An: Very short, sweet fic. Based on the chorus of The reason by Hoobastank. • is where the lyrics used to be,

I own nothing... If I was, I wouldn't be writing this here...


"When I first heard you'll come here, I got nervous.

How would you react. Most important, how would I?

Would I be nice? would I be able to protect you?

The day you came, was the most beautiful day of my life.

I couldn't wish for a better moment.

The moment I hold you in my arms...

At first you didn't talk much.

A bit on the quite side, I guess

I didn't mind having you silent

Now you're sleeping beside me

Your eyes close

No worries in the world

And I want it that way

Sleep well my little baby, mama is watching over you... "

Hakura stood up and left closing the door leading to her now sleeping daughter.


An: hihi, hope you liked it.