Chapter 11

Harm woke up the next morning and caught the sight of Mac's engagement ring on his chest. The rising morning sun pepping through the windows caught the ring just enough for the reflected colors to dance across the ceiling. He watched the colors do their graceful ballet to the sound of the distant church bells ringing. Together he and Mac made some memories this season that would help soothe the ache of the Christmases past.

Flashback to the night before:

The children all went towards the tree when Admiral Chegwidden announced it was time to open up the gifts. As agreed upon before, Harm and Mac had decided that they would give their gifts to each other in private.

"Harm, Mac, come on!" Mattie said urging them along.

Mattie sat next to Mattoni's daughter, Aida, the had quickly became fast friends being all part of the JAG family and they started talking about what they really wanted for Christmas.

"What do you want for Christmas Mattie?" Aida asked after telling Mattie she wanted a car.

"I have a couple of things I would really like, but I really can't say right now."

"Well, from what I heard you didn't get much for Christmas last year."

"Well, whoever told you that lied. I got the best Christmas present last year. I got to go live with Harm." Mattie turned around and flashed him the sign for I Love You. It was their gesture to each other that Mattie would flash for him when he dropped her off a school. He flashed it back in kind and gave her his Flyboy smile.

Bud came out dressed as Santa and the children eagerly sat and waited as Harriet read the bible story of Christmas. They started passing out the gifts one by one. AJ tore into his large present from Harm, it was a remote control F14 that could fly around.

"Thank you Uncle Harm!" AJ said launching himself into his godfather's arms.

"Don't thank just me, Mattie helped pick it out too." AJ squirmed down and kissed Mattie on the cheek.

The JAG crew sat around and watched Aida and Mattie their gifts. The office had decided on going in together to get the girls something.

Aida started squealing. "Matts, they got us a spa day."

"Looks it's right before the winter formal!" Mattie squealed right back causing Harm and AJ to have a ringing in their ears. "Thank you so much." Mattie went around hugging the JAG crew.

Harm looked up, "Winter formal! No one told me about a winter formal."

"Yeah I did Dad, remember, I told you Max was had asked me."

"Max? Winter formal?" Harm looked bewildered.

AJ laughed at him. "Be prepared for sleepless nights Harm. So Miss Grace when are you bringing Max to the office to get everyone's approval?"

Mattie blanched at the thought. "Umm, I hadn't quite thought of that."

Jen came to her rescue, "He is a nice boy. He is in the NJROTC unit of Mattie's school, and he came over last week to help Mattie out with her history homework. You met him in the hallway sir. I am sure Max will stop by the office."

Mattie smiled at her older 'sister.' "Thanks Jen."

The coworkers went around exchanging their presents and then the party broke up and Mac challenged Harm to another game of pool.

"You think you can handle me Flyboy?"

"I know I can handle you Marine."

The JAG crew went around the gathered around the pool table. Mac went to racking the balls while Harm went to go grab her a pool stick. She took the triangle off the table.

"I'll break. Hand me a pool stick Sailor."

Harm handed her a pool stick and watched her lean down to break and he waited for her reaction. She noticed something wasn't quite right on her pool stick. She brought it up and saw that Harm had placed a very elegant diamond ring on her pool stick.

She turned around and saw him down on one knee. "I love you Sarah Mackenzie. I always have and always will. I kept waiting for the perfect moment to tell you, and then I realized that there will never be a perfect moment to ask you to marry me. So, Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie, will you make the happiest man in the universe and become Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie-Rabb."

She looked at him and considered an answer, "No."

Everyone in the JAG group gasped, especially Sturgis, he couldn't believe after her confession years ago that much had changed about her feelings.

"I will become Lt. Colonel Sarah Rabb. I love you too Harm." Mac answered smiling down at him. He slipped the ring on her finger and got up. He swept her into his arms and kissed her.

The JAG crowd cheered. It was about time that Harm got his head out of his six. Mattie looked at Aida, "That is what I wanted for Christmas." Harm came up to Mattie and hugged her.

"Are you okay with this kiddo?"

"The question should be is Mac okay with this? I mean we are a package deal, it is like a two for one special. I like Mac, as I told you, she would make a good mom for me." She said smiling.

Mac came up and hugged Mattie. "Of course I am more than okay with it. Now I order you to spend some time alone, I offered to help Aida babysit for the Roberts and then you guys are going to pick me up after midnight services. Say Hi to Grandpa for me."

Mattie walked away with Aida and left her guardian alone with her soon to be stepmom. She looked at Harm, "Well you better be going if you want to see your Dad and make it on time for midnight mass."

"Come with me."

"It is your time with your father."

"Well, you were with me when I found out what happened to him. I think that you should come with me tonight and every other time we go."

A tear slid from her eye. It was amazing what a little snowy weekend and a game of pool could do to bring people together. He led her out to the Lexus, but right before they made it out the door they heard Mike yell.

"Hey lovebirds, look above you!"

They were under the mistletoe again. "Kiss, kiss, kiss." The crowd chanted. Before Harm could, Mac pulled him down to kiss him and they left to visit his dad.

The Wall

Harm walked down the familiar path and found his Dad's panel with ease. He took off his glove and connected with his name.

"Hi Dad. I brought someone very special with me tonight. She has saved my life so many times, I have lost count. Can you believe it, she actually agreed to marry me."

"It was a fairly simple decision to make sir. I love your son so much, and as for saving his life, if I didn't that I would be missing a part of me. Thank you for bringing him to me." She touched the wall and saluted.

Harm noticed that she was shivering a little bit and threw his jacket over her shoulders. "Let's get you someplace warm. Bye Dad, I love you."

End Flashback

Mac had the feeling that she was being watched. "Good morning my fiancé."

"I was thinking back to last night, when you said yes."

"I think I said no at first, but then I changed my mind and decided to settle on you."

"Ouch Mac, settle one me? When then I guess you don't need the ring if all you are doing is settling." He moved to slip the ring off her finger.

"Touch it and die, Sailor." She said yawning and settling back into his arms.

"How much longer do you think it will be until Mattie comes barging through to doors?"


"Because I need to put some clothes on!"

He glanced at his clock, "About thirty more minutes and then we will wake up my sleeping beauties down the hall."

"I love you Mac."

"I love you Harm."

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