The Mighty Raptor
By SparklyTree3876

Rating: G

Genre: Poetry

Pairing: None

Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. Here is another poem for Beast Wars, and it is based on Dinobot, one of my favorite characters. He was the only Predacon to ever hold a code of honor, preferring to back away from a weaker opponent than beat them when they are down. He was always willing to do the right thing and never backed down from a challenge. I wrote this poem as a dedication to him. Any constructive criticism is welcome.


A raptor that didn't have much care for anything
His heart was as strong as a mountain but a little cold
Had courage far beyond what anyone could imagine
Would leap into battle with incredible strength
And never went down without a fight

He hated Rattrap in a friendly way
Was friends with the annoying rat
But never really admitted the friendship
He followed Optimus Primal willingly
And with great pride and courage
But betrayed his Maximal leader
And rejoined Megatron for a time
Believing the Predacon leader
Would succeed in his horrible mission
For Maximal annihilation
When he reunited with the Maximals
He carried a great guilt
That would last a lifetime

When the Predacons threatened the early humans
He didn't run away
For he had found his destiny
He acted bravely
And fought his enemies as he never did before
He saved the early humans
And died for his great deed
His spark is now in the Matrix
Among the greatest of Cybertron's heroes

This mighty raptor had a great legacy
That could never be denied
Although fallen
He will never be forgotten
For he will be forever remembered
As a hero in the eyes of the Maximals.