AN: First line taken off of an EII poster that seemed to say it all. So here's Anakin's thoughts on that particular Jedi saying.

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A Jedi Shall Not . . .

A Jedi shall not know anger, nor fear, nor love.

That's what they told me when I joined them. I wanted to tell them, too late.

I have known anger. Let them try being slaves. Let them endure the hazing. Let them dodge the wreckage of yet another honest podracer who got on Sebulba's bad side. And let them not feel anger. Let the Jedi be passive in the face of injustice. I cannot. But I am patient, or at least I am learning to be so. I cannot save the galaxy today; I do not yetknow enough.

I have known fear. Let them journey the stars for the first time. Let them tremble at the thought of loosing everyone they hold dear. Let them be tested, never knowing if they are good enough to gain a dream long denied. And let them not feel fear. Let the Jedi be serene before living nightmares. I am not. But I am strong, strong enough to overcome, or so I have been told. I cannot crush the fear today; I am not yet strong enough.

I have known love. Let them be tucked in at night with a quiet song and a kiss. Let them behold an angel walking among mere mortals. Let them be separated from her for ten years when every second brings thoughts of her to a heart nearly bursting. And let them not feel love. Let the Jedi be distant when the angel approaches. I will not. But I am hopeful, for I know that we belong together. I cannot take her now; I am not yet old enough.

I guess it's a good thing that in a universe that has lost its axis, thatI am patient, and Palpatine is wise.