Eight Ball Corner Pocket

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Rating – for the most part pg-13

1900 EST
McMurphy's Bar
The DC Area

Harm looked at Mac and watched her move across the bar. Everything about her still amazed him to this day, her strength, her beauty, her tenacity. Nothing would ever get in her way he thought. He watched her stoop low as she started clearing the pool table. She laughed as she did it, it was the most beautiful sound to his ears. Sturgis laughed at his loss and escorted her back to her seat. Mac and the work crew had decided to go to the bar after the long grueling work week. She looked at Harm and winked at him.

"Scared to take me on Harm?" Mac asked him smiling.

"Mac, you can hustle way better than me. I'm good, but not that good."

"So Mac, how did you learn how to play pool?" Sturgis asked innocently.

Harm gave Mac a knowing look. She shot one back at him. "When I was 18, I used to hustle guys at the local pool halls. I used to pretend I had no clue what a cue was, and next thing the poor saps knew, they were handing over a months rent to me." She slapped Harm on the thigh. "Don't you owe me a dance sailor?"

"For what?"

"I whipped your six today in court, you said if I beat you, you would do anything I wanted. I want a dance."

"I was thinking that you would want another dinner." He replied innocently.

"Nope, a dance. Come one white boy." She grabbed him, and he placed his coke back down on the table. Harm always thought he looked foolish trying to dance; Mac not wanting to stroke his ego even more never let him know he was one of the best dancers she knew.

He walked out on the dance floor with her and led her to a slow dance. "Thank you for the dance sailor." She said after the song was over.

"No problem Marine."

He led her off the dance floor with his hand on the small of her back. They were leaving the pool area when some drunk sailors were challenging people to bets. "Hey Pops, do you and your old woman think you can bet us?" One yelled.

Harm saw red but kept his temper in check. "Oh, I think we can take you."

Harm had always known not to take bets with Mac at the pool table and furthermore, he had always known not to play on opposite sides of her. The rest of the JAG crew watched them take on the sailors on leave. They actually laughed at those poor boys stupidity.

"Piece of cake!" on of the drunken sailors said. "We can take on these oldies."

Mac went to break the ball and the drunk sailors all looked at Mac's ample breasts and started almost foaming at the mouth.

"Hey Colonel, do you want another diet Coke?" Mike yelled from the bar.

"I've got it Mike," Harm yelled back to him. "Can you bring me one also?"

"Sure, no problem Commander."

The sailors immediately sobered straightened up and stood at attention. Harm and Mac just smiled. "Sorry, sir, ma'am. Didn't realize you guys were military."

Mike came from behind the bar and laughed while handing the dynamic duo their drinks. "You guys have never heard of Commander Rabb and Colonel Mackenzie of the JAG corps?"

"You guys are JAG?"

"Sure are, and so are most everyone over at that table that just watched you oogle a superior officer."

"Oh shit," one muttered.

They watched as Harm and Mac cleared the table. Mac looked up at the final shot, winked at Harm as she did before and said, "Eight ball, corner pocket." She leaned down again for the shot and sank it. The drunk sailors paid up and learned their lesson.

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