Sparky Doo Part 2

By Imaginaryfriend101

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"Speech" and [Thoughts]


Harry stood outside of an impressive white building, the only structure for miles around in this arid country. A thousand thoughts wizzed through his head What will they be like, am I going to like it here, I'm never going back to the Dursleys again

"Are you okay" a voice interrupted his thoughts and he turned to face the speaker, his rescuer, Xander Harris. He stood tall, high above Harry and looked down at him through a single eye, in many people that would seem sinister, but not to Harry. He could see that that one single eye held more warmth and compassion then the Dursleys ever had, and to find it directed at him was astounding.

I'm never going back to the Dursleys ever again

"Y yeah… I think so" his voice gaining in strength as he talked.

"Good" Xander said smiling down at Harry, "Come on, I bet the girls are eager to meet their little brother" he said, ignoring Harrys look of shock as he gently push him forwards into the what would soon become more than a home then the Dursleys ever was.

Xander led Harry through the entrance way and into the main living room of the complex where he had told the slayers to gather. He couldn't help the little worm of doubt that shivered up his spine, sure the girls had seemed enthusiastic on the phone when he called them on the plane to inform them of their newest arrival, but he worried about how they would act towards Harry.

He needn't have though, as he entered he found all the slayers lounging around the living room obviously waiting for them. He cast his single eye around them, his girls, the ones he affectionately called 'the exiles' in the privacy of his own mind. The slayers who for one reason or another had been banished to the weakest Hellmouth until they where ready to face the real challenges.

Sure the Hellmouth still attracted its fair share of Demons and ghouls but it was no where near the level of the Cleveland Hellmouth. And the amount of Vampires that dared to venture below the equator in this part of the world was almost nil, meaning that they lived a moderately relaxed lifestyle, only the older slayers venturing out with a field watcher to deal with any threats.

"Girls I would like you all to meet Harry" Xander said aloud gesturing to the small figure that was trying to hide behind him "Don't worry" he said in a conspiratorial whisper to the girls "he's a bit shy"

The girls gave a general wave in the direction of Xander legs but kept quiet, not wanting to scare the little guy just yet.

Xander reached down and gently tugged Harry to stand by his side as he walked around the room "Harry, I think you already know Kylea" Xander said as he gestured toward the tall ebony slayer who was attended Giles Ceremony with him, being nineteen she was the eldest African slayer and the only one with a field watcher, Zabuto, Kendra's old watcher. She was the one with the task of dealing with the dark forces in Africa, travelling around the country to the Hot spots as they developed, it was just luck that she was here now.

"Hi Harry" Kylea said brightly in her broken English, she was the one most used to Harry, and knew that he wasn't being rude just extremely shy "It's good to see you again"

"Hello K Kylea" he stutted

Xander spun Harry around to the next slayer "This is Chao-lin" he said motioning to the Chinese slayer who had been at the battle against the First.

Chao-Lin was an unusual case, The council tried to send activated slayers to the nearest Hellmouth to their home country. Unfortunately the Chinese government had their own Demon hunting team, the Hand, that had as little to do with the council as possible. She had been placed into Xander's care until Giles got round to dealing with persuading the Hand that the new council was different from the old council, they didn't listen or they didn't care. Either way Chao-lin looked like she was staying here for the time being.

"H hi" Harry said and received a simple nod in response

"This is Niome and Boala" Xander said as he pointed at two slayers glaring daggers at each other. Niome, 16, and Boala, 14, strangely enough came from two neighbouring villages, a rare feat for slayers, and got on worse than Buffy and Faith ever did. The amount of time they had sparred and ended in the hospital wing was astounding. But like Buffy and Faith, when they fought side by side they were unstoppable.

Both girls stopped glaring at each other, Xander didn't even want to know what had happened this time, to greet Harry.

"Over here is Miss Vagner" Xander said pointing at a middle aged woman. She used to be a potential slayer, and because Willow spell only activated potentials below the age of 21, she still was. She had become a watcher when it became obvious that she wouldn't be a slayer, and taught the slayers everything she had learnt when she had been a potential, how to fight, and how to research, and even though everyone helped out round the house, she was the one who organised everyone. Basically she was a lifesaver to Xander.

"Call me Helena dear" she said in a slight eastern European accent as she smiled warmly at Harry, which he hesitantly returned.

"Next we have Sam," he said twisting Harry to face the dour faced young woman in the large armchair. Sam was the only native English speaking slayer at the compound, the 14 year old slayer herald from New York and was one of the girls they had been too late to keep her safe.

Demons had found her before the council did.

A tribe of koft demons broke into, the then unknowing slayer's, home and brutally killed her family in front of her, she was then beaten to unconscious and awoke to find herself in a dark cell. Eventually she was taken to an auction to be sold for dubious purposes.

Fortunately the new council had found out and managed to break it up. But not before she had seen things that no one should.

She had been sent to Africa to recover from her ordeal, and while she had improved greatly in the six months she had been here, Xander doubted whether the pain in her eyes would ever go away.

He shook him self out of his dark thoughts as Sam turned to Harry and gave him a strange look "Hey" she whispered quietly

Xander gave her a full smile, knowing how hard it was for her to welcome new people, as Harry gave her an equally quiet "Hey" in return.

"And last but by no means least we have Sasha" he said indicating the smallest figure in the room and also the youngest at the age of Twelve and a half. Sasha was from Romania originally and she should be stationed at the nearest Hellmouth, however due to her age and how much stronger that Hellmouth compared to the African one was it was deemed safer to send her here. Because of this she had a thirst to prove herself worthy of her calling, meeting each challenge head on.

"Hey Harry, its great to have you here, now I wont be the youngest anymore" Sasha said almost in one breath, not being up to Willowbabble quite yet, but almost.

Harry blinked in shock at the speed of her speech "Err… Hi"

"Sasha" Xander said causing the little slayer to look up at him "Why don't you show Harry where he going to be staying"

Sasha nodded enthusiastically as she grabbed poor Harry arm and literally dragged him out the room. I'll have to remind her about Slayer strength later Xander thought to himself as her watched Harry's plight as he left the room I hope he isn't too overwhelmed with meeting everyone, he's still got to meet the slayers that are currently on patro].

He knew he should be worried about how Harry wound fit in but he couldn't help feeling that Harry was going to fit in fine around here, among the other 'exiles'.


A week and a half later

"So Willow to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure" Xander asked the redheaded witch who several hundred miles away, but just a phone call away. "I'm guessing it's not a social call" he stated.

"Oh…" Willow said with a smile in her voice "I can't just call my bestest bud once in a while"


"Oh fine, I call to see how Harry's fitting in" Willow relented "But I called to talk to you too" she added quickly

"Yeah I know I was just messing with ya" Xander said with a smile

They settled into silence for a bit, until it got too much for Willow "So…?" Xander just gave her a 'huh?' noise as if to say 'So what' that cause Willow to sigh and say "How's Harry fitting in"

"Oh sorry" Xander said with a sheepish grin "Harry's settling in fine, he gets on well with all the girls, but still extremely shy and skittish around everyone, and half the time you don't even know he's there." It was Xander's turn to sigh "The only bit of trouble I've had with him is concerning chores"

"Well you remember the trouble our parents went through to get us to do chores" she said with a laugh

Xander shook his head, his face grave "No it's the opposite actually" he ignored Willow eloquent 'huh?' as he continued "I paired him up with Sasha so they could share chores and help them get to know each other as she's the closest to Harry age right"

"Good idea" Willow agreed with him "So what happened"

"Well the pair's chores were done perfectly, a lot better then Sasha usually does them and I thought that they made a good team. It wasn't till a few days ago that Sasha came up to me and told me that she hadn't been doing any of her jobs, every time she went to do them they were already done"

"What, do you mean that Harry did them by himself?" Willow questioned in confusion

Xander nodded with a frown on his face, then realising that see couldn't see him went on "Yeah, but that's not all, I questioned the other slayer's and it turns out that one or two of their job had been done by someone else, none of them really gave any thought to it cause hey no jobs to do" he said with a shrug.

Willow blinked in shock "So Harry was doing everyone's job" and not pausing for Xander to say anything asked in shock "But why?"

"That what I asked him and do you know what he said" Xander didn't even wait for a reply "He said that he wanted to be useful so I didn't send him back to the Dursley's"

"Oh Goddess" Willow gasped with a hand in front of her mouth "Those Dursley's sure did a number on him"

"You've got no idea" he said with an tone that Willow had rarely heard, total seriousness, no hint of laughter in his voice, it worried Willow more than she cared to admit. "Do you know that Cupboard that he was going to be locked in that I found him in when I went to check up on him" he paused for a second for her to think as he stood up in anger "Well guess what, that was his fucking bedroom"


"My thoughts precisely" he said as he started to pace "I mean he couldn't sleep in the Dursleys room, and heaven forbid that him and Dudley share. And of course the Guest bedroom and Dudley's Toy room was too good for, and I quote, 'A worthless freak like me'" he almost shouted near the end of his rant.

It was a quiet whisper of "how dare they" from Willow that caused him pause

But it was the tone of her voice as she stated "How Dare They" that caused chills to run down his spine.

All thoughts about his own rage left his mind completely as he rushed calm he oldest bud down "Hey now Willow, calm down" he urged her.

Willow seemed to hear him through her rage and with a few deep breaths, her voice calming down. "Thanks" she whispered with her head bowed in shame "I thought I had it in control"

Xander was quick to reassure her "Hey now…" he said "If watching endless hours of Star Wars when I was younger has taught me anything its that we all have our dark side inside us, we just have to learn how to control it"

A small smile grace Willow lips as she remembered hours wasted sat in front of the TV with her bestest bud, easier times. "It was just thinking how those 'people' could do that to a child, their family no less" she spat

"Cheer up, Harry's safe from the Dursley's now"

"Your right" she said as her smile grew bigger "And he always will be thanks to me"

"Huh… what did you do?" Xander asked suspiciously

"Well I was a bit worried about the Dursley's filling a missing person report and you being charged with kidnapping or something" Willow admonished

Xander gave her a slight chuckle "I never thought of that" he paused "I just wanted him away from there ASAP"

"I know" Willow agreed "But anyway, I checked anyway and they hadn't reported anything about Harry, not even as runaway, well curiosity got the better of me and I had nothing better to do so I had a look deeper, and you'll never guess what I found" She never gave Xander a chance to speak up "He's a person non grata"

"Again with the Huh?"

"He doesn't exist" Willow proclaimed "Well of course he exists, if he didn't we wouldn't be talking about him, but he doesn't exist at the Dursley's, there no paperwork or anything saying that their his guardians, of course there is his birth certificate and the fact that his parents are dead and he's an orphan, but nothing saying that he's supposed to be living with the Dursley's, it's as if someone had just left him there without even a by-your-leave"

"Without even checking on him" Willow didn't answer Xander's statement, meaning that she agreed "And I thought that our Social services were bad"

"Doofus" Willow said with a smile in her voice "Anyhow, thanks to my superb Hacking skills, a little cut her a paste there and hey presto, you are now officially the guardian of a Harry Potter"

Xander blinked in shock silence as what she said sank in, Willow couldn't stand the silence any longer and asked meekly "That okay isn't it, I mean you said he was fitting in fine, and that more or less what you've already done, I just-"

"Willow" Xander said breaking into her Babble, "It's great, just a bit unexpected is all, and he is settling in well"

"Even with the Slaying?"

Xander shrugged "It isn't hard to get a kid to believe that he's been rescued by real-life super-heroes, it's like a real life day-dream" he paused for a second "but I think he's starting to realise that its all real though, That all the bogeymen that he's been told were make believe, are real, and that he's in a house of people that hunt them down"

"So he isn't freaking out or anything"

"Nope, the most surprising thing he's ever said about it is to ask me if the Dursley's were Demons" Xander said with a bitter smile


"Yeah" Xander said quietly

A pause settled between them as they where lost in their own thoughts about what they wishe-, wanted to do to the Dursley's if they could get away with it.

Willow decided to change the subject to one of the main reasons that she called "How's Harry schooling going" she asked with a small grin.

"Err… about that, we haven't really sorted anything out at the moment, honestly I wouldn't know where to start, cos you know, Me and School, well we got along real good" Xander said sarcastically.

Willow shook her head at his self-depraving comments, she knew he was better than he gave himself credit for, it was just convincing Xander of this fact which was the trouble. "Well it's good for you that you have certain red-headed witch for a best friend who just so happened to an semi-ex-geek"


"Hey, I'm still slightly geekish"

"I wouldn't have you any other way"

A large smile graced Willow features that she knew he couldn't see, no one could cheer her up like Xander could. "Good, because I'm not changing" she mock sulked across the phone line

Xander laughed, imaging Willow's face at that moment, "So…" he said between laughs, "what miracle have you performed for me and Harry"

"Nothing really, I've just sent you a set of Textbooks for Harry to study" she said "Just basic stuff like English, Maths, Science…etc."

"Thanks Wills, so do I just get him to read them, or do I work through them with him" Xander questioned

Willow made a snap decision as she thought of how to answer, "Just get him to read through the first few chapters of each book, I'll come down and see how's he's getting along in a few weeks" she said, the phone call only reminding her how much she was missing her best friend.

"Really your coming over, that great, it will be great to spend some time with my Willow" Xander said smiling "I've got a new Babylon 5 DVD we can watch" he joked "None of the Girls want to watch it with me" he whined

Willow laughed, "Hey I've just decided to come over, don't try to talk me out of it!"

After that their talk to more mundane topic's, like the possibility of the world ending in the next month.


Xander thought momentary of calling for one of the Slayer's to help get the package out of the back of the car as he lifted it up to test it's weight. Pride stopped him, the day when he couldn't carry a pile of Books was the day when… well it was a long way off whenever it was he thought to himself as he heaved the box into the air and carried it towards the house, leaving the rest of the mail for a second journey.

Man Xander thought to himself as he set in onto the floor When Willow wants someone to learn, she makes sure they do, Wonder what Harry will think of all this, almost makes you feel sorry for the little guy

Death by schoolwork… what a way to go he thought with a shudder.

It was another hour after greeting everyone that he was finally able to talk to Harry alone.

"Hey Harry, how everything"

Harry just stared at the floor, "F fine Mr. Xander"

"Harry how many times do I have to tell you Xander's fine, just Xander"

Harry just remained silent causing Xander to sigh, Mr. Xander was better than Mr. Harris anyday so he let it slide. "Look Harry, now that our staying here, I got to make sure that you get an education"

"I d don't w want to b be a b bother" Harry stuttered

"Don't worry about it, Willow organised everything, and between you and me I get the feeling that she enjoyed organising it" he said in a mock whisper causing Harry to laugh. "Now Willow sent this pile of books" Xander said as he gestured to the unopened box next to him "And she asked that you study them at your own pace, she'll be down in a few weeks to test you okay"

Harry nodded, "T thank you M mr. Xander" he said as he looked at the box "w wouldn't it b be better if I w went t to school?" he asked half scared of actually asking a question

Xander gave a little chuckle "Harry, there isn't any schools near enough for you to go to"

This caused Harry to hang his head "I d don't w want to be a b bother" he repeated

Xander sighed as he lowered himself to draw Harry into a one arm hug, "Harry your never a bother, you deserve to be looked after" he stated willing Harry to believe him. "Besides" he added as he broached a subject he had been apprehensive about bring up "It's kinda my job now"

Harry just turned his head to look at Xander in confusion, so Xander took the plunge "Willow decided to perform a miracle on the computer, making you my ward officially.

Harry just continued to stare at Xander confused so he elaborated "What that means is that I am now your official guardian, it is now my job to look after you"

"Oh" was all Harry could manage, after spending countless nights wishing for someone to look after him, provide him with a family, and now it seemed to finally come true. Sure he knew that Xander was looking after him, but not it was made official, it seemed more… more real.

"Harry is that ok" Xander asked worried when Harry didn't seem to react at all "If you don't want me to be then-"

He was cut off as Harry tightened his arms around Xander "No, no, it's good, unless you want to change it" he asked anxiously

All second thoughts flew out of Xander's mind as he stared into Harry's green eyes "No, I don't want to change it" he said softly causing Harry to smile.

"Thanks dad" Harry whispered causing Xander eye to almost pop out of his head in shock "W what?" he asked in shock.

"W well, that I is w what you a are, a aren't you" Harry said nervously "Y you d don't have t to b be if you d don't w want t to b be", his stutter back in full force.

Xander blinked his eye as he processed everything, [Well when he puts it like that] he took a deep breath, feeling what he would say next would change everything for him and Harry. Of course being Xander it had to be a joke.

"Well… It's better than Mr. Xander" He said with a smile as he stood up ruffling Harry's hair as he did so "Come on son, I hope the girls have left us something to eat, I'm starved"

Harry just smiled the biggest smile that the eight-year-old could manage as he followed his new dad out of the room to the kitchen.


A few weeks later

Willow, a vetren of many battles, was totally unprepared for what she now faced.

Dinner at Xander's.

It was totally different from Buffy's camp where they all look underfed, or Giles England base where all slayers where taught proper British manners. It was even different from Faith's Cleveland base where they ate mainly take out, everyone too busy, or too lazy, to cook a meal.

She sat in shock at the table as the slayers tore through the meal, cooked by Xander himself, that was set in front of them, eating with an enthusiasm that could only be rivalled by Xanders.

But it wasn't the frenzied eating habits, or the delsclious meal in front of her that surprised her most. It was the feeling of friendship, of companionship, of… family, that she felt coming from each and everyone at the table that surprised her most. A fact reinforced when Xander noticed something.

"Sasha, what have I told you about eating at the dinner table"

The girl in question looked up, well aware of the eyes of each of her sisters on her as she replied "To use a knife and fork" she said innocently

"I said use a dinner knife, give it here" he demanded as he held out his hand

"But the meat's tough" Sasha whined

"Sasha" Xander voice held a hint of warning

"Fine" Sasha muttered with an eye roll as she pulled out something that made Willows eyes bulge out in there sockets, a large hunting knife. It was double bladed and over 10 inches long from leather bound hilt to chiselled tip.

Xander pulled a face of disgust "Just imagine how much demon blood is on this thing" he said causing several faces to mirror his digest, "You'll get it back after dinner" he said to Sasha who just looked like someone had taken her favourite toy

"Thanks Dad" she said with a smile, happy in the knowledge that she would get it back soon.

Willow blinked in shock at the exchange, she leant towards Xander who was sitting next to her and whispered "Dad, huh?"

Xander shook his head as he explained "Don't look at me, the girls heard Harry call me that once, and they decided to join in the fun as well"

She placed a hand on his arm in a comforting gesture "I don't think that their calling you that because of a joke" she said and then said something to reassure him of something he would never bring himself to say, a worry only an old friend could know about.

"Your not going to end up like him" she felt Xander tense under her arm at the mention of his father "You could never end up like him, it isn't in you"

"How do you know" he whispered

"I just know" she said "Just like I know that you'll always love me, even if I try to end the world"

He smiled at her words "thanks" he whispered

"I'll be there for you" she said "as long as your there for me" giving voice to an unspoken promise from their youth.

And with that they turned back to the table and the slayers who were trying hard to look like they hadn't been paying attention.


It wasn't till a few hours later that Willow manage to corner little Harry and start questioning him, "So what did you think of the Textbooks Harry" she asked anxiously, "They weren't too hard for you were they" she asked giving voice to her worry.

Harry seemed startled, and seemed to be warring with himself on how to answer, whether tell her he had trouble and maybe get thrown out, or lie…in the end hour of preaching from Aunt Petunia won out. "A a l little" he admitted in a whisper

"Can you show me where, maybe I can help you" Willow said with a smile trying to reassure him.

"O okay" Harry said with a nod, he was just glad that she hadnt shouted at him. He pulled a science book from the side where he kept it and pulled it open near the end, he was about to point to the section he had trouble understanding when Willow's voice stopped him "You've read up to there?" she asked surprised

Harry nodded hesitantly.

"Have you read any other books or just this one?" she asked plucking the book out of his hands as she started to read the section.

"I've r read them a all" he paused "but I i haven't f finished t them all y yet" he said fearfully "I h haven't had t the t time"

Willow blinked in shock at the amount he had studied in such a small amount of time, there must have been about seven books in the pile. Then she remembered what Xander had said about Harry's over working tendencies due to fear of being abandoned again. She sighed deeply as she set the book aside.

"Harry, you didn't have to read them all" she told him regretfully

"S sorry Miss W willow" he whispered as he hung his head "B but I like l learning" he said truthfully, Dudley couldn't take away what he had learnt.

Willow brightened at hearing that, it made her feel less like Snyder forcing people to learn under threat of expulsion "Really… Which was your favourite book" she paused as what he said sank in "And call me Willow, or Aunt Willow if you want, Xander's practically my brother after all" she said thinking back on what Harry had called Xander.

Harry nodded "O okay Aunt W willow, if y your s sure" he asked and got a brilliant smile in return which made Harry even more nervous, no-one ever smiled at him. "I l liked all the b books"

"All of them, come on there must have been one you didn't like" she said conspicuously

"I d didn't like m mediating" he admitted

Willow furrowed her brow in confusion "Mediating" she thought aloud "What book is that in?" She asked Harry confused.

In reply Harry reached over to his pile and brought a book from near the bottom of the pile to Willow hands. Willow glanced at the title of the modern looking book in surprise 'A Introductory Guide to Wicca', it was a book she was re-reading to gain some grounding in magic again. "How did this end up in here?" she half whispered to herself, then seeing Harry looking at her curiously explained "This is one of my books, I'm been looking for it everywhere"

Harry eyes widened in horror, thinking that he had insulted his new Aunt book "I it's a g good b book" he hastily reassured her "A and it's c cool w when you get t the p pencil to m move"

Willow waved off his comments, "It's okay Harry, mediation is a bit borin-" the rest of what he said sunk in causing Willow to gasp. "Harry" she whispered "What did you just say"

"T that it's a g good b book" he said slightly afraid

"No, no, no, after that" Willow urged with an eager smile on her face

"T that it's c cool w when you get t the p pencil to m move" he said unsure if this was the right answer.

Judging by the smile on Willow face it was "Can you show me" she asked enthusiastically

Harry nodded, and after Willow placed a pencil in front of Harry on the Table, he closed his eyes and entered the meditative trance that the book described.

Willow could hardly contain herself as she waited for her newly christened nephew to perform his first bit of magic. She waited several agonising minutes planning what she was going to teach him before the pencil in front of her slowly rolled slightly.

Most people would assume that the movement of the pencil was just due to the wind, but Willow could feel the tendrils of force, and will power that flowed from Harry like a gentle stream that showed that he was the one responsible.

There was only one explanation for what he did, and Willow voiced it as Harry opened his vibrant green eyes.

"You're a Wicca Harry"


End part 2

I was going to continue and make this part a lot longer but I thought this was a good place to end it for this chapter, Harry settling in with the scoobs and the Exciles and begining to learn magic

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