A massive, heartfelt funeral was held for Brigadier General Jean Havoc and Brigadier General Edward Elric. Both men were buried side-by-side with full honors, and Fuhrer Bradley himself reading their epitaphs. They were awarded the Golden Cross of Honor, the highest decoration in Armestris, for the duty they performed for their country.

A few months after the fiasco with the Abominations, Fuhrer Bradley was deposed in a somewhat bloody coup. The new government never released who was involved, though it was widely speculated that followers of General Roy Mustang had a hand in it.

Zolof J. Kimbley was stripped of any and all involvement with the military, though he was granted a full pardon (however grudging) by General Mustang. Kimbley disappeared not long after with the chimera Martel.

Major Alphonse Elric was never publicly seen again after his departure with Envy, though word reached Lisa Delgardie that his condition had deteriorated beyond repair. The messenger called his condition 'hopeless' and that there was no chance of survival. A small funeral was held in his memory, though his body was never found.

Lisa Delgardie returned to her home in the border town of Geriko, continuing her medical practice. She eventually died, leaving her tavern and laboratory to her adopted son, Jean. The boy eventually became a noted theoretical alchemist.

Izumi Curtis returned to Dublith. She hardly ever performed alchemy after word of Alphonse's death reached her.

General Roy Mustang continued his career, though he never saw active combat again. Liza Hawkeye pitched a very loud and dramatic fit over the tattoos on his hands, though after pacification she admitted that they were needed at the time. Mustang and Hawkeye grew close after the funerals of his subordinates, and eventually married. They had three children. The eldest and the youngest (a daughter and a son, respectively) became alchemists and colleagues of Jean Delgardie. The middle child ( a son) became a well-known and widely acclaimed artist.

Roy never discovered if Edward and Jean passed through the Gate to the other side, though he liked to think that they did. He insisted on believing that they were still alive and together somewhere, though in the end only Liza would believe him.

Roy Mustang died, peacefully, sixty-three years after the war with the Abominations, at the age of ninety-five. He was buried between his wife and Edward Elric. He was survived by his three children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grand-children.

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Setting: Miskatonic University, Massachusetts; September 2000

Edward Elric and Jean Havoc are both eighteen years old, studying at the prestigious Miskatonic University. Their life in the dorms is plagued by homework, spontaneous fights, a slightly deranged roommate, rugby practices, and unhealthy eating habits. The two young men seem bound and determined to be antagonists for one another.

However, the night after their initial meeting, nightmares begin to plague the chronically depressed Edward. He slowly realizes that things are not what they seem, and after weeks of the horrifying dreams, he comes to terms with the fact that his life is not everything that he wanted it to be.

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