Voldemort and his faithful death eaters are really getting into the holidays. They buy a house, make cookies, go carolling and many more fun things! Lol great holiday fic!

"We'll take it," Avery said as he smiled horribly at the real estate agent, "Voldemort will absolutely love the twirly staircase."

"Don't forget the hot tub," added Snape

"Yes, and he'll love the unfinished basement," Peter squeaked, "You know how he likes cold floors." The group of death eaters nodded in agreement.

"Okay, now that that's settled," the real estate woman said nervously, "All I need is your signature, and you can give me your credit card number-"

"I've got a better idea," Lucius said evilly, "How about you give us the house for free, or we'll kill you."

"It's yours," she said as she ran threw the front door and into her Honda, driving away as fast as possible.

"Well," Lucius laughed, "That was easy. Oh, and here comes Voldy now. I can't wait to see his reaction." Lucius opened the door to come face to face with a very angry Voldemort.

"You bought me a freakin' bungalow?!" Voldemort spat

"Well master, bungalows are very chic" Peter started

"Yes, I've heard their hot on the market," Snape said, "not to mention I read that Britney Spears just bought one as well."

Voldemort eased up a bit. "Well, I suppose it's okay."

"Come master, let me show you the basement," Peter exclaimed as he grabbed Voldemort by the wrist and led him down stairs. "Here touch the floor with your feet."

Voldemort took off one of his shoes. "Ohh, that's nice," he said as he rubbed his foot on the cold concrete, "Oh this feels heavenly."

"Okay, we'll leave you in the basement, but the rest of us are going out," Avery told him.




"Because we need to buy some Christmas stuff!" Snape whined, "Come on! We can listen to Hilary Duff in the car!"

And with that, the death eaters left.