A/N: hey!! i just sat by a table at home when i started writing this, and i fell alsepp in the middle of writing it, but i finished it, so please enjoy! R&R please!

HIS promise: my curse

It is all one long, lost night, for I never see the light; the day. So painful, pain which I can feel; I am now a creature of the night; how I regret; feel my remorse; hear me cry my phantom pain. I, somehow, feel my pity, it is quite obvious to others; it colours the sky black earlier, the clouds around Heaven dim from sheep-wool to black; the flame on the candle tips start to flicker; the blooming flower folds into a bud, and conceals its beauty from men, who carelessly treads it down, without any thought in mind. Do they see my pain; do they care? Yes, in redeeming me, when I have done nothing but what is my nature. A young girl, delicate in every way: persona, age, form; so fragile, she told me what she saw in me; my torment, my curse, my seldom beauty which only she seemed to have noticed, my kindness, which I refused to let show; my blessing; my sorrow; my pain; my loss; she saw me… And her screams of pain through the night, and further through the world as millions of people turned over in their sleep, as they saviour died, because I gave into my blood lust, gave into letting my compassion die away. Sometimes, her screams still linger in the deepest, farthest corners of my mind, and deep into my body, adding more assault to my pest of a life.

He, the Devil, offered me life; an offer which I took, careless, of the unwritten consequences, and so, when I had wanted life back then, I was cheated into getting death; living death by own hands, body, mind, and choice, having to live with the distasteful smell only I smell. Smell of dying flesh, of deceit on my own body and mind, and smell of more and more dying people, their blood on my hands.

The Night; my refuge.

The Light; my nemesis.

Further more the Night is places to hide, secret bargains making, deals, murder without awake witness; Humanity's undoing! And I know I am leading the way; the path to Hell!

Further more the Light is the life, the savouring light which I am denied, it is love, obviousness, painless, just perfect "ever after".

The word "Light", disgusting how it tastes; cursed I am, and I lust to say it, though it burns my tongue, blinds my eyes, makes me deaf, and free of touch; senseless! The word makes me old! Makes me burn in lethal flames, though I am no near Hell, physically… and yet, so close… the colours "life" set upon the world, I have lost; the sky is never blue; the rose never red; the grass never green! The taste "life" offers, I have lost; the apple is no longer sweet and dense, but like ash and rotten in my mouth. All I have to colour my taste and surrounding, is the red, metallic liquid: blood. My only way back to life is blood, though the more I drink the cursed and far away from life I get!

HE gave me a promise: I would be my own Lord, but I am Nothing but Satan's minion!