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A strange day

Harry was brought once again to privet Drive number 4 where he was once again locked up in his room and cuffed to the bed by his uncle who just mumbled something about those damned freaks messing in the stuff of normal people. Harry had known that Vernon was a sadistical man just because whenever he used magic before he got his Hogwarts letter the fat man would get a belt and punish him. Now the punishments were getting harsher and harsher as Vernon tried to make Harry buckle under the stress and make the boy do everything for the family and the fat pig they called their son but looked more to be a blond haired pig to everyone. They blamed Harry for Dudley's weight problem and the fact that the boy couldn't even get up without the help of his father spoke enough to know that Dudley Dursley was seriously overweight.

Harry felt the belt coming down on his already raw shoulders and winced. The pain wasn't so bad as he was used to it now but how was he going to cover up the scars without using magic. If the people of the wizarding world knew that their saviour was being abused by his uncle they probably wouldn't believe him anyway because it was stated in the paper that he was just a lying insane little kid that craved the attention of the media. Harry felt the whip descend on his legs and wondered why Vernon had hit him there. Then he looked at Vernon and saw that the man was brandishing a whip now which looked to be used for horses and as soon as the whip hit Harry's flesh he felt a stinging pain and as he looked he saw that the place where the whip had hit was now bleeding. He looked at Vernon and saw a look of malicious glee in his eyes. Then he felt another blow descending on his lower back before being turned over to lie on his back. He was naked so that the flesh could really be tortured well.

Harry gasped in pain as the first strike of the whip hit him directly in his crotch leaving a red mark. A scream of anguish came out of his mouth and was silenced when Vernon hit him in the head with one of his meaty fists. Then the whipping resumed and Harry felt pain unimaginable in his crotch that was hit nearly every time. He wasn't sure if the pain would ever end because it hurt so much. Harry tried to get loose of the handcuffs that bound him to the bed but to no avail. Then Vernon stopped the whipping on Harry's abused body and left the room. Harry laid down on the bed energy flowed out of him by every breath he took. He closed his eyes and no matter how much he tried he couldn't open them again not having enough strength left in himself to make them open. He thought to himself:

"Is this the end?"

Then there was a soft pop and a female voice said:

"Wotcher Harry you left your…HARRY!!!"

Then there could be heard another pop and another voice said at a cold tone:

"Woman stop your screaming or the muggle will come again. We must heal his body now because he isn't going to survive much longer without our help. And don't even think about calling the muggleloving fool for help. I have placed and anti-apparation ward over this room. Only me and a few people could enter this room. At least we are not disturbed by the muggle. Now let me summon someone who might help me heal Harry."

Harry heard some soft incantation then another pop was heard and a low seductive female voice could be heard:

"Master what do you want? I got the healing potions and other stuff you asked for."

The cold voice said:

"Heal Harry. He needs it fast or else he is going to die."

The female voice said:

"Why would I do that. Think of it Master. Then potter would finally be dead."

The cold voice resumed talking:

"No Bella he must not die because I need something of him and he needs to be in a good condition to do it for me. I can only act now when he needs me the most. I have seen the abuse through my connection with him and have come to his aid as soon as he needed it. Remember that I was also abused by my Muggle keepers so obey me."

Then Tonks spoke up because it was her who had first apparated into Harry's bedroom:

"Why are you doing this? You and Harry are supposed to be each others enemies."

Harry felt two soft hands beginning to bandage his crotch and wrap the abused organ in soft bandages. He thought about the name that had been given to the woman and he softly asked with what little was left of his voice after doing so much screaming:

"Are you Bellatrix Lestrange?"

The hands were now softly making sure that the bandages were in place and then the female voice answered:

"Yes I am. I apologise for the death of my cousin Sirius. I was under imperious by my husband at the moment. It is Black now Harry. Although I don't agree with the Lords decision to let you live since you are the greatest obstacle to making us rule the world but I will obey the Lords wishes."

Harry smiled a bitter smile and then his attention returned to the conversation between Lord Voildemort and Tonks. They were talking about him and he listened in on them while Bellatrix made him turn. The conversation now captured his interest:

"I try to look out for Harry because I have some blood of his flowing in my veins. When I tried to possess him last year it became obvious that we should work something out and that's why I decided to help him out sometimes when it would kill him to be here. And no I will not abduct him to my base. Dumbledore is such a fool that he lets Harry live here where he is abused by his relatives. Even if he were placed with Lucius Malfoy the boy would have it better. He would not be abused by his uncle. Now lets quit babbling. The boy is paying attention. Can I trust you not to divulge to Dumbledore that you saw me here?"

Tonks must have nodded because Voldemort said:

"Fine then. Please leave but before you do I shall erase this conversation from your memory: Obliviate."

Harry heard a spell rush through the room and heard Voldemort tell Tonks that Harry had gone to the supermarket to pick up a meatloaf for his aunt and that she found nothing in his room. He made sure to leave instructions and Harry was surprised that he knew of Grimmauld Place but then a flask was placed against his lips and a fluid touched his lips. He gulped it down and felt his back healing and his crotch beginning to lessen in pain before it was gone. Harry opened his eyes and looked at Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange who were standing next to his bed. Tonks apparated out on the moment Harry opened his eyes and he caught a brief glimpse of her dark blue hair before she apparated away. Harry looked quizzically at Lord Voldemort. Who chuckled and said:

"Don't worry Harry I won't leave you all alone. When it's your birthday I'll come back to give you a nice birthday gift. Come Bella lets go back."

Lord Voldemorts face had a smile appearing on it which made him actually look human. Then he and Bellatrix apparated out leaving Harry lying on the bed. Harry fell asleep soon and dreamed about nothing until the morning where he was woken up by a belt whipping him. Groaning Harry got up and walked downstairs to makee breakfast and went to do his chores for the day. He anxiously waited for his friends to send him ay mail that might take his thoughts off what had happened to Sirius and the strange incident with Lord Voldemort last night.

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