The Courageous White Tiger
By SparklyTree3876

Rating: G

Genre: Poetry

Pairing: Tigatron/Airazor

Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. Here's another one of my poems, this one being for Beast Wars. I noticed that Tigatron had few, if any, fics and poems dedicated to him. He was a truly noble yet strong character in Beast Wars, and he never hesitated to help others when they needed it. Plus, he was willing to put himself in danger to protect his friends, even if they were sure they didn't need protecting. Hence, I wrote this poem to honor him. Any constructive criticism is welcome.


A white tiger that had a gentle heart
And courage so undeniable
That it was as mighty as the river's rapids
Had a love for nature
Which showed no boundaries

He was very close to a white tigress named Snowstalker
His relationship with her was unbreakable
He blamed himself for Snowstalker's death
And tried to run away from fighting in the brutal Beast Wars
Dinobot told him that life would sometimes stink
But also had its good qualities
He returned to the Maximals
When the Predacons threatened his friends
And vowed to protect his home world of Earth at all costs

He soon fell in love with a Maximal falcon named Airazor
His love for Airazor became very strong
And couldn't be broken by anything
Nothing could separate these two lovebirds from each other
Their love was as great as a golden eagle
Flying down towards a rabbit
And grabbing its prey with its powerful talons

This courageous white tiger will have a place
In the minds and hearts of the Maximals forever
Even though he is gone
He will never be forgotten
By all those who knew him
As a friend and ally
He is forever with his love, Airazor
Safe in the Matrix.