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Okay this is the first(and probably only)LOTR fic I'm going to post. It's going to be a re-write of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. There may be some romance in it. Possibly a Merry/OC, Frodo/OC or Pippin/OC. Read and Review please!!!! I love to get reviews!!! ;)
"Keep close to the fire with your faces outward!" Strider ordered. "Get your swords ready in your hands!" He glanced at the four hobbits, making sure they were doing as he said. Each was gripping his own sword tightly and searching the darkness fearfully. There was no movement or sound in the night.Then-"What's that," Pippin gasped.
Faint sounds of swords clashing against each other reached their ears. Strider stared toward the sound for a moment, listening, then motioned for the hobbits to follow him. They left the fire and hurried toward the sound of the fight.

As they ran they could hear other sounds that made their hearts beat faster. Finally they reached a small clearing where they saw a small figure fighting five cloaked shadows. After seeing this, Strider leaped into the clearing, swinging his sword and a torch he pulled from the fire."Elendil!" he cried as he set the cloak of one shadow ablaze. The small figure looked up and let out a small cry. The shadow he was fighting took this moment to knock the sword from the figure's hand. The stranger leaped aside as the shadow struck at him.
"Do you need help, stranger?" Strider called. The figure shook its head quickly and lunged for its sword. It grabbed it just as a shadow's sword stabbed him from behind.
"Ahhhh!"the stranger screamed as he collapsed to the ground.

Then the shadows turned as if one and strode toward Strider and the hobbits. The Ranger glanced back to see that Frodo had disappeared! Then a shadow flew past him and he heard Frodo's voice cry, "O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!"
A sharp cry came from the shadows and they fled into the night. Strider turned to find Frodo lying on the ground, the Ring clutched tightly in his fist. An ugly knife lay near him, its tip broken off. Sam knelt next to his unconsious friend and gently rolled him over. trider frowned as he saw Frodo's shoulder.
A small, dark line dripped blood.

"Bring him next to the fire! And heat some water, Sam. We shall need it"
"Yes, Mister Strider," Sam said quietly. "But what about that boy over there"
Strider walked over to where the small figure lay and examined him carefully. But as he turned his body over, the stranger groaned softly. Strider frowned and stood. "Bring him over to the fire as well. Keep both he and Frodo warm. I must find something." Then the Ranger disappeared into the darkness.

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