Deepest Night

It was only when Wallabee Beatles was feeling particularly lonely or when he woke up screaming from a nightmare that he crept into One's room and snuck under the covers. Number One would pretend to be sleeping although he had been awoken from the first sounds of footsteps outside his door (he had to be alert to be leader), subtly make room on the small bed so that the two fit together.

It was only when the mission had gone bad, or when the KND ran out of milk that Nigel Uno would reach out for the other's company. Waking the Australian quietly and dragging him outside to the many balconies to star gaze while Number Four's bushy head rested on One's skinny shoulder, breaths mingling in the crisp night air.

It was only when the moon rose high in the heavens that you could see these two relax, the pressure of day gone from their shoulders, at least momentarily while in each others company.

It was only in the deepest part of the night that the two boys would set down their masks where no one else could see and the shadows hid what secrets lay open.

It was only companionship, simple mutual affection that dissolved into clear cut lines during the day. Because it's only during the night that dreams can last.