Chapter 18- Comforting

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Tyson sighed as he was in the park where he and Hiro were together and when Tyson got his hat and first battle against another kid, how can this happen? I can't believe Hiro would do this to me! Tyson thought as he sat on the bench near where he was battling along side with Hiro watching. (A/N: remember the flashback in G-Revolution? That's where it is). "Tyson!" A voice cried as Tyson looked and found his older brother staring at him.

"Hiro, what are you doing here?" Tyson asked surprised as he stood up, "I'm here cause I want to see what's wrong with you! Is it because me and Akira?! Just spit it out Tyson!" Hiro cried as Tyson sighed. "I'm jealous all right! You always got everything! First you went with father on his dig, than you got a boyfriend along with coaching the BBA Revolution! I suggest you'll get married without me being there," Tyson said angrily.

"Are you that dumb Tyson! I'm always there for you! Protecting you everytime you need my help! Father gave me Metal Driger since it was his since generation! I supposed to give it to the youngest son that I might have! What about you? You have Dragoon with you since it's our family generation! You could keep yours which I can't! Don't you see Tyson? We are always together no matter what!" Hiro explained as Tyson looked at his Dragoon.

"I promise you! Tyson, I'll always be within your blade and your heart," Hiro said as he took out Metal Driger. Just than glowing came out from each blade, "what's going on?" Tyson asked as the power from each blade went to the other's blade. "It seems that Dragoon and Driger both felt the same way as we did," Hiro replied as the glowing stopped, "Tyson!" A voice cried as Tyson looked and found Kenny and Kai.

"Is everything all right?" Kai asked looking at Tyson, "yea. Everything's fine," Tyson said with a smile as Kenny opened up his laptop. "Tyson! Your beyblade is much powerful now! What happened?!" Kenny asked looking at Tyson and Hiro, "uh, just a little magic?" Tyson replied. "You know his lying chief," Dizzy replied, "yea. But there's no convincing him to tell me the truth, is there?" Kenny asked as Tyson shrugged.

"Come you three, everyone is getting worried about you," Kai said as Tyson smirked. "Aw, did you worry about me baby?" He asked as he kissed Kai's cheek, "yes! Now let's go before Hilary begins to argue with Ray, Akira and Max," Kai replied as Tyson laughed. The three boys left the park and went to Hiro's place before Hilary can do anything to the poor boys.


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