The Wondrous Falcon
By SparklyTree3876

Rating: G

Genre: Poetry

Pairing: Tigatron/Airazor

Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. Here is another poem for Beast Wars, and this one is based on Airazor. To me, she was an overlooked character who never got an episode to herself. She was a fierce fighter, yet she was gentle and would never hurt anyone unless she felt threatened. I did this poem to honor her. Any constructive criticism is welcome.


A falcon that shined like a star
With courage so great
That it could never be denied
Her heart was pure like a crystal clear lake
Her eyes beamed as brightly as the sun
The strength inside her came from her heart
And was as great as the mountain itself

She had a love for a certain Maximal tiger
That was named Tigatron
Her love for him was so great
That it could never be broken
And was as great as a humpback whale
Leaping out of the water
And falling back down with a loud splash

Although gone
This wondrous falcon will never be forgotten
She lives forever in the eyes
And the hearts of the fellow Maximals
That knew and loved her
As a teammate and a friend
She is with her love, Tigatron, in the Matrix
And will forever be with him
As long as she is remembered
This falcon will never really be gone.