Are They Lovers? by Kokoro-chin

Warning: Shounen-ai and bad english.

Disclaimer: I do not own Daisuke and Satoshi no matter how much I wanted to eat them up. :)

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The bright morning light shone its beautiful rays onto the peaceful face of a certain sleeping auburn hair boy. Daisuke stirred a little in his sleep as his eyebrows knitted together in a weird way. A while later, ruby orbs slowly opened to the sight of a blue colored ceiling above and he rubbed his eyes sleepily. The boy blinked once and then twice to adjust his eyes to the bright sunrise beam coming from outside his bedroom window by the bed. He stretched out lazily sitting upright and smiled, breathing in the sweet aroma coming from his breakfast made by his lover, Satoshi from the kitchen below. It's an everyday routine for him but today seemed a bit different. Wait a second. There's no sweet aroma from anywhere! All he could smell was the scent of sakura flowers outside his window.

"Sa-chan?" he wondered aloud. The blue colored pillows beside him was neatly placed and the other half of the bed seemed unusually tidy. It was as if Satoshi never came back to sleep last night. The auburn hair boy quickly exited his bedroom and washed his face in the bathroom located at the end of the hallway aligned with the bedroom. After he finished cleaning up himself, the auburn hair boy quickly dressed himself up in his school uniform and ran down the stairs.

"Sa-chan?" he called out again to his lover's name, expecting the blue hair boy to be inside the kitchen, urging him to hurry up or he'll be late for school. But his vision found no one that resembles his lover - or anything by that means – inside the humungous kitchen. Scratching his head in confusion, the auburn hair boy neared the kitchen counter to find a plate of sandwiches wrapped in plastic covers waiting for him. There was a sticky note with some neat handwritings attached to the sandwiches' cover.

"Dai-chan. I'll be going first to school today for student council meeting. I've prepared the sandwiches for you. Be sure to eat it. See you in school. Don't be late. Bye. Sa-chan," read the auburn hair boy to himself quietly as he peeled the note away from the sandwiches. He eyed the sandwiches for a while before he stared back at the paper in his hand again and crumpled it into a small ball. Suddenly, he doesn't feel like eating at all.

"Student council meeting huh?" whispered the auburn hair boy to himself with a sad smile playing on his soft rosy lips. Slowly, the boy took the plate of sandwiches and went over to the dustbin. Stepping on the foot pad of it, the lid automatically flips open and a few fresh sandwiches tumbled down from the red plate, into the dustbin. Daisuke brought the plate over to the sink, threw it in and left the once again silent kitchen. Student councils never had meetings in the morning.

Daisuke walked deliberately into his school compound. Students were walking alongside him with happy smiles on their faces, chattering away. Some wore a half-asleep expression on their faces while some had the look of sheer boredom with them. The auburn hair walked silently, wearing an unreadable expression on his cute face. He held his bag with both hands in front of him, muttering something to himself all the way. Some students were still eyeing him with weird suspicions in their eyes but the auburn hair boy tried ignored it. Finally, he reached his classroom, opened the door gently and walked in. He never thought that coming to school would be such a frantic experience but ever since his and Satoshi's relationship were exposed, he did now.

"Damn," half-swore the auburn hair boy as he slid into his chair discreetly and placed his bag on the desk. His looked around the classroom and found that a few of his female classmates were looking at him and whispering in a group. When he looked at them, the bunch of girls shifted their gaze away with the scarlet color stains on their cheeks. Daisuke gave them a wry smile. He found himself getting more and more unable to adjust to the new atmosphere by each ticking seconds.

The auburn hair boy sat in his chair entertaining his own thoughts when suddenly he heard some squeals from the group of girls that he noticed earlier. Daisuke's ruby orbs found their ways to the classroom door and landed on a pair of piercing blue eyes. A pair of cold eyes that most likely belong to Hiwatari Satoshi, his lover. The blue hair boy scanned the classroom for a while to find his smaller lover but to no avail. He saw a flash of red hair floating behind the classroom by the door before they were gone completely.

"Daisuke..." whispered the blue eye genius to himself, taking down his glasses and placed it inside his pocket. More excited squealings were heard from the girls inside the classroom. The blue hair boy stepped out of the classroom quickly and looked around the corridor. Niwa Daisuke was nowhere to be seen. "Why are you avoiding me?"

Satoshi took a glance at his watch and realized that there was still time before the lesson starts. Hastily, the blue hair boy decided to find his lover. He ran towards the stairs and took it two steps each. Where could Daisuke be? He ran towards the library, entered it and came out with a disappointed expression on his handsome face. Breathing heavily, the blue hair boy calmed himself and thought of all the possible places that the auburn hair might be. This is so unlike him to worry and lose his cool over something so...small. But...Daisuke isn't something small to him. The auburn hair boy was his everything.

"Where are you Daisuke?" asked the blue hair boy to the air around him, biting at his lower lip. He looked at the setting surrounding him and ran towards one of the school blocks. Searching the auburn hair boy on each floor of the school building almost suffocated him, he was lacking of oxygen no matter how much stamina he had. Daisuke was still nowhere to be found.

Satoshi leaned against the wall of the school building to catch his breath when suddenly the wall opened! Unprepared for it, the blue hair boy fell and braced himself for the impact but it never came. Instead, he felt himself landing on something soft and his lips were glued to something soft as well. He stayed in that position not moving for a few seconds until he felt something stirred from beneath him. Startled, the blue hair boy looked underneath him to find himself actually kissing his friend, Saehara and the victim was groaning in pain. He was kissing and lying on top of the Newspaper Club's president - in a seducing and weird pose no matter how you look at it. By quick reflex, the blue hair boy immediately unlock their lips, his face expression remained unreadable.

"Ouch," groaned the president of the Newspaper Club. "Do you mind getting your lips off me Hiwatari-kun?"

"Oh...sorry," apologized the blue hair boy as he quickly rolled off from Saehara and stood up, brushing up himself. Saehara got up and brush up himself as well. Satoshi looked at the wall behind his friend that suddenly opened up a while ago to find that it was actually a door. The Newspaper Club's door to be precise. That explains why Saehara was in there.

"What are you doing here Hiwatari-kun?" asked the president warily, picking up a few pictures from the floor that fell off from his file when he fell earlier.

"Umm..." hesitated the blue eye genius. He was actually looking for his lover, Daisuke but there's no way he would tell that to Saehara, the president of the Newspaper Club. His blue eyes met with Saehara's brown eyes and he could almost swear he saw a mischievous glint in it.

"Looking for your lover boy?" asked Saehara almost too good-naturedly. Satoshi stared at the boy in front of him, holding back the urge to strangle him right then and there. How could this guy be Satoshi groaned inwardly. This is getting nowhere and he needed to find Daisuke fast. Suddenly, something snapped inside his brain and he smirked.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I'm looking for Daisuke and I need you to help me with something Saehara. If that's all right with you..."