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Red Faction: Aftermath

Parker let out a sigh of relief. The EDF fleet had arrived, the war was finally over. War? Why use that word? It was a revolt, not a war. Or was it a war? It didn't matter now, everything is going to be fine. The EDF (Earth Defense Force) fleet had arrived, he and his fellow miners were safe. Those infected by the plague could be treated, and Capek's sick animal experiments could be destroyed. Nanotechnology would never leave Mars. He glanced down at Eos who was sitting against the wall. Until now he had not realized how beautiful she looked, maybe it was because he then looked at her as a leader and not the woman she was. Just then, a voice could be heard inside his helmet. Someone from the EDF fleet was trying to contact him. The signal was full of static at first, but after a minute or two a deep, male voice spoke to him.

"Calling Parker. Repeat. Calling Parker. Parker, are you there?" Boomed the voice.

Parker switched on his head communication system and cleared his throat before answering,

"This is Parker, with Eos. We are in the third hanger control room. What took you guys so damn long?"

The voice on the other side chuckled and said, "Sorry we're so late, my men are securing the facility as we speak. I've sent a squad of my commandos to pick you and Eos up and escort you to our temporary HQ."

"Sounds good, we'll be waiting." Parker replied, and ended the con link.

Twenty minutes later…

A squad on five men trudged into the hanger, one had a smear of blood on his uniform.

"You boys have any trouble getting here?" Eos asked them.

"Yeh, we bumped into a retreating squad of mercs in the hallway just outside here. We managed to waste most of them but some got away, we think all the mercs and guards have called a truce and are heading down to the old mines." Said the commando with the bloodstain on his front. "Lets get to the HQ, you will be briefed there. Can you both walk? Are you hurt?"

"No, we're fine. Lets get going." Replied Parker.

The commandos formed a circle around Parker and Eos and moved out of the hanger. They moved out of the complex, pausing to put on some dark green EDF issue environmental suits and hopped into the back of an APC. After a minute of preparation they drove off into a red sunrise.

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