Are They Lovers? by Kokoro-chin

Warning: Shounen-ai. Daisuke x Satoshi pairing.

Disclaimer: I do not own D.N.Angel no matter how much I wanted to gobble up Dai-chan and Sa-chan! :P

Author's rants: Here is it! A sequel to my first D.N.Angel fic, Crush! Yay! This fic, 'Are They Lovers?' was written after a lot of reviewers for 'Crush' actually requested me to write a sequel to it. Though I don't know if this was counted as one since this fic was focused on 3 years after 'Crush'. So basically it's an AU fic. I hope you guys weren't disappointed though. :) Well, before I start to ramble more on useless crap, let's go on to the fic! Like usual, if there's any grammar mistakes, please forgive me! Please R&R! Pretty please? I know, I'm shameless... :)

Chapter One; Love Love Pancakes!

"Hurry up Dai-chan! You'll be late for class on your first day of school if you don't wake up by now!" shouted Satoshi from downstairs while holding a frying pan in his hand. A soft muffled reply was heard from above and a few seconds later, an auburn hair boy walked out of the bedroom in a groggy state. Daisuke Niwa stifled a big yawn as he strutted towards the bathroom at the end of the hallway. The blue hair boy watched as the boy almost knocked over an expensive porcelain vase during his sleepwalking journey to the bathroom. Satoshi sighed, turned around and made his way back into the enormous kitchen to make breakfast for him and Daisuke.

It had been four years since Daisuke and Satoshi had begun to go out with each other. They had been dating each other since age fourteen and now after four years, their relationship was still growing strong. Maybe it was because it was real love or maybe it was merely because of fate that both of them ended up together. Even though there were some quarrels in the time of their relationship, somehow they managed to solve things and make up. Hiwatari Satoshi, a young detective working for the police was still every girl's dream boy. Given the title 'High school Heartthrob', this rich handsome boy was born with a cool personality and smart brain. Daisuke Niwa on the other hand, was still cute and a little slow in getting things the right way. Daisuke, unlike Satoshi was always friendly and liked to help out his friends if he could. Being opposite to each other was somehow like filling in for each other's holes and weaknesses. After all, like most people say, opposites attract. Though both of them had been going out for such a long time, their relationship was still unknown to everyone. Not even a single person knew about them, except of course their cat, Miko, who lives with them in their own personal condominium. Miko was a white cat that Satoshi gave to Daisuke on their third year anniversary as a present and Daisuke loved the cat to pieces. The trio had been living together for a year now since Daisuke's grandfather had passed away one year ago and his parents had migrated to Hong Kong due to his father's job shift. After begging his mother and father to let him stay in Japan until he graduated high school, Daisuke's parents reluctantly agreed. Since then, Daisuke had moved with his boyfriend Satoshi into their new home and they had been living in their own little happy world for a year now.

"What's for breakfast?" asked the auburn haired boy to his lover as soon as he was in the kitchen, sniffing at the sweet aroma of pancakes. Satoshi turned away from the stove and planted a swift but soft kiss on Daisuke's lips. The auburn hair grinned and hugged the blue haired boy's waist. "Hmm...pancakes! Love 'em!"

Satoshi smiled and wriggled his way out of Daisuke's embrace to retrieve an empty plate from inside the cabinet. "Sit down, koi. Breakfast will be ready in a few seconds..."

Being the obedient lover that he was, Daisuke snatched the newspaper from the coffee table and settled himself down at the dining table. Reading the newspaper that was in his hand, Daisuke read out the contents to Satoshi while the blue haired boy poured milk onto the stack of pancakes that was now served on the white plate. After that, he poured a glass of orange juice for both of them. Daisuke looked up from the paper and grinned. Throwing the paper aside, the auburn haired boy tried to get his hand on his delicious breakfast but was stopped by Satoshi.

"Go and get your hands washed first," instructed the blue haired boy sternly as he slapped Daisuke's hand away from the pancakes. Daisuke gave him the puppy face look but Satoshi knew better than to let his guard down. Knowing that he'd have to get his hands clean before he could eat the pancakes, Daisuke pouted and went towards the sink. Morning went on as usual with the cheerful chatter by Daisuke and the ice prince, Satoshi giving the auburn haired boy a smile once in a while.

"Do I need to do the dishes?" asked Daisuke after the hearty breakfast to the blue hair detective. Satoshi looked at his lover and smirked. Daisuke grinned and rubbed the back of his head with his hand.

"Nope. You'll be helpful enough if you just leave the dirty dishes alone. We wouldn't want you breaking all the plates and cups again like last time, would we?" teased the taller boy as Daisuke felt the heat rushing up to his face. He pouted and Satoshi laughed. No, he didn't want to be reminded of that situation again. Broken pieces of plates and cups scattered everywhere on the kitchen floor, Satoshi marching into the kitchen, shouting at him and whacking him by the head. Soap bubbles flying in the air and water flowing out of the sink onto the floor. The sink pipe was broken when the auburn haired boy tried to balance himself after tripping over a piece of soap by holding onto it. That resulted in the water sprinkling onto the whole kitchen getting everything wet. The kitchen was a mess and it took both boys almost an hour to get it cleaned, sneezing all the way due to the cold water. Since that day onwards, Satoshi had never allowed Daisuke to do the kitchen chores anymore.

"Ceh. Sa-chan meanie," pouted the auburn hair, crossing his arms against his chest. The young detective smirked, gathered all the empty plates and walked over to the kitchen sink to give them a bath.

"Go on, koi. Get ready for class or both of us will be late," urge Satoshi gently as Daisuke tip-toed over and planted a kiss on his neck. The auburn haired boy smiled and disappeared upstairs to get his bag. Satoshi sighed softly and a flash of sadness passed through his face, but it was just a split second before it remained expressionless again. After drying his hands with a kitchen towel, the young detective walked towards the door and put on his footwear, waiting for Daisuke to come down with their school bags. A minute later, Daisuke came running down the stairs with both bags in his hand and a smile on his flushed face.

"Let's go Sa-chan!" The excited voice and the sweet smile of the smaller boy made Satoshi forgot about everything and he found himself falling in love all over again with the auburn hair. Together, both boys walked towards their school, escorted by the fresh morning breeze with the smell of sakura flowers in the air. It felt like heaven and spring at the same time. Daisuke stared in awe at the blooming sakura flowers before his eyes and Satoshi smiled at his child-like behavior. Then the auburn haired boy turned to the blue eye genius and grinned.

"It's spring time, Sa-chan! Spring has come!"