Title: Thank you

Author: Giulia

Summary: Merry, Sam, and Pippin find a way to say "thank you" to Strider for getting them all to Rivendell.

Author's note : Here it goes again. A shirebunny has hypnotized me again and told me « write ! write !!!!»… well there it is ! ENJOY

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"Rivendell. We finally reached this place. » Pippin said. He, Sam and Merry had finished bathing, and were in their room waiting for the latest news about Frodo. He had arrived long before they had, but they did not hear from him yet.

"Yes," Merry replied. "and it is all thanks to Strider…"

They stayed silent for a while. Then, Sam asked "Do you think Frodo will make it?"

"Yes." Pippin replied immediately. "He is a fighter, and he is in good hands now. You should not worry, Sam."

"Pippin's right, Sam. Frodo would not give up." Merry added.

And again, they did not say a word, and a silence was filling the room once again.

"You know", Sam started. "I think that we should thank Strider properly for what he did for us."

"You're right, Sam." Merry said "But what could we do?"

Pippin grinned. "I think I know…"

Everyone turned to him. "what are you thinking about, Pip?" Merry asked.

"Do you think Strider has ever eaten a real meal? I mean like one we normally eat in the Shire?"

"That's a brilliant idea, Pip!" Merry said, then added, "you think they will let us use their kitchen?"

"Well, we better ask don't we?" Sam said. "and we should hurry, dinner's soon."


"Here, all done." Pippin said. "Why don't you get everything set up, I'll find Strider."

"Always trying to avoid the hard job aren't you Pip?" Merry commented, grinning.

Pippin did not bother replying, and he went looking for Strider.

After searching for almost ten minutes, he found Strider in the library, reading.


"Yes, Pippin, how can I help you?" Aragorn asked the young hobbit.

"Dinner's ready. You have to come and eat." Pippin replied

"Already? It is not the usual time!"

"Well, it is not the usual meal either."

Aragorn sighed. 'this is not good,' he thought. However, he followed Pippin, and when he saw what was waiting for him, he was speechless.

"That's all for you, Strider." Merry said. "Now you will get to know what a real meal is."

"It is our way to say 'thank you' to you for saving us, and bringing all of us here safely." Sam added.

Aragorn did not say anything. These hobbits never ceased to amaze him. Turning to the three hobbits, he smiled, and started eating silently. He knew that they would be all right. All of them would.


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