Susan watched as the other two began packing their trunks. Ginny carefully packed her silk knickers, lace bras and the beautiful silk sleepwear that Harry'd got her. Her Auntie still seemed to think that her Grand Niece would prefer Scooby Doo briefs to Victoria's Secret, or something as nice as what Ginny had received, but time would correct that..

The summer had been fantastic, but she knew that the real adventure was just beginning. In a few days they would be back at the castle taking the specialized tutoring class that had been arranged. She was proud that as a Hufflepuff, she had been deemed worthy to participate.

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The Summer of Choices may be over but life is just beginning for The Four Apprentices, which will follow them through the next year. The teens are getting older, growing their skills, and getting more daring both in and out of their rooms. Harry and the others will grow to become the heros that they were destined to become.

I made a slight correction to chapter 15. Death Eater Mrs. Flint was killed in the raid at the Weasley residence, not Death Eater Mrs. Malfoy.