A Stoppable Christmas – Chapter 6

The day of the play was at hand. The auditorium was full. All of the conversation was about the upcoming play and if Kim and Ron would be able to be in it. The events of the cabin, the babies and their injuries had been all over the news for days. The two teens had to stay a couple of days, the doctors wanted to be sure that Kim's bump on the head was okay and they had to practically sedate Ron to keep him in his bed so he would get some rest.

The two teens has been released the morning of play. Kim was in a wheelchair most of the time, her arm and leg were still in casts. Ron was walking with no problem, but moved slowly as his ribs hurt him some. The medicine the doctors gave him helped.

Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable, Mr. and Mrs. Dr, P. and the Abrams came into the room and found their seats. Reverend Davis came out and called for the attention of the group. "Good evening all. We are all happy that you are here to see our play. Many of you have asked me if Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable will be able to play their parts. I am happy to be able to announce that, yes, Kim and Ron are here and they will play their parts. This is a very special Christmas Play tonight for our Kim and Ron. We all know what they did earlier this week, giving a special couple a very special gift and in doing so giving of themselves to each other. So, without any further comments let our play begin."

The play went well. They had to change a few parts of the play because Kim could not walk. All of her parts had to be done sitting. This was no problem and her costume covered her casts. All of the bandages on her head had been removed. She was doing a great job as Mary and Ron was right there playing Joseph just as well. Behind the scenes and at each scene change he was right there helping Kim move around the stage as she needed to. Kim seemed to enjoy having Ron to take care of her.

The scene came where Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem and could not find a room at the inn. They had to settle for the stable. Ron pulled the fake donkey across the stage to the stable. He then turned and picking up Kim under her arms and knees took her off of the donkey and set her down on a bale of straw. As he picked up Kim placed her arms around his neck to help him, she heard him give a slight groan as he picked her up. As she hugged his neck, she whispered into his ear "Bet them ribs are feeling good right now". He just smiled at her and placed his hand along the side of her face.

"So not the drama" he whispered.

Both Mr. Stoppable and Mr. Possible at this point were trying to regain feeling in their hands. Their wives had both been holding their hands and when Ron picked up Kim they had to hold their breath to keep from yelling as their wives were squeezing their hands so hard. They both shook out the pain in their hand and gave each other a knowing glance and laughed quietly. The light laugh earned them an elbow and a glare from each of their wives, so they settled for a smile.

Ron pulled the rolling donkey off the stage and returned to the stable with their few belongings. The lights came down with a spotlight on Kim. She pulled back her hood as she sat on a bale of hay. She looked down and touched the bulge of her stomach and began to sing.

I have traveled

Many moonless night

Cold and Weary

With a babe inside

And I wonder

What I've done

Holy Father

You have come

Chosen me now

To carry your son

I am waiting

in a silent prayer

I am frightened

by the load I bear

In a world as cold as stone

Must I walk this path alone

Be with me now

Be with me now

Breath of Heaven

Hold me together

Be forever near me

Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven

Lighten my darkness

Pour over me, your holyness

For your holy Breath of Heaven

Do you wonder

As you watch my face

If a wiser one, should have had my place

But I offer-all I am

For the mercy-of your plan

Help me be strong

Help me be strong

Help me

Breath of Heaven

Hold me together

Be forever near me

Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven

Lighten my darkness

Pour over me, your holyness

For your holy Breath of Heaven

Kim finished her song as the light dimmed on her, and the lights went down for the closing of the scene. Moments later the lights rose again as Kim and Ron were kneeling at the manger. There was a delay as the audience waited for the shepherds and the wise men, but a light shown on a man playing an angel standing to the side. He began to sing.

I'm sure he must have been surprised
At where this road had taken him
Cause never in a million lives
Would he have dreamed of Bethlehem
And standing at the manger
He saw with his own eyes
The message from the angel come to life
And Joseph said:

When the angel finished his part, Ron began to sing as he knelt beside Kim at the manger, and glancing over to Kim.

Why me, I'm just a simple man of trade
Why Him with all the rulers in the world
Why here inside this stable filled with hay
Why her, she's just an ordinary girl
Now I'm not one to second-guess
What angels have to say
But this is such a strange way to save the world.

The angel began to sing his part again as Ron finished his first part.

To think of how it could have been
If Jesus had come as He deserved
There would have been no Bethlehem
No lowly shepherds at His birth
But Joseph new the reason love had to reach so far
And as he held the Savior in his arms
He must have thought:

Ron began to sing again as he knelt at Kim's side and he placed one of his hands on Kim's shoulder and placed his other under the baby.

Why me, I'm just a simple man of trade
Why Him with all the rulers in the world
Why here inside this stable filled with hay
Why her, she's just an ordinary girl
Now I'm not one to second-guess
What angels have to say
But this is such a strange way to save the world.

When Ron finished singing, he pulled his prayer cap out of his cloak and placed it on his head. He then took Kim's hand and began to speak.

"Father, we are humbled by the awesome power of this moment. From you and our lives you have brought forth life. Through your love and our love we have fashioned a child of love. We know neither our origin nor our destiny. We only know our journey is a difficult one. We vow at this moment of creation to further the work of creation, to add to your efforts to the redemption of the world, through our honest encounter with Life. May this life we have birthed be a blessing to all he meets, and may our child count us among his blessings as well. Blessed is the source of life, the Fountain of Being whose Power enlivens us, sustains us, and enables us to reach this moment of joy."

As Ron spoke many listened closely to what he was saying. Kim had watched Ron as he spoke, he never stumbled a word and he spoke completely from memory. She leaned over as he spoke and placed her head on this shoulder. The play continued as the shepherds and angels came in.

After the play was over everyone was invited to refreshments in the fellowship hall. Kim waited for Ron to get her wheelchair so she could go to the hall. They had had to wait as many came forward to congratulate them for the play and their actions in the days beforehand. Ron came up to her and before she could ask for her wheelchair, he reached under her and picked her up.

"Ron, put me down, you will hurt your ribs doing this." Kim complained.

"No, KP, not this time. Now be still and be nice and let me take care of you." Ron told her.

She just nodded and said "OK". She placed her arms around his neck as he carried her out of the sanctuary and into the fellowship hall. There was thunderous applause as they entered the room. Kim blushed furiously and tried to hide her face as Ron carried her to a seat.

The pastor called for everyone's attention. "Now that Kim and Ron have joined us after giving us a Christmas Play to remember, I would like to introduce a couple that has something very important to say. Ladies and gentlemen, this is John and Pam Abrams, the couple that Ron and Kim helped and their two children."

John spoke from his wheelchair. "Thank you Pastor Davis, Pam and I appreciate the kindness that has been shown to us over the past days. We appreciate the invitation to be here tonight to see the play. We have truly been given several wonderful Christmas gifts. First, we have been given our lives, second we have been given two blessed children. There are two young people here who are responsible for those gifts. We became very well acquainted with Kim and Ron over those eventful days and the days following. We owe our lives to them and the lives of our children. These two young people risked their own lives to help us. We especially thank Ron, even though he was injured, and his lifelong friend badly injured he rose above all of that to care for us all in extremely trying circumstances. We thank Kim, for getting Ron the help he needed and although she was in great pain, she was at his side helping him. I can see why these two young people are so successful in what they do" John paused as the room filled with applause once more. "Most you know by now that we named our children in honor of Ron and Kim. But we would like to add one more honor. Ron, Kim, there is someone here that wishes to say something." At that moment a Park Ranger came out from the side.

"Greetings Ladies and Gentleman. My name is Dan Gillette; I am the supervisor for the Park Service in this area. I am acting as a representative of the Governor of Colorado. Tonight, it is my honor to bestow an honor on a special young teen that is here tonight. Ron, will you come forward."

Ron looked down at Kim who was looking back up at him beaming "Did you have something to do with this?" he asked.

She just smiled, "Well, anything is possible for a Possible."

Ron walked forward toward the front of the room and stood next to his parents who had also come forward. Someone had gotten Kim's wheelchair and wheeled her to the front of the room.

Mr. Gillette read from a paper and produced a box. He removed a medal from the box and gave it to Kim. He nodded to Kim and with help she stood and placed the medal around Ron's neck. She then gave him a peck on the cheek and sat down next to him.

"The Order of Merit of Crossed Palms is hereby awarded by the State of Colorado to Ronald Adrian Stoppable for his actions of December 18th to the 20th. Ronald Stoppable with his partner entered a hazardous area to aid in the removal of two civilians to safety. During the time the site was hit by an avalanche in which most of the party was injured including his friend and partner Kimberly Ann Possible. During the coming hours Ronald Stoppable was able to gather all of the persons in his group in a safe shelter. He arranged for medical aid from a member of the party to help care for the others. Even though injured himself he refused most aid till all had been cared for. At the point when a member of the party went into labor. Ronald Stoppable aided in the birth of twins. He then set signal fires throughout the night and keep the party warm and safe until rescue personnel could arrive. Upon arrival of the rescue personnel he aided the crews in the removal of all of the party. Only upon arrival at a medical facility and after all of the party was cared for would he allow himself to be treated. This award by order of the Governor of Colorado this day the 23rd of December. "

Kim reached out and took his hand. She smiled at him in a very special way. A smile he noticed that she had never used for him. He smiled at her and as the room filled with applause he took his other hand and covered hers smiling his "Ron" smile.

Afterwards Ron rolled Kim back to the sanctuary in a wheelchair. She has told him that she wanted to talk and this was the only private place they could find. They were alone. Kim reached over and took his hand. "Ron, I want to thank you for what you did."

"Hey, no big deal KP, we are a team" mentioned Ron.

"I know that silly" said Kim "but this time was different. You did the all the work. I was so proud of you. I have realized something else. I love you, Ron, not just as a friend, or a team member but something more."

Ron glanced over the Kim, as he remembered his panic when he got out of the snow and could not find Kim. "Kim" he said "when I woke up after the avalanche, I could not find you. I felt a hole in my life and I almost panicked when I could find everybody but you. The wind was blowing and the snow was coming down so hard. Then for some strange reason the wind quieted down and completely changed direction. That is when I heard you. The wind had helped carry the sound of your voice to me. If the wind had not changed direction. I would have not have heard you. I would not have found you. I would have lost you. After I found you the wind went back to blowing the other direction. Kim, when you sang that song tonight, I thought to myself. It was like the breath of God helping me find you."

"Ron, as I lay under that snow, I knew you would find me, I trust my life to you, I always have, I always will." Kim said. She reached up and touched his face. "You were saying that day after practice about me looking pregnant. You said the word 'we'".

Ron fidgeted and placed his hand behind his neck. "Well, I was dreaming, wishing."

"Well" Kim whispered "I wanted to tell you that I have had the same dream or wish whichever you want. Ron, when you helped Pam bring those children into this world. I was thinking of what if would be like if you helped bring my ---- our children into this world." Ron pulled Kim into a deep hug. Kim placed her head on his shoulder as he bent down and kissed to top of her head.

"Well" he said "we can work toward making that dream come true. What I mean is. Kim, I love you. I need you in my life; I want you in my life. We will see how we can work things out. We will have to take it slow. We have been friends so long. Now we are facing something very different. I want to do this right. Kim, I am not complete without you in my life. I want to build a life with you, but we need to lay a foundation first. I would marry you tomorrow if I could."

Kim was startled at the word of marriage. She looked up to Ron. "Ron, I need you in my life. I know that I can trust you to always be there. I say that I can do anything, but I cannot imagine a life without you at my side. You have always taken care of me, you are taking care of me now, and I would like you to take care of me forever. Having you as my husband would be a dream come true. I love you Ron Stoppable."

She reached under his chin and brought his lips to hers for a kiss.

All of a sudden they heard tremendous cheering coming from out in the halls and in the fellowship hall. They heard two voices yelling from the control booth where the cameras and sound systems for the church were. "HIC-A-BIC-A-BOO""BOOSHAH'


Two small faces appeared over the edge and spoke.

"Well, we followed you"

"two in here and "

"figured we would video what"

"you did"

"So we turned on the cameras and sound system"

"and recorded everything."

Kim screamed "YOU DID'NT"

"Yes, we did"

"We also sent the signal out to the"

"Middleton community cable news channel on"

"a live feed"

"so everyone in Middleton could see"

"what just happened."

"The signal was also shown"

"on all the monitors and speakers"

"in the church"


Ron jumped up and took off running for the rear of the church and up the stairs to the booth. "Wait till I get my hands on you!! AUUGGH!"

"RON!!" The twins yelled.

After the yells there was a series of thuds and bumps from the stairwell.

"Ron" called Kim "Are you all right?"

"Kim, I think I need your mom." Ron called from the back.

Middleton Hospital

Ron lay in another hospital bed with his right leg in a cast. Kim sat beside his bed in her wheelchair glaring at the twins who were sitting in two chairs on the other side of the room. The twins looked very uncomfortable.

"Do the two of you have anything to say?" Kim asked with enough ice in her voice to freeze a nuclear reactor.

The two twin looked up and said

"We didn't mean for Ron to"

"hurt. We just thought it was"

"a good joke."

"A joke! A JOKE!! To humiliate me and Ron…" Kim nearly screamed.

"Kim, it is okay" said Ron interrupting her.

"Okay? Ron, you broke your leg because of them."

"Kim, I fell down the stairs because of my own clumsiness. My folks have to leave for a few days on business and your mom told them I could stay at your house. She told them that she wanted to sit on both of us so we could get some rest. Also, I can be with you and your family as you celebrate Christmas." Ron said.

"But what they did with the video!" Kim said.

Ron sat up laughing. "I know KP, but could you think of a better way for us to tell everyone."

Kim looked at Ron and started giggling then broke into a full laugh. Ron reach out and took her hand as they sat there laughing together. "Besides, neither one of us is going very far from each other for the next couple of days. So maybe, we can enjoy being "close" to each other if you get what I mean." Kim's face flamed with Ron's statement.

"Kim and Ron sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S…" the twins started.

"Don't push it tweebs" Ron warned.

"Okay, Ron" the twins said.

"Besides, I should thank you. Now I get to spend some quality time with your sister." Kim's face flamed again. "and if you pull anything on the two of us until we are both on our feet. I might have to remember a certain incident about a certain experiment you two pulled a school."

The two twins turned white "you won't" they said meekly.

"Oh, I would" said Ron. He turned to Kim and smiled "I am sure Kim and I will have a nice, calm, peaceful recovery with no interruptions, will we tweebs?" asked Ron winking at Kim.

"No, Ron" the twins said.

Ron looked over to Kim and smiled.

The song Breath of Heaven is by Amy Grant. A Strange Way to Save the World is by 4Him.

The award given Ron is fictious. Kim is always getting all the awards and acclaim, thought it would be nice for Ron to be on the receiving end this time.

I hope everyone enjoyed the story. I know that Ron is Jewish, but I feel he would have done exactly as done here. Mary and Joseph were Jewish. As for Kim and Ron being OOC in this final chapter, well, I have already discussed that in the first chapter. Each writer interprets the characters in their own way. I make a point to try and keep the characters in character in my stories. Here however there in no information either way, so I placed the characters as I did her. I really had a good time with this story. The trick that the tweebs played on Kim and Ron came to me as I was operating the lights, sound and video for my churches Christmas play. I haven't had the tweebs in any of my stories to any full extent so I thought I would have them do what they did. It seemed like something they would do if given the chance. As always, thanks for reading and reviewing. Merry Christmas to you all.