TMNT: "Their Pain Still Lives"

A/N: Yet another one of my TMNT fanfics. This is the sequel to "A Very Turtle Christmas", and it may seem a bit different. I do not own the original characters of TMNT. You guys should know who I own by now, right?

Chapter 1


Leo's P.O.V

"Guys, come on, you have to concentrate more!" I let out a long sigh as I watched my younger brothers mess up on their Katas for the seventh time today.

"Come on, Leo…give them a break."

I turned around to see that Marsha had entered the dojo with some iced tea for us. "Hey, Marsha," I smiled warmly, putting my katanas away. "Okay, that's enough practice for today, guys."

"Whew, saved by our sis!" I shook my head at Mikey's little comment.

"Here, Leo, drink some tea, maybe it will calm you down," Marsha urged, handing me a glass.

"Thank you." Before I took a drink, I reached over and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

She blushed a little; I smiled at her reaction. "Hmph…" Raph grumbled as he took his glass. "Raph? What's wrong?" He shook his head at her, a small smile on his face. "Nothing's wrong, honey. Everything's fine." A lie. A total lie.

I couldn't believe he would lie to his own mate! "Well, I'm going to go check on Ukiyo for a few minutes. Don, you wanna come with me?"

"Sure thing, sis."

I glanced over at Michelangelo who looked back at me. "Oookkkaaayyy…I'm gonna go play my games…" With lightning bolt speed he took off towards the living room.

I crossed my arms in front of my plastron and stared Raph down. "Okay, what did I do, this time?"

"Look, Splinter Jr.!" I winced at the nickname. "Just because Sensei's passed on, you think you can take his place? Just like that?!"

"Well, who else can keep our family in order, huh, Hothead?! I can't believe you lied to her like that. 'Everything's fine'…tch, so like you," I grumbled and looked away from him.

"I didn't want her to get upset again, Leo. You've seen how much she's cried since Sensei's passed on. I can't stand seeing her like that and you know I still love her." I was a bit surprised at the softness in his voice.

Well, at least he calmed down a little. "I know, Raph. We've all been trying to cope with our loss and I know you still love her and she still loves you. I just wish you would stop getting mad at me whenever I kiss her."

"I'll be in my room."

As soon as he left, I let out a long sigh and headed for Master Splinter's chambers. "Sensei…ever since you left us, things have been going downhill fast. Don's practically avoiding us and the only time he ever does come out of his room is when Marsha comes to visit him and when it's time to practice our Katas. Mikey's not even saying what he's feeling at the moment, I know he's not his normal self, cause all he does is play that game Lori bought him; he doesn't even crack jokes all the time like he used to. Raph's gone and locked himself in his room, I think he's still trying to release some of his anger. Marsha still thinks it's her fault for your passing, Sensei. I can't seem to talk some sense into her…Sensei, we all miss you very much," I spoke into the chamber as though his spirit was still there, listening to every word I said.

I looked around the room and shivered slightly. Why do I feel so strange visiting Sensei's chambers? I asked myself.

I sighed heavily and sat down, my shell resting against the wall.

'Long lost words whisper slowly to me
still can't find what keeps me here
when all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Watching me wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
fearing you loving you
I won't let you pull me down'

"Leonardo…my son…" I jumped up, upon hearing Splinter's voice. Was it just my imagination? I looked around, frantically, trying to find him.

"Sensei?! Master Splinter, where are you?!"

'Hunting you I can smell you - alive
your heart pounding in my head'

"Leonardo…" There it was again.

"Sensei, please! I HAVE to see you!" I glanced around the room again. No one there. What's happening to me? Am I becoming delusional or something? I asked myself, sitting back down. I held my head. The pounding wouldn't stop. What was wrong with me?

'Watching me wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
saving me raping me
watching me'

To be continued…