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A Stoppable Christmas

Kim put down her fork as she finished her grilled chicken salad from Bueno Nacho. She and Ron had stopped for a quick supper on a clear December afternoon after a study session at Kim's house. "Ron, can I ask a favor?" Kim asked.

"Mrrgh, Kmmgh" Ron mumbled as he stuffed his face with a naco.

"Ron, please don't talk with your mouth full. Nacos are gross enough to look at but when while you are eating them it is worse"

"Sorry KP" Ron said as he swallowed his food. "I'll do anything for you, Kim, without your help I would be flunking out. Exams are coming and this being our first semester as seniors I need all the help I can get." Ron answered.

"Ron, I need your help" she said.

"What do you need Kim, all you have to do is ask" answered Ron.

"Our church is sponsoring a Christmas Play for Middleton. I was asked to be Mary" said Kim.

"Hey, that's cool Kim, you would make a wonderful Mary" interrupted Ron.

"Thanks Ron, but there is a problem, the person who was to play Joseph found that his family is going out of town on the evening of the play and we can't find another Joseph" continued Kim. "I was wondering, I know that you are Jewish and you don't celebrate Christmas, but, but…" Kim stalled. Kim looked up at Ron. "Would you be Joseph, for our play?"

Ron looked at Kim with a smile and said "Kim, I would love to help you. I'll have to clear it with my parents, but I don't think it will be a problem. After all, Joseph was Jewish".

"Thanks, Ron, I knew that I could count on you." Kim said with a smile. "How about a grande size Naco!"

"Buuuurrrrrp, Sorry Kim, excuse me"Ron apologised then grinned at the offer. "You know the way to my heart."

The morning of the day of the dress practice Ron picked up Kim at her house and went to her church. It was a cloudy winter day and it the forecast called for snow. Ron got out of his car and went around to open the door for Kim. Their breath steamed into the air, the air crisp and clean. She took his arm as they walked up to the church. Ron opened the door for Kim and they entered to church. A tall distinguished man met them inside.

"Why, good morning Kimberly. How are you this morning?" he asked.

"I am doing fine, Reverend Davis." said Kim. "Ron, this Reverend Davis, the pastor of our church. Reverend Davis, this is my friend Ron."

Ron reached out and shook the hand of the pastor.

"Good morning, Ron, you must be the young man who protects our Kimberly on all of those missions that she goes on" said the pastor.

Ron smiled and looked over at Kim. Kim had a slight grin on her face and hugged Ron's arm and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Well, Rev. Davis, we sort of take care of each other" Ron said.

Rev. Davis continued "I spoke to your Rabbi Katz last evening to ask him if he would mind you helping us with the play. He said to tell you that he would be happy to let you help us and you would make a great Joseph."

Suddenly, a group of children came running up to Kim and Ron and asked "Miss Kim, Miss Kim, are you still going to be Mary, is this your boyfriend, is he going to play Joseph, are you getting married?"

Ron and Kim laughed and Kim answered "Well, in answer to all of your questions. Number one, yes I am still going to be Mary. Second, well, yes he is my friend. Third, yes he is going to play Joseph. Fourth, well we will have to see about the fourth question." Kim said this as she looked up at Ron.

Ron started to smile and then said "Might not be a bad idea." With that statement all of the children broke out in giggles. Ron was thinking to himself "might not be a bad idea, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside."

Kim continued "Boys and girls, this is Ron; he is a very special friend. Can you say hello to Mr. Ron."

"Hey Mr. Ron" said all of the children.

"Hi, guys" said Ron.

"Ron" said Kim "these are some of the children in the Sunday School class that I help with and they are helping with the play. "You kids go on and get ready for practice and Ron and I will be there in a minute."

The children went back into the sanctuary. Ron and Kim went to hang up their coats, then joined the rest of the cast in the sanctuary. The church youth were gathered there to practice for the play and were busy setting up the props and getting into their costumes. An older woman approached them holding a clipboard and a pile of papers.

"Good morning Kim, so good to see you. You, must be Ron, I am Mrs. Banks, I am directing the play, thank you for helping us on such short notice."

"I am very happy to help, Mrs. Banks, I will do anything to help Kim" said Ron.

"Hello, Mrs. Banks, Ron's the best." Kim said. "Come on Ron, let's go back here to one of the classrooms and get into our costumes." The two teens went out of the room to get ready.

Later that day the two teens were in their favorite booth at Bueno Nacho for an after practice snack.

"I thought it all went very well" said Ron.

"Oh, it went well" said Kim with a grimace. "It went well till you dropped me getting me off of the stuffed donkey. I am going to be sore for a couple of days"

"Sorry, about that Kim, but I did not realize that that part of your costume making you look pregnant was so heavy" said Ron.

Kim giggled and said "I wish I had had a camera to get a picture of the expression on your face when I came out with my full costume on."

Ron flushed and said "Well, I wasn't expecting you to look like that."

"Look like what" Kim said innocently, realizing the Ron was getting flustered and she enjoyed teasing him when he was flustered.

"You know what I mean, that you looked ….looked" said Ron getting more flustered each moment.

"Pregnant" said Kim with a twinkle in her eyes finishing the sentence for him. Kim was really starting to enjoy teasing Ron at the moment.

But Ron turned to look at her with a smile and it was her turn to blush when Ron said. "Well, I would know that one day you might look like that when you … if we ever got married." Ron smiled at Kim's reaction.

She reached over and took his hand. "Well, I have to look the part, you know at least until the part where baby Jesus is born and I don't have to be big anymore" she said.

Ron mentioned "I have an idea that might add to the service, but I would like to talk to your pastor first."

"What are you thinking of" asked Kim.

"I want it to be a surprise" said Ron shaking his head. "I know that you will like it. I think I will give him a call and ask him about it."

Kim said "Well, the play is Thursday night with Christmas on Saturday; you are coming over aren't you."

"Yes" said Ron, "but I will be on the lookout for the mistletoe this year."

At that moment the Kimmunicator beeped. Kim pulled the device out of her pocket and asked "What's the stitch Wade? Who is doing what?"

Wade face on the screen said "None of the regular villains are doing anything; I guess they are all taking a break for Christmas. By the way Merry Christmas, Kim and Happy Hanukah Ron. I just wanted to let you know there has been a hit on your site. There is a couple stuck in a cabin in the valley up in the mountains. The snow has them blocked in and the rangers are asked for your help to get them out. The wife is expecting any day now."

Kim asked "Can't the rangers get them out?"

"No" said Wade "There has been a major avalanche in the area and all their manpower is working on that. They contacted your website and asked if you could help"

"Well" said Ron "At least we aren't going to have to fight anybody."

Kim asked "Do you have our transportation ready?"

"You will have to drive up to the Ranger Station yourselves" said Wade. "There are two snowmobiles with winter survival equipment on them waiting for you. You will use the snowmobiles to get the couple out. The road is not passable by anything but a snowmobile and the weather is not allowing any helicopter flights. They know you are coming, they have a radio. Their names are John and Pam Abrams."

Ron stood up "Let's get our winter mission gear and head up there" he said.

"OK Wade" said Kim "Let everyone know that we are on the way" The two teens left the restaurant to head up to the ranger station. Snow was starting to fall, and the wind was starting to blow hard.

This is the start of a winter mission. Kim and Ron are relieved that they will not have to fighting anyone, maybe just the weather. But, things will not be as easy as they seem. A winter storm is brewing and soon Kim and Ron will be fighting for their own survival as wellas the couple they have gone to rescue. Thanks for reading and reviewing.