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Chapter 4: Ash's Revelation

As May left the room, Ash felt senses of resentment, jealousy, pain and relief. He was certainly that May had left the room but was no more relieved then when he realized that she was off to meet with Drew. He had never before felt so many emotions at once; certainly not as painful as the ones he was feeling. He had not felt anything similar to this way since-since Misty left. As he realized this, Brock had assembled himself among with Max and was ready to go to Ernie's Eat Till You Bust.

"Come on Ash, we're going to a buffet. You love buffets! We're going to eat at one, so hurry up!" "I'm not hungry..." Ash said. "Ash, you're lying. I know you want to go…" Brock said, egging Ash on. "Yeah Ash, there's only one thing in the world that could stop you from going to a buffet and that's if you went crazy." Max said. "I said I'm not hungry!" "Yeah you are…besides…I'm certain May's having a good time…" Brock said, taking a rather large gamble at Ash's ignorance, pride and envy. "She is isn't she? I guess I might as well have a good time…" Ash thought.

Brock had been anticipating Ash's response, wondering Ash's next action. Ash was usually not melancholy, silent or heated in a situation besides a battle. Brock was nervous, not knowing the usually predictable Ash or the response he would trigger. It could have both intended or an adverse affect on Ash. "All right. Lets go!" Was Ash's response as he struggled to maintain a phony smile on his face, making him look like a demented Gengar. It was a rather frightful sight.

"Yeah Ash, we can all see you're psyched to go eat…" Brock said in a frightened voice. Surprisingly, the lights in the room flickered, making Ash look even more terrifying then previous. Strange coincidence… At this point, Brock was holding on to Max in an embrace, both scared at Ash's new face. Since Ash was trying to maintain his smile, he unconsciously made his advance towards the door, to the location of his friends in a slow stomping manner. "Come on guys, let's go…" Said Ash through his clenched teeth, impairing his speech so that it hissed as he spoke. Brock was fumbling with the doorknob, desperately trying to open the door but to no avail. At last, they were free.

They ran out the door and pressed the button controlling the elevator, repeatedly and unnecessarily. Kids don't use the stairs now a-days, right? However, when his friends fled, had let his frightful expression go, leaving a disturbed Ash. He continued to ponder in the silence, festering thoughts of revenge and bathed in the shame of his sub-conscious defeat. His conscience was at stake, not knowing which other action he must take to correct the void that was his mind. He needed to justify his actions in order to be at peace. Though this event did not destroy who he was, he was wounded in both heart and soul. He had never expected May to take such an action before!

The crew had arrived at the buffet and Max had run off to the lines after they were seated. Ash was not as enthusiastic as his younger friend. Brock decided it was time for him to share his knowledge in romance with his younger friend. "Alright Ash, I'll be honest with you. I can see quite clearly that May going off to see Drew is really bugging you, but you need to get over that. She was probably asked to go and couldn't say no. It's probably just a phase Ash." "Who said I cared?" Declared Ash in an unreasonably loud voice that caused people surrounding to stare. "Ash, you don't need to be some sage in love to see that you're troubled." Ash was rather taken back at the truthfulness of Brock's statement. "You don't know what you're talking about." Ash knew however that Brock had reached his emotion at its core. "Your choice Ash. I'm telling you to let it go. If she's really interested in Drew, she would have left long ago."

With that, he left Ash to ponder alone for he had taken a plate and was hitting on the female server already. "Maybe Brock was right." Ash thought, seeing as how many times Brock has been rejected but managed to continue his blissful life. Ash then decided to enjoy his stay at this particular restaurant, picked up a plate and joined Max. He decided to hit the sushi bar, seeing as they allowed unlimited consumption of exotic fishes & oceanic items provided here, including octopus or eel. After, on his third visit, he decided to have a contest with Max. They both grabbed fries and stuffed their mouths filled with them, seeing which of them could have the most. Ash was winning simply because he was older and a glutton, while Max had very little in each field. He had spirit, and Ash admired that. He decided to let Max win by swallowing. "Yeah! I won!" Said Max. Brock was amused, while happy at Ash's change of heart. He was glad to see his friend happy once again.

After the contest, Max was sitting in his chair contented. Ash however was having other thoughts. As he looked at the female Brock was flirting with, he was reminded of Misty. Perhaps it was the red hair, or because of the tantalizing smile. Perhaps it was the scowl that she had on her face after Brock asked her out. It didn't really matter…Misty wasn't here and that wasn't Misty. Ash missed Misty ever since she had to take over the Cerulean Gym, when her sisters were taking the world tour. 3 months have passed…where was Misty now? Should she not have come to look for Ash like Brock? Or was it because she…and Ash…no, that couldn't be. Ash had never declared his feelings openly to her previous. She wouldn't have felt uncomfortable with Ash because of this; it would still have been a relationship between friends. "Just friends?" Ash thought. "Did I really care for Misty that much? I'm in no position to lecture May if I'm still…what am I thinking? I don't like May, or Misty! Right?" At this point, the same serious unbefitting expression was upon his shadowed and downcast face. "What is it that I'm feeling? I feel dizzy…and my face feels like it's been lit ablaze…is this love or jealousy?" Ash could not make up his mind. He was deluded with so many similar thoughts…how was he ever going to set his goal? If he could only pick one, which would it be?

"Wait…if that's true, then do I acknowledge my feelings towards them both? Yes…I certainly do. I can fool others, but not myself…but which would I choose? I don't want to be hasty, or pick out of envy, but out of my heart. Who do I like?" The image of Misty popped in his head; all the times he ever had fun with Misty had appeared. Every adventure, every second and every heartbeat…the image of May could not be found. "I got it! I'll call Misty tomorrow and see how she's doing! This is great! I guess after all, I only thought I liked May because of my rash, impetuous self…being swayed over something as trivial as this…how silly." Ash laughed at this and brought smiles to the face of his friends. They decided to stay a while longer, until Ash had his fill. They then left at around 10:30. Sadly enough though, if Ash had looked deeper in his heart then his feelings, he would have seen May smiling at him.

Ash however was caught in the fervor of being in a buffet. His mood soon returned to the same conclusion: What is May thinking? He couldn't figure out his female companion even though she had spent so much time with him. No…it would be fairer to say that he could not figure out himself. "Oh no…the subject has been placed in my mind again by some means…" May…why was she so important? He had already decided that he shares no empathy towards her romantically, but why does his mind stray from Misty all of a sudden? "Hey Ash, we're back in the hotel." Brock said. Ash had continued to walk on the sidewalk. He was fortunate to have had Max guide him back to the place of his retirement. He was also fortunate to have Brock tell him that he had arrived back.

Ash decided that he would speak to Misty tomorrow and forget about May. He was happy with this conclusion until he reentered the shared double rooms. He had entered on May's side! He realized this as he saw his other two friends in front of the entrance of the second room. By then, he had already opened the door, and stepped in. He saw a mess of clothes lying about, from May's shopping trip. On the bed May lie. She had not dressed in her pajamas, but rather in her casual wear from her date with Drew. She had become so tired that she did not change out of her clothes! Ash went over to her side unconsciously, slid the blanket over May's body and left the room. In that duration, he felt an interesting sensation. It made him feel nervous and familiar at the same time. He turned off the lighting in her room and left. He entered on is friends side, which had been left unlocked by his friends. He entered, and slept on the bed. His friends asked not a question, but left him alone. Ash slept an easy sleep afterwards, enjoying his newfound feeling. He was not alone in experiencing this. May had awoken to Ash's gesture but fell back to sleep easily. She felt an interesting sensation, exact to Ash's. It seemed all her troubles have vanished…

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