"Case Closed"

Summary: Simon and Emma are faced with a series of bizarre robberies and a gruesome murder – and the truth behind a mystery that has haunted them both for years.

Ruse was authored by Mark Waid and Scott Beatty (not at the same time, mostly) and published by CrossGen comics. The setting and most of the characters are theirs; I'm just borrowing them. Any characters who aren't in the Ruse or larger CrossGen canon are mine.

Though the Ruse series uses American spelling, I've decided to use British spelling for this fic. Time – and reviewers – will tell if this is a good idea.

This story is rated PG for mild language and violence.

If you want to post this story in whole or in part somewhere else, please e-mail me first.

Now that that's out of the way, please read and enjoy…

"A confederate who foresees your conclusions and course of action is always dangerous, but one to whom each development comes as a perpetual surprise, and to whom the future is always a closed book, is indeed an ideal helpmate."

-- Sherlock Holmes