed to convulse on each other showing the passionate way this emperor lived his life. The painting, while only showing one image, the man collapsed in front of a sunset, told a story and spoke depths.

"Damn." The figure muttered just before his cell phone went off, waiting until it had rung five or ten times, the owner of the apartment reached into the buzzing pocket and flipped open the offending cell phone.

"Speak something important." The owner said with as little viciousness as he could allow. Listening to the secretary babble something over about her boss, the figure had to suffer over a transfer of hands until the "boss" actually spoke.

"Venn, we need you, we need you're work." The "boss" man said, the fat in his arteries so severe it was practically in his lungs, Venn smirked, content in the knowledge that this annoyance would be dying in three months tops.

"My work? Tsukanan Co. needs my paintings; I didn't realize I was that popular." Venn said drolly with a chuckle suppressed again to the best of his abilities.

"No Venn, we need you for your "night" profession, we have a shipment that needs…damn how the hell do you put it,"

"Take your time, put that nice secretary on." Venn joked again, enjoying the noticeable rise in the "boss's" blood pressure.

"We need your help in "assisting" a shipment of ours, a retrieval service has already begun interfering-"

"A what service?" Venn asked, the interest thought dead, rising again.

"A retrieval service, yes, my secretary and I hardly believed it at first either but our contacts assure us of that fact, we need you." Putting the phone down at this point, Venn rose up from the plush leather seat and towards the cork board news pages. Fingering some of choice interest, the goal one was found, actually it was more of an old advertisement for.

"The Get Backers…" Venn stated with grin that practically spoke on its own.

"Venn…hello…are you there…damn it…why the hell do we put up with his shit, cross gen-"

"I'll take the job, I expect the standard fee plus a little extra in lieu of me castrating you for that little remark you were about to make." The non-sound of a heart skipping a few beats was all the indication Venn needed to terminate the call. After a quick trip to the closet, Venn had only to put on some white gloves to complete his look.

"Damn brush." Muttered as Venn sucked whatever "paint" was still left in the offending finger.


A truck barreling down the express way of a highway somewhere near Kyushu would normally draw some attention, maybe a passing glance, possibly a statement or two about the profession of trucking. However, if said truck were to have an escort or say, five escorts of black sedans, then maybe a slightly longer conversation would be had about, maybe, the possible reason as to why the truck was being escorted in such a manner, or to where such a guarded parcel would be going or why. Now, if said truck were currently having a slight "changing of hands" period where the drivers of the escort cars were having a little "discussion" with some new outside party then…

"Emiko! I thought you said you could drive!" Kuro yelled out from atop the truck towards its rear, towards the Amano descendant who was currently swerving in his old beat up Ford Escort.

"I did, I mean I can, I'm just…not used to American cars, that's all!" the blond girl shouted and oddly enough managed to pout at the same time. Kuro muttered a few obscenities and proceeded with his other current problem.

"Who the fuck do you people think you are?" Politely asked one of the trucks non driving escorts who had had his post midnight shift nap ruined by a certain black wearing green eyed man.

"Oh me? I'm just Jonathan Cash." Kuro responded, putting his sunglasses well over his pupils before he rushed his opponent, driving his heel deep into his skull. Hearing the click of a gun behind him, Kuro whirled on his heel, and leaped straight up, beating the stream of bullets by a hare's width. Landing behind another armed guardsman, Kuro swiped at the back of his neck effectively knocking him out.

"That was cool Kuro, how'd you do that?" Emiko asked from right beside the raven haired retriever.

"Damn it; tell me why you're here as opposed to driving my shit mobile?" Kuro muttered, bringing his hand to his hair.

"Well, I…you see…" the citrus haired girl had no reason to verbalize the rest as Kuro could soon see that the Ford Escort was now currently attached to the back of the tanker. Kuro then seriously considered using his "talent" to carve up the Amano descendant but then opted for the nicer solution.

"That's coming out of your share you know." Kuro stated with no room for argument evident in his voice as Emiko pouted again.

"But what was that thing you did, with your hands, cutting those guys in the right places so-"

"Damn it girl!" Kuro yelled pulling Emiko and himself down with bullets by way of the escort cars sailing over. "I thought you said Ginji trained you!"

"Yeah he did, in self defense wasn't that…?" Emiko was cut off by a bullet that whizzed past her nose. She then shrieked a little and backed away quickly.

"Idiot, go back too far and you'll fall off the truck!" Kuro yelled, stretching out and grabbing the tearing girl back.

"I'm sorry, it's just I'm new at this and…I'm sorry." Emiko said looking down, not liking seeing disappointment or frustration in others, the daughter of Raitei began to tear up again.

"Look just stay here, and try not to do anything…ok?" Kuro said. Taking a quick glance up and towards the escort cars, a sudden blow out of tires could be heard as every last one of the escort cars swerved left and right and finally just went off road.

Deeply gasping and sweating profusely, Kuro had to take a knee for a moment.

"What was that, what did you do?" Emiko asked, confused and more than a little afraid. She then gasped as she saw Kuros' eyes.

"K-Kuro-Chan, your eyes, they're red!"

"Yeah I know, ain't it cool?" Kuro asked, in a voice slightly off. Before Emiko could react, Kuro impaled his index and pointer fingers into the truck, cutting a semi circle in the steel hull as easily as tearing up a tissue, Kuro blinked a few times and turned to his partner.

"Can you get the girl, the hostage I mean? She's in there somewhere." Emiko nodded slowly, still not fully grasping everything that was going on around her.

'Is this real, what am I…what am I doing?' she thought to herself lowering herself down through the hole and into the tankers interior. Seeing her descend, Kuro stood up and with a few leaps, made his way to the driver side window. The driver, so far being in denial that his truck was being over taken, now finally accepted that fact and drew a gun.

"Huh, a nine millimeter, don't see many of those any more." Kuro commented to underscore his foot bashing through the window and sending the hapless driver out through the other window. Taking control, Kuro looked around the truck and found to his horror:

"Shit, I can't drive stick let alone double clutch." This was not to be a problem as a pedestrian soon made his way out unto the highway, stretching his right of way ability a bit too far. With an obscenity and a quick brake, the truck screeched to a halt.

"Hi there, can I possibly get a ride with you?" the figure asked, an impossibly big red and black hat covering his face, making it so that only red lips could be seen. These colors could of course also be seen in the figures black and red tie, dress suit and slacks.

"Oh…damn it all…the radio doesn't work." Kuro said, staring down the apparent man on the Kyushu expressway.


"Are you alright?" Emiko asked as she untied the bonds of "Mr. Kido's" daughter, along with all the other people in the tanker. Luckily no detective work was needed on the retriever's part as the girl who she was untying was the only female hostage.

"Y-y-yes, I'm fine. Who are you?" Emiko didn't quite know how to respond to that as she suddenly remembered Ban telling her to make a big statement about her name.

"Well I'm, the Thunder Empress Emiko Amano? No, that's stupid…Lightning Lass…even dumber…whatever, I'm Emiko Amano and- what's that?" Emiko suddenly asked, her attention drawn to a small chamber built into the side of the tanker. Emiko wasn't sure, but from what she could gather, the chamber looked like it had someone in it.

"Oh, that. The guards were afraid of that." the target girl said.

"Really, I wonder who this," Emiko paused to read the name on the chamber, wondering why the other hostages too were crawling away from it, "Kuroudo Akabane is?" Emiko wasn't sure, but she could almost feel a smile from nowhere…


"Are you coming out? Don't make me beg now." The androgynous figure stated with a chuckle. Kuro lightly tapped the steering wheel out of frustration and got out of the truck.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be? Dante? A little effeminate don't you think?" Kuro said while lighting a cigarette. His opponent could only chuckle again.

"No dear retriever, my name is Venn, and you have just stumbled into an unfortunate little event." Kuro would have raised an eyebrow at this, or maybe at the guys' voice, or well…womanly body, but he could smell blood and more currently, he could feel his opponents' lust for more. Then, as good theatrics, a cool breeze blew over the country side, as blood and smiles were to come.

To Be Continued