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Peregrin Took sat next to the strange boy watching as Sam and Merry attended to Frodo's wound. They had moved the injured hobbit and the strange young man to their own campsite then Strider had disappeared again. A quiet moan startled him from his thoughts. He looked at the stranger and found that he had opened his eyes.
"Greetings" the young man said as his eyes looked around.
Just then Strider appeared, carrying leaves of a strange plant. He knelt beside Sam and told the hobbit to crush them into the now boiling water. Then he looked around and his eyes widened when he saw the young man.
"You there, are you alright?"
"Yes, sir, my armor protected me from most of the blow." He winced as he carefully sat up. "I am quite sore though."
Strider walked over and knelt next to the boy. "What is your name?" he asked suspiciously "Anden, son of Jolen."
"Why are you out here alone?"
The young man stiffened and looked away. "I was not alone until this morning. Those...shadows killed my parents while I was away hunting for our next meal. I returned to our camp..." he stopped for a few moments then continued quietly. "When I came into the camp I saw the shadows watching from a distance and I could see my parents' bodies lying on the ground. I...I took my horse and ran."
Strider nodded slowly. "And why were you fighting them tonight if you ran from them this morning?"
"They surrounded my camp as soon as I had finished my supper. One of them said some very strange things."
"What kind of things?"
Anden looked at Strider strangely. "It said something about a ring. Do you know what it meant?"
Strider was silent for a moment then shook his head. He then stood and walked over to Frodo.
"How are you feeling, Master Underhill?"
The hobbit smiled slightly. "A little better, Strider"
"Good. Sam, will you hand me the athelas?"
"The what, Sir?"
"He's talking about the leaves that are in the pot, Master Gamgee," Anden said from where he sat. Then as the others turned to stare at him his face turned white. He lunged for his sword which lay a few feet away but Strider picked it up and placed the tip on Anden's throat. "Now, Master Anden, I would like you to explain how you know Sam's name when none of us have told you it?"
Anden frowned slightly. "Alright then, I heard it from Mithrandir when he came to visit my parents."
"Is that so?"
"He also gave them a password so that you would understand that we were friends."
"And that password is?"
Anden sighed. "Renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king."
Strider looked down at Anden for a few more moments then turned the sword around and handed it to the young man.
"I apologize."
"Thats alright," Anden said. "But we need to move the hobbits out of here. The Nazgul are going to come back soon."
The young man stood up and walked stiffly over to Frodo. He pulled the simmering pot of athelas off of the fire and carefully picked out a few leaves. Strider looked over from where he was loading packs onto the pony, Bill, and handing others to Merry and Pippin. "You know what to do with the athelas?"
"Of course. Now, this will sting a bit, but it will help." Anden said to Frodo. The hobbit nodded and looked up at Sam who was hovering over his master worriedly.
"I'll be fine, Sam. Go help Strider."
Anden carefully placed the athelas leaves onto Frodo's wound. The hobbit hissed in pain but then seemed to relax. "Why it barely hurts at all now. Thank you, Anden!"
The young man smiled slightly. "You're welcome, 'Mister Underhill'. Do you think you'll be able to ride?"
Suddenly a shrill cry rent the air. Everyone froze for a moment then Strider hurried over to Frodo and Anden, leading the pony.
"We need to leave. Now."
The hobbits quickly picked up the packs that wouldn't fit on the pony as Strider helped Frodo onto Bill's back. Anden picked up his sword and fastened it in its sheath. Then they put out the fire and vanished into the darkness.