May's Jealousy

By: Richard

This is a disclaimer. I don't own Pokemon, (though I wish I did), and the characters depicted here are property of the pokemon franchise, and I claim no authority over their products or characters. However, I do claim my thoughts to be mine (considering that they are my thoughts) and that the entire story line is my property. If you do find a way to sue me, DON'T. I'm just a pokemon fan who's not afraid of what his friends think. I'm only writing this because I love pokemon. Lets continue shall we?

Chapter One: May's Victory

As May stood opposite to her opponent, Drew, in the hopes of wining the glory of the Ribbon Cup, she had the pokemon of her choice in her pokeball. She stood nervously with Drew looking at her just as anxious. The announcer blared, "The final battle between Drew and May will now begin. Begin!" "Beautifly, Go!" "You too Roselia!"

The battle began as both May and Drew faced off against each other. "Roselia, Petal Dance now!" Roselia spiraled in her dance formation, sending many petals in a large radius. These petals were from flowers, but May knew that these were no ordinary petals. These petals were as sharp as well-kept blades and there were many of these flying in the air. "Dodge by flying upwards, then use Gust to blow away the petals!" Beautifly did just that and the field was clear of the many colored petals. "Roselia, use Poison Point on Beautifly now!" Roselia charged at May's pokemon and managed to scrape her pokemon. "Beautifly, can you still battle?" "Beau…ti…fly…Beautifly!" "Great" "You'll never win May, I'm just to good." Said Drew. May was discouraged as she heard this, while simultaneously her Beautifly was hit by another attack.

Her Beautifly looked really weak and she was down to her last few points while in the remaining 2 minutes. "I'm going to lose…" May thought. "May, what are you doing?" Ash yelled. May looked at Ash from the left side, where he and Brock sat. "I'm trying to win unless that isn't obvious enough for you." May was close to tears at this point. "All that work to get there and I'm going to lose to Drew again." May thought as she hung her head. Just then, she heard many screams from spectators. She looked over at the stands. Ash had jumped over many seats and was running towards the stage. "What is he thinking?" May wondered. "May, I know you can win, I know you can beat Drew if you tried your best. Come on! Beautifly is battling for you! Make it count!" Ash said, as he wrestled 5 guards that had blocked his way to the stage. "Ash…" May said silently. Drew was completely incapacitated at the actions of Ash and Pikachu. Ash broke through in euphoria of determination and cheered May on from behind. "Kick his scrawny green-haired ASS MAY!!!" May said, "But Ash, I can't win! He's just too good! Beautifly is so tired…" "Don't ever talk like that! I didn't give up in all my battles, even if they seemed futile. You have to keep trying!" "But Ash…" "No buts! You're going to win today and you'd better start believing it! May, you're a talented trainer, just believe!" "I'll try…" "Not try, WIN!!!" "Ok…win then…" May said in a despairing tone. "WHAT KIND OF BATTLE IS THIS? I THOUGHT ONLY THE BATTLING COORDINATERS CAN BE ON STAGE!!!" Drew said in an enraged tone. "Shove it Drew, or I'll shut you up myself!" "Ash…" May said in an embarrassed voice. "May, you'd better win!" "Ok…I will…" May said. In her mind, she thought "For you…" May then decided that Beautifly should use the terrain in much better fashion. "Beautifly, fly up and use Morning Sun!" Beautifly flew up an additional 30 feet and flapped its wings. Golden mist obscured the vision of many as brilliant rays of light flashed, emitted by Beautifly. In awe the audience was silent; all that could be heard came from the many grunts from Ash as he struggled with a full legion of guards. Beautifly had recovered to full battle ready points.

"Roselia, use Solar Beam!" Roselia began to charge up a huge build-up of photons in its hands. "Beautifly, you need to make this attack count before Solar Beam is charged! Use Silver Wind and beat him now!" Beautifly let many silver blades from its rapidly flapped wings. Roselia was hit, but not diminished. "Roselia, Razor Leaf!" Drew said as he panicked. "Rose." His pokemon said. "Beautifly, use our special move!" Brock said, "May, no! You haven't perfected that one yet! If the attack sequence fails, you'd lose!" "If I don't now, I'll lose anyway! We're almost out of time!" May cried to Brock, as she pointed to the timer.

Only 30 seconds remained and Drew still had a significant lead in points. "Do it May!" Cried Ash. He was on the ground at this moment with Officer Jenny standing over him flabbergasted. "Beautifly, use Gust, while using tackle and spin trailing a String Shot and Silver Wing at the same time!" Beautifly began the complex sequence. If this attack were successful, Drew would lose all his points due to the variety of attacks. Beautifly reached Roselia and the crowd waited as the remnants of the wind dissipated. "Roselia is unable to battle, May and her Beautifly win!" The announcer shouted. The crowd shouted and clapped; the audience was grasped in a loud state.

The guards have gotten off Ash and Officer Jenny was beginning to release his wrists from his handcuffs. "Ash ran over to May and hugged her. "You won! I told you that you could win! Never lost faith!" "Thanks a lot Ash, for believing in me even though I didn't." May then walked over to the podium and stood on the top level. She received the Ribbon cup and had her photo taken with Beautifly. Today, May was happy and joyous, as she has ever been in her entire life. Today, she was a champion!

Author's Note: Ash and May belong together. This is probably the first story that shows Ash and May together while they are in their first err…meetings. I know all you loyal pokemon fans still cling to Misty, but May is so much more suited to Ash because she's just as ignorant as Ash! This is (as far as I know) the first pokemon fiction about Ash and May while they are beginning to express their feelings for each other in greater detail without a lot of irrelevant characters, or something that hint's that they have feelings. I know that the concept of Ash and May has been drawn ever since we watched Ash meet May, but I'm saying that this is an original fan fiction. Try to accept Ash and May together, there's a reason why she was introduced. Please keep on Reading!