A Day Without Rain


Summary: Sequel to Knock on the Sky. Draco and Ginny come back from their summer break and are forced to face the trials and tribulations of their actions.

Spoilers: Harry Potter, Knock on the Sky

Chapter One:

Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Draco stared down at a sleeping Ginny. She was so beautiful, so angelic, she took his breath away, and he couldn't even come to terms with the fact that summer was almost over. He wanted to keep her forever in his arms, but he didn't want to ruin her chances at a life. She needed to finish school, even if it meant he'd have to let her go for a while, but he had every intention of getting her back at the end of the year.

"Red?" he whispered softly.

She mumbled and curled her hand underneath her chin, pulling up the silk sheets. Draco grinned and brushed aside a strand of her hair that had fallen into her face. He placed a kiss on her forehead and lifted her arm out from under her chin. He took her arm, turning his back to her chest, and wrapped it around him. He gently played with her fingertips, nibbling and nipping.

"Draco?" Ginny's sleepy voice filled his ears.

The sweet salty air moved Ginny to wake more. The wind blew into the wooded cabin from one of the open windows. The mahogany dressers had clothing and trinkets scattered around on the top. The matching floor was covered in pieces of tattered clothing from their last love making session and spilled water and pieces of fruit scattered along the kitchen counter.

Even with all the contents decorating the floor it still looked clean because of the bigness of the place. It was beautiful, dark, and yet bright. Golden walls, but black furniture, when Ginny had first seen it the first that that had come to her mind was 'day and night', almost like Draco.

He turned and cupped her face, caressing her cheek with his thumb. He smiled down at her. "I just wanted to see your eyes."

Ginny blushed slightly and turned her eyes to her beautiful engagement ring. "Draco!"

"You are so beautiful," he croaked out licking her neck.

"Likewise, you sex God!" she replied squeaking from the wet trail he left behind.

"Sex God hmm? I guess I wore you out didn't I?" he smirked.

"Did you have a doubt?"

He grinned into her hair, and then lifted up slowly as reality slammed into him so hard it took his breath away.

Summer's almost over!

"Is something wrong?" she asked suspiciously.

Draco sighed and repeated his thoughts. "Summer's almost over."

Ginny cringed. She had known it would come, she just hadn't expected it to be so soon. The day the tropical dreams of paradise would end and reality would come in showing it's ugly unwanted face.

"I-I don't want to talk about it!" she said casting her eyes down to Draco's chest.

"But we have to!"

"Why? Why do we have to? I don't even want to go back! I want to stay with you! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME STAY?" she yelled.

Draco flinched back from the loud screaming and grimaced in guilt. "I can't ruin your chances at a life. You need to finish school."

"I have a life, but I want a better one…with you. Draco, I love you! Please just let me stay with you. I don't want to face my parents or yours! I know they'll try to tear us apart! Well I won't let them, but I don't think I'm strong enough to stop them, which is why I don't want to go back. I want to be with you forever."

Draco searched her eyes. Longing filled his being as he stroked her bottom lip. "Ginny, this isn't up for discussion."

Ginny's eyes darkened in anger. "Don't talk to me like child!"

Draco threw his head back in laughter. "The world 'child', when I talk to you, gods even think of you is so far from my mind of how I treat you. I just wish I could hold you forever and make sweet endless love to you until we both die from loss of breath! I love you so much, that I'd die for you. I can't let you throw your life away by not finishing school. You need to experience it. I'm not going to stop you from it."

"You'd die for me?" she gasped out.

Draco bit his lip and turned his head.

"W-why did that confession make my heart sink to my stomach? Are you hiding something from me Draco Malfoy?"

He sucked in a breath at the mention of his last name, and the fact that he held that gene sickened him. He turned his head away; trying to hide his disgust, his embarrassment. He felt the mark on his arm for the first time in months. Draco wrapped his hand around the mark glaring down at the floor so hard it was as if he were trying to bore a hole into it.

Ginny glanced down at his arm and it dawned on her within three seconds. "Draco, you're death eater…I want you to tell me right now that your life is not on the line with you being with me!" her voice on the verge of hysterics.

He turned his head, his eyes glaring hard at the corner. "It's not."

"Look at me when you say it!" she yelled frantically, jerking his head to make eye contact.

He glared, smacking her hand away. "IT'S NOT!" he yelled.

She flinched and held her stinging hand to her chest. "Y-you're lying to me! Why are you lying?" tears filled her eyes.

"Ginny…" he started as he reached for her.

She jerked away. "No! I don't want you to die for me! Just—don't touch me! I-I'm not worth your life! Are they going to kill you when they see you? Are they? You better not lie to me!"

Draco felt his eyes start to blur as he watched Ginny cradle her hand.

What have I done? I hurt her, my Red…I hurt her.

Hold her.

For once he took his advice and reached for her again, only to have her leap off the bed and cower in a far corner of the cabin.

"Answer me goddamnit!"

Draco turned his head into his shoulder. "I-I don't know."

Ginny's eyes turned wild and she shook her head. "Why did you do this?"

He glanced up and licked his suddenly dry lips. "What?"

"Why did you take me here knowing that that was a possible consequence?"

"I did it for you, baby. Setting aside the fact that I'm a death eater there always was a possible consequence anyway."

"Th-that's not good enough! Why, why, why, why??" she chanted frantically. "We cannot go back! If they killed you—" she chocked and slid down the wall.

Draco got up and ran to her. He lifted her up into his arms and smashed her to his chest, inhaling her warm soothing scent.

She slapped him and he had never been so shocked in his life.

She slapped me.


"I hate you!" she glared.

Draco stared at her in horror, then gasped as he felt his heart tear. He could almost swear he could feel the rip and pieces of it seeping through his body.

Draco searched her eyes and she pulled away from him. "Y-you don't mean that! You're just upset."

"Draco, I can't believe that you don't love me enough that you wouldn't want to try and stay alive for me!"

He saw red. "WHAT? How can you say that? I love you so much that I would die for you and you say I don't love you enough!?"

"YOU DON'T GET IT! At all, you don't get it! Don't you understand? If you die you're killing me!"

Draco felt the blood run out of his face. He squinted at her shaking his head. "N-no Ginny…"

"YES! You're my heart, I can't let you die for me," she gasped out bringing her hand to her mouth.

"Ginny I—"

She held up her hand and ran to get her coat. "Just—no!"

Draco watched helplessly as she ran out of the cabin.

To Be Continued…