Amon was glad to have the paved road under his shoes and the streetlights above his head again. The office building at Raven's Flat looked so inviting, its fifth floor windows ablaze with man-made light. Even this late, the others were still there waiting. On the way up in the elevator, Amon held his hand out to Robin. She gave back the shard right away for the second time, but there was something else he wanted from her now.

"Back at the hill… Why did you pull me away?" he asked.

"Because I don't want you to disappear," she said simply.

The two turned and looked at each other for a moment before the steel doors opened on the office and the others jumped up.

"Didn't I say they'd be back," Michael said.

"Where have you been?" Karasuma asked.

"You had us worried. Why didn't you call us?" Sakaki demanded.

"I'm sorry," Robin said.

"Did you think we were dead?" Amon asked.

"I didn't," Michael said proudly. "But Dojima did."

"I did not," Dojima snapped defensively.

"Yeah you did. You were going through their stuff," Sakaki accused her.

"I wasn't going through it. I was just putting it all in order so it would be nice and neat when they got back."

"Yeah, sure, Dojima. We believe you."

Through all the happy noise around them, the dog and the fox glanced at each other. It felt so good to be home.

20 - Epilogue

Dear Miroku,

Of course I told Robin about your question. I told everyone about your question. And you were doomed to failure on that one anyway. I think she has someone else in mind for that particular function.

And just by the way, Robin keeps saying that the WacDonalds was called something else before. I don't know what she's talking about. Could that be one of those things that we changed?

Yours always, Dojima

P.S. Oh yeah, do that again…

Dear Dojima,

I like to surprise women with that question. You know that. It's not fun if she's not surprised.

Well, if the name of a fast food chain is the biggest thing we've changed, I think we're doing pretty well.

Passionately yours, Miroku

P.S. You mean this?

The End… or is it…

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Story Notes:

Like Agatha Takamaime from the original Hunting Dogs, Volando Petra's name means something. "Volando" is Spanish for "flying" and "petra" is Latin for stone. So his name means "flying stone." Fitting, isn't it?

I know that eventually someone will ask me about my reference to Sesshomaru's tail in chapter 3. Let me just say that Rumiko Takahashi herself has confirmed that that's exactly what his fur piece is. She said that she drew it wrapping around his shoulder because it looked good that way. And when you think about it, he's a dog. He should have a tail. In fact, Amon should have a tail too. But his would be smaller and black like his hair. Come to think of it, maybe that's why he always wears his long coat when he's out in public. To hide his tail.

Also, regarding Amon's flashback in chapter 6, Narita Airport is the major international airport serving Tokyo. It's been open and busy as hell for over twenty years. If Amon and Robin wanted to leave Japan fast, that's probably where they would end up. And that flashback taking place on a train isn't BS either. There are two railway lines that pass through Narita Airport. The Narita line and the Seikei line. Let it never be said that I don't do my research. Actually, having them standing in the train had special meaning for me. One of my favorite scenes in WHR was Robin's dream sequence in which she and Amon are standing in a train and when she reaches out to touch him, he disappears. I crafted Amon's flashback to echo that scene.

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