Rated: G
Category: Drama
Spoilers: Early Season Four
Description: Maybe he can still reach out to Lex, if it's not too late.
Notes: A rewrite of John Glover's own stab at fanfic, the letter he composed from Lionel to Lex for Smallville Magazine. I'm writing in the voice of "jailhouse conversion" Lionel, so it doesn't perfectly match Glover's timestamp, but, ├žest la vie.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not mine.
Feedback: I fiend for it.

As I am sure that, at best, I have your attention out of curiosity, I'll be brief.

Since my incarceration, I've had nothing if not time - time that has led to much lugubrious reflection. And of all the things that plague me (and there are many), your ill-opinion of me torments me most. Not only because of all the things I've done that have hurt you, or the ways that I failed you, but because somewhere amongst my lessons, my hopes, and my aspirations of great things for you, somehow the goodwill, the good intent, yes, the love behind it all was lost. It reminds me of the same embattled antagonsism I shared with my own father. And that pains me.

That said, I don't seek to elicit your pity, but only your forgiveness. I still hope that maybe we both can find someway to mend the tension between us and form an adult relationship free of the malignancy of the past. I sincerely believe that this is possible.

I also believe, Lex, that if my life and its debauchery can, even remotely, fortify you against the evils of this world, then mine won't have been a life lived in vain.

Your father