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Summary: Shuuichi's father was murdered and the prime suspect is Mr. Furuya his father's business partner who was killed on an accident. Seeing a chance to avenge his father Shuuichi ask Botan the only daughter of Mr. Furuya in marriage to make her suffer to avenge his father. What will happen if he was starting to fall in love with her?

Chapter One: Prologue

Shuuichi was sitting on the big sofa in his library while Touya his hired detective pulled folders from his backpack that contains information about the murder of his father. An elderly maid named Mrs. Yuki came in with coffee and one sandwich for them and left.

"According to the evidence the prime suspect is Mr. Furuya." Touya said after the maid left

"My father's business partner?" Shuuichi said shocked to hear that Mr. Furuya has something to do with his father's death "How come?"

"Because he will be the owner of your father's share?" Touya said handing Shuuichi a folder whom he opened to read

"I can't believe it, it's my father's will." Shuuichi said looking down at her father's will

"I know and when I was reading it I was shock to find out that your father left you everything except one thing." Touya said then stop to see if Shuuichi can follow his line of thoughts

"Except The Real Estate Development Company which they were partners." Shuuichi said dreading the confirmation that Touya will give him

"Yes your right and as I was reading it I found out that your father's will was tampered." Touya said looking at Shuuichi whose reaction was very confuse "All your father's will are recorded in a computer stating when did your father talk to his lawyer and asked him to write another will and it so happen that your father's will was made the day before he was murdered when written in the computer that your father had already asked his lawyer to make his will 2 years ago." Touya said explaining to Shuuichi

"And the will state that The Real Estate Development Company is now owned by Mr. Furuya?" Shuuichi asked for confirmation

"Yes, it is now owned by Mr. Furuya legally." Touya said sitting on a chair while he slowly drink his coffee

"This can't be he killed my father and now he owned Real Estate Development." Shuuichi said standing up in anger

"But there is a good news." Touya said to calm Shuuichi a little bit

"Mr. Furuya was killed in an accident leaving everything to his daughter."

"I don't care if he was killed, good for him to be dead but still I want justice for my father's death and now that the prime suspect is killed the court will drop the appeal and I won't be able to…" Shuuichi said angrily then suddenly stop as an idea pop in his head "Do you say that Mr. Furuya has a daughter?"

"Yes, he has one and only." Touya said confirming to Shuuichi that made Shuuichi smile

"I want to have a copy of her picture."

"Why?" Touya asked sensing that Shuuichi was up to something

"I want to avenge my father's death you know and since Mr. Furuya is dead and we don't have any suspect left then I want to go undercover." Shuuichi said smiling

"You mean you'll go undercover to find out if he killed your father and at the same time you'll be avenging your father?" Touya asked for confirmation

"Yes! I'll be avenging my father's death through Mr. Furuya's daughter while I go undercover and find if he killed my father."

"Isn't it unfair that you'll be avenging your father through Mr. Furuya's daughter? I mean what if you found out that he got nothing to do with it? What will you do?" Touya said putting some sence to his client

"Look I made my decision and your working for me so just do what I said and give me a copy of Mr. Furuya's daughter." Shuuichi said a little bit angry

"No need to wait, I have her picture here in this folder." Touya said giving Shuuichi another folder "Now, if you won't be needing my service I got to go I have other clients you know." Touya added as he looks at his watch

"Thank you Detective Touya and I'll be sending the payment of your service tomorrow." Shuuichi said not looking up from the envelope Touya had given him

"Very well then." Touya said and left Shuuichi all alone

Shuuichi was still looking down at the envelope wondering if his ready to see the daughter of the man who killed his father. But after a few minutes he opened the envelope revealing a picture of a young woman with blue hair and amethyst eyes and lips that was red as a rose. Written at the back of the picture is the woman's name 'Botan'.